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Congratulations on finally debuting, angel!! ❤️

deep in my spirit i know that in high school fp would get really emo and listen to the cure whilst thinking about fred and honestly this is something that definitely carried over into his adulthood

anonymous asked:

lol no offense but..... lesbian means wlw... like it isn't "lesbian" if your gender identity doesn't correlate (even if it's genderfluid and it's only temporary), it's sapphic. there's nothing wrong with toying with the ideas of gender & sexuality, but like..... use the right label :/

labels dont mean anything man let kids call themselves what they feel. if they feel like they aren’t completely a man and want to associate themselves with the lesbian identity? so what?? let them do it. it’s not like its a dude saying “i’m a lesbian” like…..people know themselves better than you’re going to know them so really just let people associate with what makes them comfortable. 
like i agree that men shouldn’t call themselves lesbians bc uhhhh…they’re MEN but the people who associate with lesbianism but use he/him for the most time aren’t MEN they’re just people who are most comfortable being presented with masculinity or something along those lines. 

i think what you guys need to understand is that i’m not saying “men can be lesbians” i’m saying “lesbians have the right to question gender and be comfortable using he/him or they/them pronouns without being attacked for “not being lesbians” it’s not in your right to dismiss someone the identity that they truly feel is themselves, or fits best with themselves bc you don’t understand it completely.” just calm down a bit, identity is a confusing thing, and if you’re the one forcing these people to use labels, then just…let them use what they really feel they are.

- for credibility apparently me, a lesbian.

run me over

so perhaps i took a while… perhaps i should start wrapping this story up… i don’t really know if i got more than one more part… unless i think of more shit… anyways… here’s part seven? 

Part One: thump

Part Two: melt

Part Three: do you even meme?

Part Four: laugh

Part Five: fall

Part Six: don’t even think it…

Part Seven: twist

Sean hadn’t heard from Felix in almost a week. Well, that was a bit of a lie. They had been texting, but the conversations seemed pretty one-sided. Sean did most of the talking while Felix seemed to give only vague answers. It was starting to scare Sean, who was desperate for interaction with the guy he was falling in love with.

Sean was on his lunch break at the moment. Summer break meant more students around and more lessons to give. That meant that his forty minute lunch breaks were forty minute lunch breaks exactly and no extra time in the office. He checked the time seeing he had twenty-five minutes left before he had another class to give.

With Felix on his mind, Sean picked up his phone and called the “Swedish Meatball” as it read in his contacts. It rang five times and with each ring Sean became more and more worried that Felix wanted nothing to do with him anymore. The thought terrified him so much he almost hung up the phone.

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Tuesday, August 8th 2017

I hadn’t realized, because of that whole you-never-know-you-love-it-until-it’s-gone-and-then-you-still-don’t-know-it-until-it-comes-back-and-you-realize-how-much-you-missed-it thing, how much I genuinely like the murals in Philadelphia.

We play this game, sometimes, driving through center city, called can-you-drive-for-more-than-a-block-without-seeing-a-mural, and we lose almost every time.

That being said, I didn’t even notice how much I was missing the riotous color of my city until we went on a street art tour of Brick Lane.

Interestingly enough, the man leading the tour was the same person who, a year ago, led a street art orientation tour for me and other classmates during my first study abroad trip to London. That one was on the riverside, from the Globe to the National Theatre, which was lovely, but it had nothing on the street art in Brick Lane.

Brick Lane is an area of London that was once settled by Jewish immigrants, and then Bangladeshi immigrants, and is now being slowly but surely taken over by hipsters and sixteen pound cupcake stores and every other classic sign of gentrification. According to a classmate who’d been around here before, the best bagels in the world could be found just up the street from where we were standing to begin the tour. According to our tour guide (and corroborated by my Indian professor), the best samosas in London could be found just up the street in the opposite direction. We were shown a building that had once been a church, and then became a synagogue, and was currently a mosque. If it weren’t for the utterly demoralizing number of cafes called things like Naughty Avocado, it would be the most interesting place I’d been to in London.

(Just in case you thought I was kidding about that.)

The street art (not graffiti, our guide was quick to say, they are apparently entirely different things) had not yet been entirely stamped out by the gentrifiers (who you’d think would like some good old-fashioned street art, but apparently street art doesn’t sell), and was lovely.


Space invader, missing some tiles but still side eyeing the building next-door (a new-fashioned bar called The Old Bar).

Some super close to home art that is, nonetheless, stunning.

Usually I don’t like other people making fun of my country, because you don’t have to live there, thanks, but in this case I’m making an exception because same, anonymous person, same.

This is my favorite. In case you were wondering how large it is, those tiny heads in the bottom corners are adult, standing human beings.

After the tour, I was supposed to go back to the center to have a meeting with the professor who runs the independent study, but as he was also on the tour, so instead of going all the way back, we bought some samosas (delicious, by the way), found a cafe with wifi, and had our meeting there. Mostly, we discussed the book that I read the day before, which I entirely forgot about needing to read until about 11:30 that night. Fortunately, I’m a fast reader, and we’d finally reached the modern children’s lit, which is my reading speciality. The Apothecary, by the way, is an excellent book, and my greatest regret is that I finished at 1:30ish in the morning, and had class early the next day, which meant that I couldn’t read the following sequels.

We finished the meeting, and there ended the interesting parts of my day.


The biography of River Song

“Music has defined me for almost my entire life.”

Inspired by last week’s Witch Week, how about we do a Mythology Week this time around?  There seemed to be a bit of interest on twitter!

My mythsona is a forest faun (but took some artistic liberties - half deer and not half goat)!

Draw yourself as any mythological creature from any culture or country! Maybe you are a dashing Greek centaur, a wily Japanese nekomata or a friendly Scandinavian troll??  Here are a couple places to start.

