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“A Cure For Wellness” starters (requested)

Only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure

There’s quite a story that goes with the place

That song you were singing… Where’d you learn it from?

 The water here has medicinal properties

Can you translate this? It’s all in Swedish… 

Is there something in the water? 

No one ever leaves

She’s dreaming, she just doesn’t know it

 Everyone has an illness, we just don’t know it

 There is no cure!!

She’s a special case…traumatized in her childhood.

You made me believe I could leave here…

That building. What’s it used for?

It’s time for your treatment 

Why would anyone ever want to leave?

I didn’t grow up with a father

I- I had a problem with my tooth…

They’re patients, not prisoners

There’s a sickness in all of us, like the bitter taste of bile rising up the back of our throats…

Some patients experience visions, but rest assured it’s just the toxins leaving the system

You’re one of them!


In ‘I Need U’ Jin in is in a deeply dream where he can see all members. All of them represents his alter egos or emotions. All of them are happy and having good times but nothing last forever.

In ‘RUN’ we can see how Jin is acting weird, he’s starting notice that nothing is real.

In ‘AWAKE’ (the short film) he awakes, while he’s walking in the place where he is we can see some stuff that appears in the other short films. He made that stuff to feel them in real life, to not to feel alone. It was not enough so, he dreams again to see them.

In ‘BS&T’ the scene when V cover the eyes of Jin is because he knew that Jin was going to leave them but he doesn’t want that to happen so basically he killed him. He made Jin to sleep forever to be with them.

In 'Spring Days’ all looks a little sad and lonely. They were on streets but why no one appears except for them? Because they are not real. Also they visited places that appears in another MVs to say goodbye to that moments that Jin made.
And there we are, the train scene. They were heading to heaven, also Jimin hangs tennis in a tree(just a pair). When someone does that it means that someone has passed away, Jin died and the others too because they were in the imagination of Jin. Also the solo of Jin (AWAKE) makes references to the sky, you need to pay attention at the lyrics by now.

The meaning of 'You Never Walk Alone’ (and from the other eras too) is that even if someone leaves you is not forever, they will be always with you walking and supporting you by your side. Enjoy the little moments in your life with that persons before they leave.

NDRV3 Love Hotel summary

There’s this mode in ndrv3 where Saihara can enter other characters’ dreams as their ‘ideal lover’ in a love hotel. It happens regardless of original affection level or relationship in actual story, so Saihara can appear in Maki(who clearly has her own love interest)’s dream as her lover too.

So in a sense, you can put any other guy/girl in Saihara’s position. If you ship Ouma&Kaede, you can put Kaede in Saihara’s place and imagine the whole situation.

Here’s brief summary of what ends up happening in each dream:

Kaede - The guy kind of made the move first.
Iruma - she forced him into “it”
Yumeno - somehow ended up doing it
Maki - he kind of made the move first (2)
Angie - kind of forced him into it(2)
Tsumugi - lured him into it like magic
———- line of R-15 ———–
Tenko - He’s clueless about whole thing, but she said she’ll wait for him to open up.
Kirumi - She asked if it was okay to love him and he said yes.

Shinguji - SM play. Seriously.
Ouma - I think they did “something exciting”. But I have no idea.
———- line of R-15 ———–
Gonta - “I won’t let you sleep tonight!”
Momota - Competition that could end up a bit like Tenko’s or end up a little further.
Amami - Thinks of time with his lover as sanctuary.
Hoshi - Promised to be good partners.
Kiibo - Friendly handshake

jungkook oneshot #1

written using the prompt: “we’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

words: 393 (lol this is one of the shortest pieces of shit i’ve ever written)

a/n: this is real short and real pointless but i loved the prompt a lot, almost as much as i love kookie.

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I made myself imagine that I didn’t love you,
that your face was ordinary to me.
Then I went out and passed the places
where we’d go, without you there, pretending that I could.

Making believe I could, I tried to blot out longing,
or regret, when someone looked like you, head down,
laughing, running away from me behind a veil of rain.

[…] I trailed up the hill, thinking how I can’t unlearn
the words I’ve got by heart, or dream your name away,

Carol Ann Duffy, from “By Heart,” Collected Poems (Picador, 2015)

In times like these I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be a Walt Disney World Cast Member. During that time I met cast members from all over the world; Mexico, Turkey, France, China, Brazil and more.
It was eye opening to learn about their cultures and beliefs. Every day I learned something new. There were many things that made us different but we were all there for the same reason and that gave us something in common.

