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Pripyat hospital infant station … 03-2015

Alphabet Setting Prompts!

Antique Shop
Enchanted forest
Ice cream shop
Karate class
Nursing home
Parking lot
Storage Room
Underground lair
X-ray room
Yard sale

Last night I had to peripherally start Neo on my patient when they’re pressure tanked because despite the day nurse’s best efforts the crit care doc didn’t put a central line in them. Then this morning when that doc came in he was like, “So, he’s on vasopressors and he doesn’t have a central line, right?”

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No motherfucker, you didn’t put one in yesterday and we don’t have crit care docs over night!

Inside Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Despite the excessive water damage throughout the building, there was still electricity in some parts of the building.

Doctors, nurses, patients, and other staff and security members spent up to a week trapped inside of Charity Hospital due to the rising flood waters after Hurricane Katrina.

Despite being decontaminated and inspected by the US Army Corps of Engineers and National Guard, Charity closed down following Hurricane Katrina.

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PART THREE of three! Part one here / Part two here.

Woo! I did it! Hope you enjoyed this silly thing I had a great time doing it, and a big thanks to the offical WOY people who actually make one of the greatest cartoons that has ever been made. Now to get back to the ten thousand things I am meant to be doing.


Inaccurate portrayals of psych hospitals are really common in fanfiction (and to some extent published novels). I have been hospitalized 10 times at 3 different hospitals, and I thought my experiences might be helpful for someone trying to write about psych units. I talk about what is common to all psych units I have been on, as well as some of the differences.

Feel free to ask me more questions. I am also open to checking people’s writing for accuracy. My ask box is here.

“Forest Haven, an abandoned children’s asylum with a massive history. This complex multi-building asylum was closed down in 1990 due to several lawsuits that vary from neglect, abuse, poor living conditions, rape, molestation, and even medical testing. Forest Haven’s complex of buildings included multiple living quarters, a gym, a rec center, church, hospital and eerily enough, a morgue in the basement. Rumors of a mass unmarked grave in the backyard adjacent to the playground ran rampant on the internet. In short, Forest Haven was a real life “American Horror Story”, with children.”