Tag your art with #mythologyweek on tumblr or twitter!


Challenge 15: Trope Bingo!  How does one play Trope Bingo? Simple! Pick one of the cards above and attempt to write five fics from the card. Just like in regular bingo, the goal is to form a straight line, either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The middle square is a free space, so if you chose to use that space, you are allowed to write whatever you like! To take part in this challenge, you do not have to write all five fics, but we’d love to see everyone try to do so. Remember fics can be any length, so if you decide to write five 221b fics that still counts! 

Because this challenge involves writing five total fics, the time period for this challenge will be longer than previous challenges. 

As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more). 

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Challenge 12: Create a story in an everyday alternate universe using the following prompt: “It’s for an experiment.”

What is an everyday universe? Glad you asked! Whereas Challenge 11 was set up for fantastical AUs, this challenge calls for stories that could be set easily within our own world. For the purposes of our challenge, we will be accepting stories from the following types of AUs:

Job Change AU:  Any universe that involves the character(s) having a different job than what they have in the show. Baseball AU!  Chef AU! Artist AU!

Gender Change AU:  Femlock, Translock, Nonbinary/Genderqueer Characters, Omegaverse

Age Change AU:  Kidlock, Teenlock

Time Change AU: Think historical AUs! (This shouldn’t involve time travel; it should just be set during in the past.)

Parentlock AU:  Kids!  Who’s got the kids?  Surprise us!

Geography Change AU:  In which Sherlock and John are not British and are not from London!

As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more). 

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Buddha, The Carpenter, and a Little Heart

You’re only as ill as your deepest secret
and only as small as your greatest fear
go easy on yourself, enjoy the scenery
as life is a but journey from here to here  

Why are you so fearful o ye of little faith
shared the carpenter smiling with a tear
Buddha said why worry if it’s temporary  
and it’s all temporary my child most dear  

Sometimes we’re feeling lost and afraid
our souls are lonely, the way is not clear 
if ever this occurs only follow your heart
for this captain knows which way to steer

Sorry for the wait, everyone, but here is our new challenge:

Challenge 10: Write a missing scene for any episode of Sherlock! 

Haven’t seen series 3 yet? No problem! All we ask for this challenge is that you write a fic that fills in a gap in the series. If it was implied, it’s free game! 

Not sure what we mean by implied? Here are some examples:

1.) John and Sherlock back at the inn immediately after the events in Dewer’s Hollow in HotB.

2.) Any of the cases referred to in the episodes that were not the focus of the episode (The Speckled Blonde, The Geek Interpreter, etc.). 

3.) Lestrade filming Sherlock while he was drugged in ASiB.

4.) What Sally meant when she said Sherlock ‘always lets you down’ in ASiP. 

5.) The Yarders having a good laugh while reading John’s blog, as referred to in TGG. 

These are all examples from series 1 and 2, but series 3 is fair game. We just ask that you mark whether or not your fic has spoiler for series 3 in the form when you post as it is still airing/has not aired in several countries.

As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more)

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Let’s Write Sherlock Challenge 18: A First Time for Everything!

What are we looking for with this challenge? Anything that could be considered as a first time for a character. While it is common to associate “first time” with romantic or sexual encounters, this challenge encourages everyone to write what they like. Need some suggestions? Check out the list below:

1.) John’s first combat

2.) Molly’s first autopsy

3.) Sally’s first major case

4.) Moriarty’s first murder

5.) Sherlock’s first major mistake on a case

6.) Lestrade’s first kiss

The possibilities are endless and yes, you can do AUs with this challenge! Just make sure that the story is about the first time a character experiences or does something.

As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more). 

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Like all good things, Let’s Write Sherlock is coming to an end, but before I put the chairs on the tables and hit the lights, I want to thank each and every one of you who took part in the challenges, whether it was by creating something, reblogging, or leaving comments/kudos. You are the reason that this blog stayed active for as long as it did. I don’t think fic writers get nearly enough love in this world, so getting to run a blog that encouraged people to write was one of the best things I have ever been a part of in fandom. You all are fabulous and running this blog meant a lot to me. So, thank you

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 


With that said, let me issue the final Let’s Write Sherlock Challenge. This one is a free-for-all. You may write for any past challenge LWS has done. If you are still updating a fic from an old challenge, I will reblog any updates. Just tag it “letswritesherlock”, “your author name”, and “last challenge.”

Let’s go out with a bang, folks. 

As always, guidelines can be found under the read more.

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Let’s Write Sherlock Challenge 20: Time to Get Away! It’s that time of year where you find you’d rather stare out the window and imagine yourself somewhere else–anywhere else– than where you are right now. Well, you may not be able to get away, but the Sherlock characters can! For this challenge, you will be writing about the characters getting away for a few minutes or days. AUs are, of course, welcome. 

Still struggling? Here are some examples:

1.) Lestrade visits his favorite coffee shop that no one else knows about. Except Mycroft.

2.) John is the lifeguard at a beach during summer breaks while he is in college and teaches guests at the nearby hotel to swim. Usually they are little kids, but apparently this tall, skinny bloke never learned how to swim properly. 

3.) Sherlock is forced to be a camp counselor at a science camp. Anderson is the camp manager. 

4.) As way of an apology, Sherlock drags Molly to a garden full of poison plants and a museum all about death. She loves it, though she could have done without stumbling across a group of would-be murderers. 

5.) Sally puts in for some vacation time and heads to Paris for a week. Sadly, no one gave Sherlock and John the memo that she wanted to get away from them for a few days. Is it really a holiday if you have to solve a missing person’s case with the world’s only consulting annoyance and his shadow?

As before, there are very few restrictions on what you can submit for this challenge, but here are some Guidelines (below the read more).

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