Walt Disney once said:
“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

And it doesn’t matter where those people come from because like the name tag above says, We should Respect, Appreciate and Value Everyone.


“Nametag worn by guests attending the Disney RAVE:
Diversity Appreciation Luncheons, ca. 1986.”

do you ever stop and think how Tumblr is the coolest fucking place because it really embodies the fact that on the internet we built communities of conceptual proximity rather than literal proximity (like say, Facebook). 

we come together with people not because we live near each other, but because our passions, dreams, interests, and practices are similar to each other and therefore in some senses “near”. 

we build relationships on the strength of the closeness of our personalities and our hobbies, not the closeness of our houses.

and this creates this wonderful effect where you make friends who you would literally never have made otherwise.

like I’m currently staying interstate with a friend I made on Tumblr (@teaforlupin you are great) and their partners (one of whom they met via Tumblr), in a city where I used to stay with another friend I met on Tumblr (@wardrobespierre) and I’m chatting with new friends (I made on Tumblr) and making plans with my best friend (who lived nearby but who I became close to in part through Tumblr).

and I’m filled with an anthropological anger over people who believe that the internet is automatically a less authentic and ‘real’ space or that relationships forged through choice are somehow lesser than those bound by marriage or blood.

online friends are just as valid as meatspace friends and found families are just as valid as those of traditional kin structures and I have a lot of feels about human relationships y’all

Sometimes I wonder, I dream, if I was the one to break us in our story, that if I didn’t leave would have things been different? That somewhere, theres another world, another place, where we are together and our past never happened. That you didn’t play with my heart, and I never listened to my head that made me walk out on us. That place, the one with us, that other world gave us a chance to do things right, thats the world where I got to chose who I got to be, not the version where I had to sacrificed my heart to survive. My regret is that we are not in that world my dear, that we are here and out story end ages ago. That in that world we are in love and happy. My regret is that I’m not there. You only saw the worst of me and in that world you could have loved the best of me. In this world I sacrificed my heart, I left you. You didn’t deserve my love, I only wish I knew that then. I’m sorry my love my only hope is that one day you will read about us, the tale that would become us. That in our story you broke me and I wrote us the greatest of love stories that would never die. For you my dear will read these words a weep.
—  Note from author. Never fall in love with a writer.//t.c
Disneyland Adventures // Jack Maynard

— hello lovely. can you do an imagine where the reader and jack go to disneyland for the first time. thank you!! 

Today’s the day I’m finally fulfilling my childhood dreams. Today’s the day I finally visit the one of the happiest places on earth, Disneyland. Most of my youtuber friends, my boyfriend Jack and I are dedicating day or two to explore and have fun in Disneyland whilst we were in LA for Vidcon. Since it would be my very first time going to Disneyland, my inner child self was beyond excited. It was Jack’s first time too, which made it more exciting for me.

“Oh I’m actually terrified of rides”, I said, looking out of the window in the car.

“What no way!” Tyler Oakley gasped. “You can’t back out of any of the rides we’re going on, you just can’t miss out.”

“I’ll try not to have a heart attack then”, I laughed nervously. Even though I’ve been looking forward for this day my whole life, that doesn’t mean I actually enjoy going on rides.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you”, Jack whispered in my ears as he put his arm around me which helped calm my nerves a little.

We finally arrived, Tyler, Joe, Caspar, Jack and I got out of the car and met up with Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and a few other youtubers. Zoe squealed with excitement which made me laugh. Before we even entered through the gates, most of our group have pulled out their cameras to start vlogging. My face immediately lit up as my eyes wondered around the magical theme park. It’s more beautiful than I’ve ever imagined.  We walked through the park, taking loads of photos with the people dressed up as Disney characters. Joe and Alfie insisted we cue up for the Californian Screamin’ roller coaster. Whilst waiting in the never ending cue, I was doing my best not to freak myself out of doing this, I absolutely hated going on scary rides like this.

Jack saw the worried look on my face. “Babe, we don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable.” I was debating internally with myself, unsure of what to do. “Guys, you go on ahead, Y/N and I are gonna skip this one.” Everyone groaned at us but I thanked him mentally since I knew a big part of me didn’t want to do this. He grabbed my hands and we left the cue.

