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What about a Sheith groundhog’s day story where the condition to end the loop is to finally confess feelings. IDK who should be repeating the day though.

This is way, way super late but omg I love time loop stuff! I kind of want Shiro to keep reliving the day? Just because :3 What if they’re on a planet that has strange properties that manipulate time. What if something is bothering Keith and Shiro spends every looped day trying to figure out what it is? He tries leaving Keith alone, that doesn’t work, tries asking him what’s wrong, gets an excuse. Then he spends the whole day with Keith, trying to figure him out, maybe takes him to different places each day and sees different sides to Keith and falls in love with him a bit more with every loop. 

And then at the end of one of the days, they’re looking up at the planet’s two moons, stargazing, it’s a minute before midnight, before the loop resets, and Shiro just takes Keith’s hand and says “I want tomorrow with you, and every day after that.” And Shiro has his eyes closed, waiting for the day to reset, but the minute goes by and when he opens his eyes Keith is there, so close, whispering “me too” and that’s it there’s no more loop it’s just the two of them, kissing a minute after midnight. 

Carey Mulligan to Star in BBC’s ‘Collateral’

Carey Mulligan has been set to star in Collateral, the four-part BBC miniseries that puts her back in business with David Hare. Hare wrote Collateral, which SJ Clarkson is directing and The Forge producing, with production starting in April. The mini is described as a modern-day state of the nation project which takes place over four days.

Today London was a victim of a terrorist attack. I will never understand how some humans are able to do things like that. In this photo, I took exactly 50 days ago when I was in London, you can see the neighbourhood of Westmister there where the attack took place. Exactly where it happened I spend most of my days with my  British friends during my trip. With this attacks, they want us to stop living by having fear. We don’t have to let them win. They won’t stop me from travelling and from going out in places that are crowded and neither should you give them the power to influence you and to restrict your life. With this post, I want to take a stand against Terrorism and I want people to remember that terrorism has no religion! 


-The bears are 9 months.

- I no longer have anxiety about going places with all 4 solo

- the other day I went to the store for something I didn’t even really need 

- sister is crawling so much. She never stays still.  I can just go to where I want her and call her. She’s so fast to come see what I’m doing. It’s pretty convenient. 

- brother is talking a lot but still not moving. Always trying to pull off sister’s glasses or her hair accessories. He splashes in the bath and it’s the best.

- their mom is getting ready for them.  I hope everything keeps going her way

- bean is desperate to perfect a cartwheel. Came home today singing “cash me outside, how bout that” over and over. Awesome. 

- duder learned how to snap up his pants. Generally doesn’t have accidents any more. I opted him out of summer school. 

-wife is the best friend I could ask for. She really loves me.

- I’m starting to feel a little less like death but annoyed I’m still as sick as I am after 3 days on antibiotics

Miniminter Imagine: Mr. Minter

Summary: Y/N has been teaching at St. Peter’s School for three years now. Mr. Minter (or Simon Minter) is the new teacher at the school and Y/N is forced to show him where his department is. 

Warnings: mention of the ‘s’ word (no i don’t mean swearing i mean the place kids got to during the day haha).. I think that’s it?

Requested: nope

Rating: 10+ (will be swearing if i make another part)

A/N: Hey. a Simon imagine! and no St Peter’s isn’t my school - it’s just a random school i came up with. Y/L/N: Your Last Name. PE: Physical Education (sports/gym - whatever). This part is in Y/N’s perspective. Anyways, I hope you enjoy :). (sorry it’s short)

~Beth <3


As you packed up for your first lesson of the day, you hear a knock. “Come in” you chirped. To your surprise, the head teacher, Mr Griffiths walked in, closely followed by what seemed to be either a very tall, lanky student or a new teacher. “Hello, Ms. Y/L/N, this is Mr. Simon Minter. He will be joining us, however will be in the PE department.” Mr Griffiths said, signalling this ‘Simon Minter’ to walk in to your classroom. “Hello, I’m Simon. Or as you’ll hear around school: the coolest teacher ever!” he chuckled. You laughed a little bit, “I’m Y/N, or as you’ll hear around Ms. Y/L/N - the legend” you both laughed. “Ms. Y/L/N, I have to go to a meeting now, would you be able to show Mr. Minter to the PE department?” he asked, as he checked his watch.

