DIY Batik Mat Set!

We just uncomplicated making Batik, using this simple technique! It took a bit more time than I anticipated. But thats probably cos I went from making 2 mats to 6 and then to 8. Not my smartest moment. But, the end result is worth it. Right?

Tutorial link with all the steps

Seasonal Place Mats in Plastic Canvas - Add color to your table decor by stitching place mats in plastic canvas with these seasonal patterns. The finished sizes are 15" x 10-½".  Make beautiful place mats for fall, summer, spring and winter. The winter plastic canvas pattern reminds us of the Disney’s Frozen theme and can be made to match a child’s favorite colors from the movie.
This pattern can be downloaded or is available in printed form.
View the Seasonal Place Mats in Plastic Canvas

okay so I told my kids there going to be getting new place mats soon (my son has a sponge bob place mat and my daughter has a Dora the explorer place mat)…

Tito: I want a dinosaur one

Sophia: I wan a FROZEN one mommy!!

Aeryn: *keeps eating food*

Me: I want a game of thrones one!

Husband: sweet heart your too old for a place mat hun!

Me: aww man *makes sad face*

Tito: don’t worry mommy I will get you a Jon Snow one! :)

see, my son loves me!