I let out a big sigh. “Thank you so much Jack, I’m just not good with rides. I know you wanted to go on it”

“Don’t apologies silly. I’d rather not go on it anyways knowing you wouldn’t feel comfortable at all. Come on let’s go have fun on our own.” 

Jack and I walked around the park hand in hand eating churros. Jack suddenly pulled me into the gift shop and bought us matching Mickey Mouse ears hat. I laughed so hard when he pulled funny faces with the cap on so I pulled out my phone to take selfies with him. 

“Oh there’s a haunted mansion, let’s go in it!” I jumped up and down excitedly, Jack laughing at my enthusiasm. As we approached closer to the ride, nervousness hit me but nonetheless I was still very excited.  

We were guided into the foyer and once the voice over began talking, it caused me to jump a little. Jack laughed at me and pulled me closer to his side, kissing the top of my head. The whole experience was very fun, which mainly consisted of Jack laughing at me whilst I would jump a little. We vlogged inside, but it was pointless as most of the time it was very dark. Jack held my hand when we walked outside, wondering around the park. We somehow ended up at a Mickey Mouse theatre show. I got us popcorn before we went in to sit down. The show ran for about 25 minutes, Jack and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was surprised at how much Jack enjoyed it, it made me so happy to see him with a big smile. When the show finished, we walked out and I felt my phone vibrate. I pulled out my phone to see Zoe calling me.

“Hey”, I answered.

“Hey love, where are you guys? Want to meet up to watch the parade with us?”, she replied.

“Yes of course, where do we meet you?” Jack and I walked to the destination Zoe told us to meet her at, we saw her and the rest of the group at a café. I joined them as Jack went to order us drinks, I asked them about how their day was going so far.

“Oh my god, Y/N I almost shit my pants on all of the rides”, Zoe sighed and I laughed at her. “I know you’re terrified of rides so you didn’t miss out on much”, Zoe said trying to comfort me.

“I hope Alfie taped your reaction”, I giggled.

“I actually bought the photo they take as you’re going down the ride, here look”, she pulled out a photo from her bag. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants, all their screaming faces, especially Caspar’s was too hilarious.

“I need a copy of this”, I said calming down and wiping a tear from my eye. Jack came back and handed me my iced coffee. “Thanks babe”, I said kissing him.

“Let’s get going the parade’s starting soon!” Joe and Caspar cheered.

We stood behind little children and their parents sitting on the floor. The crowd cheered as the parade started. Jack was vlogging the whole thing and kept recording my reactions to each of the Disney characters. As Prince Charming was passing us, he came up to me and held me hand and bowed down causing me to giggle. “Hey!” I heard Jack yell. I looked up at him and laughed at his frowning face. The person dressed up in the costume then jokingly held his hand up in surrender, saluted Jack then walked away. Jack wrapped his arms around my waist, enjoying the remainder of the show.

“Y/N, did you get that hot prince’s number? He was totally into you” Tyler said.  

“Well too bad because she’s mine”, Jack said smiling at me.

“Ugh guys stop trying to make me jealous”, Tyler joked.

“Babe, get in the shot”, I said taking out my phone to take selfies. Jack kissed my cheeks and I caught the perfect photo. I uploaded the photo to Instagram, with the caption ‘Disneyland with my one and only’. It instantly got flooded with likes and comments. The sun had set and we all sat on the floor waiting for the fireworks show. I was so mesmerized with the fireworks I hadn’t noticed Jack taking photos of me watching them. He then pulled me to his side.

“I’m the luckiest person on earth. I love you so much Y/N”, Jack said, melting my heart.

“I love you more baby”, I replied, kissing him whilst the fireworks went off in the background. Safe to say, Disneyland is truly a magical place. 

Thanks for the person requesting this!! i’ve actually gotten heaps of requests in my ask which is amazing so i’m trying my best to do them all for you. also keep in mind i’ve actually never been to disneyland in my life so i have no idea what to expect or what actually happens there. feel free to leave requests and i’ll do my best to write them for you! hope you all have a lovely day x 


Second star to the right and straight on till morning!!!

What if Neverland was real?

Would you fly there with him?

A place between sleep and awake,

I bet you’d be happy there.

