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(pt1) I once went to a summer camp when I was younger. For three or so of the days I was there, we actually went camping. We set up tarps, not tents, tarps, with sleeping bags laid on top of some mats. I was sharing tarp with two other guys. The layout was me, big fucking rock, them. I wake up in the middle of the night because they're arguing over something bout one of them shoving the other off his mat. We finally turn on a flashlight and I have managed to get off my mat, shoved one guy into

another, perfectly stealing his place on his mat, still in perfectly in my sleeping bag. We have no idea how the fuck I did that, as I would have had to have rolled my head over a huge fucking rock to do so. Also, I got 30 mosquito bites on each leg while at that summer camp. It sucked.

One time while camping my friend managed to roll off her cot to the wooden platform floor, then out under the canvas sides and drop the couple feet to the ground outside, all without waking up.

(And she’s still not the heaviest sleeper I’ve ever met, as my middle younger brother could not only sleep through being stood up and shaken, but used to be a notorious sleepwalker and sleep-talker.)

Preference 1 ~ How he asks you to sleep in his bed, with him.


He doesn’t even need to ask, you’re already curling up under his covers waiting for him to join you.  He rolled his eyes at you and striped to his boxers, clearly not hiding himself from you. You didn’t hide your staring either. 

“Enjoying the show?” Derek asked you as he pulled the sheets to lie beside you, pulling you close and kissing your cheek.


His mother placed a mat for you to sleep on, beside Scott’s bed. She knew that it would probably not serve any purpose but she still prepared it before you arrived that night. At first, you changed into your pyjamas and got under those covers, but when Scott entered the room, having changed too, he raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“What?” you asked.

“I thought you’d maybe want to sleep in my bed, but alright!” He chuckled, giving you one of his goofy, genuine grins.

Of course, you immediately got out of the prepared bed and onto Scott’s.

“I don’t see what you’re talking about,” you smiled up at him and he walked towards you, pushing you down on your back as he started kissing you hungrily, hovering over you.


He laid on his back, on his bed, his arm behind his head, waiting for you to come out of the bathroom and join him. You walked in his room but stayed in the doorway, your arms crossed over your stomach, just kind of holding yourself. It was the first time that you stayed the night at Stiles’ place and it felt like the butterflies in your stomach had taken steroids. Your boyfriend smiled at you and patted the bed beside him as he sat up. You shyly smiled and walked towards him sitting down beside him. Stiles immediately pulled you close and gave you a chaste kiss, “You’re beautiful,” he whispered and you pressed your lips to his again. “Do you want to sleep close to me tonight?”


You knocked on his bedroom door and heard him give you the okay to come in. You opened the door, “Hey, am I bothering you?”

“No! Don’t worry! I was just getting prepared to go to bed,” Isaac smiled sweetly at you.

“Oh well I just wanted to ask you if you had an extra pillow? My parents can’t come and get me until very late so Scott proposed that I stay the night. I’m gonna sleep on the couch downstairs and Stiles decided to sleep in Scott’s room…” You mumbled a little faster than intended.

“Oh um… Sorry… I- I only have one. But maybe you can sleep here? And leave the couch to Stiles?”

Your cheeks became slightly pink, “W-with you?”

“Yeah. Well, only if you want to! It’d be more confortable than the couch and-”

You cut him off, “I’d love to.”

Inspire Your Children About I’tikaf

I wanted to introduce my children to the idea of ‪‎itikaf‬ in Ramadan while they were still small in a fun and special way. They were too young to do a proper i’tikaf in the masjid, so I purchased a tent and decorated it with fairy lights and stars on strings and left it in the living room for the whole month. I told them it was their own special place (no grown-ups allowed!) for thinking and dreaming and praying in Ramadan.

Inside, I placed child-sized prayer mats, prayer beads, mushafs on stands, picture books about Ramadan and the prophets, Qur’anic stories for children, and their Ramadan notebooks. They could go in and out of the tent whenever they wanted, but it wasn’t a place for playing Angry Birds on the iPad! I wanted them to get used to the idea of a place of retreat that was only for their time with Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He), even if they just laid on their backs and daydreamed about life and the universe while they were there.