place: london city airport

This small apron extension built out some years ago into the King George V Dock has transformed the handling capacity of London City Airport.  The field is based on a single runway which must also be the taxiway, so this facility allows multiple aircraft to pass up the runway and queue in a holding area, and in turn, proceed back on to the runway and ready for take-off just as soon the incoming traffic is clear.

© Stevie Pics Photography


I had window seats on both my connections, which was great.  On the way from Madrid to London I sat next to Sara.  We napped a little and chatted a bit about the future, and I took a million window pictures (obviously).  

We landed at London City Airport without incident.  London City Airport is tiny, and instead of the planes being connected to gates you just walk down a set of stairs and onto the airfield, which made me feel kind of like a celebrity or a politician.  When we got there  I was really worried that I wasn’t going to make my connection because I only had 50 minutes and I had to go through immigration and then back through security.  Luckily London City Airport is tiny and the ladies at the gate assured me that I had more than enough time.  This ended up being true, even with a stop for a bathroom break and being patted down AGAIN at security, this time for no apparent reason.  Regardless, I was one of the first people at my gate with more than enough time.  We got to walk out on the airfield again, and this flight was really, really short - maybe less than an hour before I was off the plane, getting my luggage and another stamp on my passport, and meeting my family in the arrivals area in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 



Landing/Approach @London City Airport - British Airways AVRO RJ-100 - Sicherlich einer der spektakulärsten Landeanflüge weltweit: Herrlicher Ausblick über die Londoner City, die Themse und Canary Wharf