A place made of a daydream,

Not like the world you lived in.

Goodbyes, hurts and cries,

Would be replaced with adventurous plans.

What if Neverland was real?

Would you run there with him?

A place between dream and reality,

Never touched with grown-ups fingertips.

A place so safe,

Where all your secrets are kept.

Like a treasure hidden,

From pirates sticky hands.

What if Neverland is real?

And you’re already in.

A place where magic starts,

And your heart beats like a drum.

Mermaids are jealous of your charm,

They’d kill for these gazing blue eyes.

I bet you would never even care,

While Tiger Lily is braiding your golden hair.

What if Neverland is your home?

And all you think are the happy thoughts.

Shall I leave my window open?

Will you fly in tonight?

Shall I stay with one eye open?

Will I hear you crowing wild?

Covered with pixie dust, accompanied by Tinker Bell. 

Just as you read in my cozy little bed.

A Wonderful stories of Peter Pan,

And his unforgettable never, neverland.

Hoseok - Dreamless

The Save Me Series

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

Summary:  Sleeping was something that light beings like him did only for the mere pleasure of it, nothing much entailed with it and even less dreams. So when Hoseok starts to have dreams with a lone girl trapped in darkness and asking for help, he thinks he’s going crazy, not only because of the dreams but also because he’ll try to get to you before it’s too late, but the decision of saving you could cost him his precious light in the process.

The darkness of the place was heavy filled with the dark magic that kept you trapped inside the shrine where the people from your village had locked you in. You laid unconscious in the middle of the space, all of it made of ancient grey stone, filled with the statues of the gods that they worshipped with a fanatic obsession. You were unable to wake up as the punishment for running away from the fate they had decided for you. You had been offered as the sacrifice to the gods for the village’s good fortune but you refused to accept it and tried to escape from that future, running away to hide in the mountains in the hopes of leaving it all behind, but the shrine’s monks hadn’t taken long to find you and forced you to get back to the village.

Now, they only saw you as unworthy of the village and thus they decided you deserved a punishment. You had been locked inside the shrine, the magic that surrounded the place made you fall into a forced slumber, one in which you kept your conscience but were unable to do anything to escape as your body rested like it was asleep, preventing you from undoing it or fighting the dark magic weighing you down, draining the energy and life out of your body little by little.

The first weeks you’d fought against the heaviness that took over your conscience with all your will and strength to no avail, it was useless and it only served to tire your hopes, the shrine’s monks knew what they had done perfectly and that the spell they had you trapped in was strong. So you weren’t able to do anything to release yourself, you were left there most probably until the end of your days as you knew the monks were unforgiving. After a while you’d started to lose against the force of the magic and your mind started to get numb, weakening until your thoughts were completely tuned down, in that state you couldn’t do anything, nor even think about how terrible your fate was, until you found out about the power of your dreams.

The first dream took you by surprise as you seemed to be suspended into nothingness until then.  In the dream you were also in a dark place, but there was a sort of light that started to appear in front of your eyes, you could feel yourself walking towards it and as you got closer the light started to take the shape of a man, the curious thing was that you had never seen him before but by now you could tell to the point of perfection his features and the way he seemed to have the kindest smile. You tried to reach for him, after being alone for so long just the image of someone else made you want to chase after him seeking help; at first you couldn’t do it, you spoke to him but your voice didn’t come out and he didn’t notice you, it was as if there was a barrier between you two. You kept having the same dream, seeing the same man over and over, so you kept insisting, thinking he might be your only salvation.

Then, there was one dream in which the barrier that until now had kept you separated disappeared and you could take his hand, making him look at you for the first time.
He seemed scared suddenly as if he couldn’t believe your presence in front of him, or how you could hold his hand. You tried to tell him something but the dream dissolved and you were left into the void of nothingness once again.

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* Once a human starts dreaming, human meets Flowey in a dark place where he had created to play with a “friend”. At first, it may only be a cave-like ruins with a few dead trees and the save point, but if the player returns after dying once in the game, a door forms. A new door forms each time the player dies, and if the doors are not entered in correct sequence, they disappear, returning to the beginning state with no doors. This extremely intricate process is made easier by arrows which appear only after sparing Toriel.

What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black What shall I tell my children who are black.

