place: college station

I found a Columned Stinkhorn (Clathrus columnatus) at a park here in College Station today! This mushroom secretes a green slime (shown) which emits a foul odor and houses the spores. The odor attracts insects; the spores, which are not airborne, adhere to the body of insects and are dispersed by them.

Twenty One Pilots
Rudder Theater
College Station, Tx 10/22/2014

So there’s a Holocaust survivor speaking on my campus this Wednesday. I really want to go but my lab is during that time 😒. So, if you’re in the College Station area and you too are filled with a burning desire to punch a nazi and support Jewish people (and other people nazis persecute), I encourage you to go to this talk. You’ll have the chance to do at least one of those things there.