Of what it means to be a captive in this dark skin?What shall I tell my dear one, fruit of my womb,of how beautiful they are when everywhere they turn they are faced with abhorrence of everything that is black.The night is black and so is the boogyman.Villains are black with black hearts.A black cow gives no milk. A black hen lays no eggs.Storm clouds, black, black is evil and evil is black and devil’s food is black…

What shall I tell my dear ones raised in a white world
A place where white has been made to represent
all that is good and pure and fine and decent,
where clouds are white and dolls, and heaven
surely is a white, white place with angels
robed in white, and cotton candy and ice cream
and milk and ruffled Sunday dresses
and dream houses and long sleek Cadillacs and Angel’s food is white… all, all… white.

What can I say therefore, when my child
Comes home in tears because a playmate
Has called him black, big lipped, flatnosed and nappy headed?
What will he think when I dry his tears and whisper,
“Yes, that’s true. But no less beautiful and dear.”
How shall I lift up his head, get him to square
his shoulders, look his adversaries in the eye,
confident in the knowledge of his worth.
Serene under his sable skin and proud of his own beauty?

What can I do to give him strength
That he may come through life’s adversities
As a whole human being unwarped and human in a world
Of biased laws and inhuman practices, that he might
Survive. And survive he must! For who knows?
Perhaps this black child here bears the genius
To discover the cure for… cancer
Or to chart the course for exploration of the universe.
So, he must survive for the the good of all humanity.

He must and will survive.
I have drunk deeply of late from the fountain
of my black culture, sat at the knee of and learned
from mother Africa, discovered the truth of my heritage.
The truth, so often obscured and omitted.
And I find I have much to say to my black children.
I will lift up their heads in proud blackness
with the story of their fathers and their father’s fathers.
And I shall take them into a way back time
of kings and queens who ruled the Nile,
and measured the stars and discovered the laws of mathematics.
I will tell them of a black people upon whose backs have been built
the wealth of three continents.
I will tell him this and more.
And knowledge of his heritage shall be his weapon and his armor;
It will make him strong enough to win any battle he may face.
And since this story is so often obscured,
I must sacrifice to find it for my children,
even as I sacrifice to feed, clothe and shelter them.
So this I will do for them if I love them.
None will do it for me.

I must find the truth of heritage for myself and pass it on to them.
In years to come, I believe because I have armed them with the truth,
my children and their children’s children will venerate me.
For it is the truth that will make us free!

Margaret Burroughs

For all my fellow voltage fans who are struggling,


You are having yet another bad day which leaves you empty inside and hopeless. You are numb. As you walk down the street you bump into your favorite voltage character. Before your mind registers that it’s them, they get excited and say that they have been looking for you everywhere. You smile for the first time that day.

Fast forward a few weeks and you are in your room crying. They come in and take you in their arms and wipe your tears away. They promise to be there for you always. That they will stay by your side and help you get through it. You are the strongest girl they ever met and they are proud you made it so far. They know you can go the distance. You are destined for greater things.

Another day you are looking at “nice” things. You know you can’t afford it but you still dream. Your favorite character notices. Next day they take you to the place where you can buy it and places a credit card in your hand. They, along with their friends, filled it and you can use it to buy whatever your heart desires. Your bills are paid on time, the fridge is full, your room is filled with the things you’ve always wanted and you even buy a gift for them which brings a smile to their face.

Another day you are lonely. As you are wishing for true friends someday, your favorite character shows up driving a car and tells you to get in. They make stops at their friends houses and soon the car is filled with them. They chat, sing to the radio and even bicker. You find out that it’s a night out and it turns into one of the best nights of your life. They are ecstatic to have you with them and you trust them. They text you forever after that night and invite you all the time. They treat you like a princess. You are surrounded by people who love you.

You are lounging cozyily in a chair with something in your hands to entertain you. Your favorite character is across the room also entertained with a hobby. You are both in cozy pajamas. Outside is raining softly but the room is warm and well lit. You feel safe and relaxed. Many days are like this.

Your favorite character holds your head in their hands while they gaze at you with awe. They kiss each feature on your face before telling you why it’s perfect. All your insecurities are washed away. They tell you are beautiful and precious. You know they are right.

One day late but eey! It has been an insane fandom year for a Nygmobblepot & Smaylor trashie let me tell you. We were not even 10 people back in 2014, staying strong and stubborn in our smol corner of the fandom seeing the future of Nygmobblepot. Now look where we are!! The things we have dreamed of and made AU:s of is CANON. We have also got beyond approval of Smaylor from Robin & Cory! This has meant SO much to me I can’t explain. And I could write 10 pages more about this but I won’t in this post. My blog has grown so much I can’t believe and I’m so happy for all support and followers that makes tumblr a gorgeous place! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

So ofc here are some lovely people I wanna thank for making 2016 better!

@okimi79 - My trash daugtherwife made of sin that has all my love. By my side since 2014 in smol Nygmobblepot corner. We’ve been through such a huge stormy ride together. And I’m so beyond happy that you sent that first message to me along the lines of ”We seems to be the only ones shipping Nygmobblepot, we should have a secret handshake!”. And the rest is history :3 ♥

@riddlelvr - My trash daughter made of sin AGAIN. Yes. Together with okimi we created the best Trash Family of trash and I’m so glad we did :’). Your art and sinful mind is amazing and sin combined with skills speaks for itselfs what that can create ♥

And this is to both of you. I’m so proud of both of you for all your amazing creativity you make, your amazing fics and art and fics just for me for no one else to see. The endless screaming over Nygmobblepot & Smaylor we share. And when I have to be strong when new Cory pics comes along, and when YOU have to be strong when Daddy decides to wear pretty suits and be sinful that makes me leave milk in the fridge so you can surrvive without me for some days. I LOVE YOU ♥

The Anonymous Smaylor Fairies - I don’t know who all of you are but you have filled my inbox with amazing trash ficlets and headcanons that I love with all my heart! Be proud of your trash talent!! And I hope you will pay me many more visits during 2017.

@frosty-chatterbox Nyannnn. Precious trashcan with no rps guilt that don’t take shit! Thank you for all our long chats this year!! You also gave me the video where Robin says Hi to me and that was the sweetest thing and I giggled for days of happiness ♥♥

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@themadmiz - You basically just fell from heaven into the Nygmobblepot tag. Suddenly it was filled with your beyond amazing unique gif art! And it is a joy to see! You are constantly taking gif making to the next level.

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@emberandshadow - Heartbreaking angst master! You have broke my heart 100 times 2016 but YET I crawl back to you begging for more, because I’m trash and your stories is a delight!

@millicentcordelia - Thank you for all your interesting text metas and analyzes about Gotham and Nygmobblepot with your trashfeet on the ground! You have always something great to say about what’s happening and you keep calm and quality safe while the tag has gone bananas! We can always count on you!  

@featheredriddler - Always ready to take a screamy message when something happens. I can always count on getting a lovely fangirl scream back! ;) 

And to more pure lovely Nygmobblepot squad people. THANK YOU SO MUCH for filling tumblr with pretty art, texts, fics, headcanons:

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And to everyone else I didn’t mention here that makes tumblr a gorgeous fandom place filled with all forms of art. From Gotham to Sherlock to Sailor Moon and all other fandoms I’m in! Everyone that sends me lovely message with everything from Smaylor trash to that you love the stuff I create and my blog, it warms my heart! ♥♥♥

National parks are both the stuff dreams are made of and the places where dreams come true. Photographer Evan Brogan snapped this gorgeous vista of Colorado National Monument shortly after quitting an unfulfilling job and asking his girlfriend to marry him. “We took photos of her ring over the 485-foot cliff where we camped. We found ourselves at this vantage point, yelling echoes into the canyon walls, alone, watching the rain blow in and carrying with it one of Colorado’s many daily rainbows.” Photo courtesy of Evan Brogan.


Imagine. Your hometown team.

It’s been 71 years since they’ve been to a World Series. You’ve spent your whole childhood…your whole life…never knowing what that’s like. You’re just a fan, sitting in the stands, cheering on your team for as long as you can, until it ends.

Then, it finally happens. They finally make it. And of all the famous names and well-known stars they could have asked to sing the national anthem at the biggest baseball game of the year…

They ask you.

And then you’re standing there. Right there on Wrigley Field. Right in the place where you used to sit in the stands, cheering on your team.

This is their moment.

But it’s also yours.

Man. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Oatlandish Behavior

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Prompt: “You can’t snort Captain Crunch. That’s what Cocoa Puffs are for.”

A/N: My friend suggested that I use this prompt for Kirk and while I was trying to figure out how to write it, I remembered that episode of TOS where Bones made Kirk eat a vegetable. 

A loud beeping echoed through the dark, disturbing your dreams and begging you to open your eyes. With a groan, you pulled a pillow over your face. You squeezed your eyelids closed tighter, like the action would make it no longer morning. When your defiant actions didn’t stop the beeping, you let out a sigh and tossed the pillow from your face back to its place next to you.

“Computer, alarm off.” You threw the sheets off your body, sat up, and swung your legs off the edge of the bed. “Lights on.” You winced as the bright lights were switched on.

Lifting your arms above your head, stretching out your shoulders and back, you got up and walked to your bathroom. After washing your face, brushing your teeth, and using the restroom, you walked back into the main room and over to the closet.

“Choices choices,” you muttered with a yawn, running a hand briefly over the identical uniforms. Pulling one off the rack, you slipped it on and replaced the hanger. You zipped on your boots and left your quarters.

As you began walking down the hall, blinking more than usual in an effort to stay awake, your noticed a pair of men a few paces ahead of you. Quickening your pace slightly, you caught up to them with ease. You stepped up in between the two.

“Bones.” You drew out the o in the nickname and gave him your best puppy dog eyes. But he didn’t look up from his PADD to see them.

“It’s too early for your whining, kid.”

“It is too early. That’s why I’m whining.” You turned your attention to Kirk, standing on your other side. “Carry me?”

“Only if you carry me too,” he said, taking a sip of his coffee, that he no doubt replicated in his room before leaving it.

“Ok, we’ll take shifts.” You rested your head against his shoulder. “You carry me and then I’ll carry you.”

“Oh no.” He draped an arm around your shoulders. “I’m not falling for that again.”

“Falling for what?” you asked innocently, with a yawn.

“You’re gonna get me to carry you the whole way and then not carry me at all.”

“I would never.” Your eyes drooped closed.

“Hey.” Kirk shook you softly. “Don’t fall asleep. We have a busy day today.”

“I’m not falling asleep.” Your words blurred together slightly, and both men sported at the obvious lie. “I just need some sugar.”

“How many damn times do I have to tell you? The amount of sugar you eat is ruining your body,” Bones grumbled. He had brought up you diet at your last two physicals and at at least one mean a week. You knew he did it out of concern for your health, but you also knew he did it at least partially out of revenge for all the stress you caused him.

“I don’t care. I’ll snort Captain Crunch.”

“You can’t snort Captain Crunch. That’s what Cocoa Puffs are for.” Kirk directed you into the cafeteria.

“Didn’t realize there were rules.” You straightened up as you reached the replicators.

“Of course there’s rules. Otherwise there would be cereal anarchy. Computer, stack of blueberry pancakes.”

“So you’ll follow cereal rules, but not Starfleet’s ?” Bones asked.

“I follow Starfleet’s rules.” Kirk took the pancakes from the computer.

“When it’s convenient.” Bones turned his PADD off.

“It just so happens the cereal’s rules are always convenient.” Kirk stepped off to the side to allow you to get your own breakfast.

You stepped up to ask the computer to replicate you a bowl of Captain Crunch, but before you could get the words out, you felt a hand cover your mouth.

“Computer, cinnamon oatmeal with strawberries.” Bones took the bowl from the replicator and handed it to you with a somewhat sarcastic smile. “Here ya go, sweetheart.”

“Why am I friends with you?” You glowered at him.

“I keep you alive.”

“At what cost?” You took the breakfast out of his hands and moved to stand next to Kirk.

After Bones had gotten his breakfast the three of you sat down at a table together. While Bones updated Kirk on the condition of a few of his patients, you moved the oatmeal around. One day and you already missed the sugary cereal. He had warned you that if you didn’t start eating healthier, he would take matters into his own hands. You just didn’t think he was serious.

“Captain, if I beat Bones up, would you throw me in the brig?” You rested your head on your hand, still glaring daggers at your breakfast.

“‘Fraid I’d have to.” He cut another piece of his pancakes. “But I’d reduce your sentence due to extenuating circumstances.”

“Just eat the damn oatmeal. It’s good for you.” When you only responded with a pouty face, he rolled his eyes and mumbled. “You’re both going to die at 50.”