“Sure, I have a free period now anyways so what better thing to do than show him round?!” you exclaim. You both walked out the classroom together. It wouldn’t be a lie if you said he wan’t that bad looking, he was pretty nice. You were surprised on how small he made you feel. 

As you were walking down the corridor, you felt a pair of eyes on you. “Can I help you Mr. Minter?” you asked, quite sharply to say the least. “ sorry..” he brushed his neck awkwardly. We carried on walking down the corridor but we are stopped by, oh for God’s sake. Ms. Sarah Smith. Better known as Slutty Sarah, always flirting with the new teachers. “Hey, I’m Sarah, I haven’t seen you around before? What’s your name handsome?” she flipped her hair, a clear indication that she’s flirting. You rolled your eyes in disgust. “Simon.” he said bluntly.

“Well Simon, I shall hope to see you around.” she winked as she walked past you both. “Is she always like this Y/N?” he asked, smirking. 

“Yeah, she does it with every new teacher.” you laugh. You both carried on walking to the PE department. As you were walking past the other classrooms, you felt the pair of eyes on you, once again. “Mr. Minter would you quit staring at me!” you snap, heat forming at your cheeks.

“I’m sorry Ms. Y/L/N, you’re just very pretty that’s all…” he mumbled. For the rest of the journey, neither one of you spoke. You could feel the awkwardness in the air, as if someone made a perfume: “Le Awkward” and sprayed everywhere.

The journey felt like forever. We finally reached the PE department. “So this is where you’ll probably spend most of your time here. Changing rooms are on your left and the office is on the right. Gym is up the stairs on the right. The tennis courts and the football fields are just behind that door. The rest of the department will show you the rest.” you said, walking back towards the door you both came in. “Y/N wait.” you turn around seeing him looking very red. “Y/N let me take you out for a meal tonight, I would really like to get to know you better.” his blue orbs glow with excitement. How could you not refuse that? But before you could say anything, the school bell rang. The sound of a stamped of children came out of the doors. You waited for the gathering of the children to pass when you made your move. “We’ll have to see Mr. Minter.” you smile as you turned your back and walked away.

/-/-/ Final Note From Me /-/-/

Hi, this took forever to write and I’m possibly thinking about writing about a part two? I really enjoyed making this imagine and I might make another part. Thank y’all for the support, it means so much…I’m sorry it’s so short…Let me know what y'all think? Part 2?

~Beth <3


two of my sims in my first household. they’re like, the odd-ones-out. bc they arent related to the family that lives there, but they live there anyway. and they’re “”””related”””” to each other. 

meet yuan-jun xie, the blond, who wants to be rich one day but currently spends a lot of his time complaining, being ungrateful, and trying his luck at being a sugar baby with a harem 

and meet june xie, the bun-buns, who loves stupid-crazy eye makeup and steals from places as a hobby. she’s at home 5 days out of 7, so she’s kinda like a babysitter that never leaves, and she loves it. 

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I just wanted to let you know. Your performance as Revali alone inspired me to eventually cosplay a humanized version of him, thank you for being a part of a game that holds what I assume to be an equally large place in your heart as it does mine, I hope one day I get to meet you be it in passing, convention or even as friends in the same line of work, keep it up dude! You're awesome!!

Make sure you share pics with me when it’s finally done, or so help me God I will hunt you down and hand you a sternly worded letter expressing my disappointment.

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I mean realistically every animal with night vision has poor day vision, but somehow faunus have both. I actually think it would have been pretty cool if they did have poor day vision, to balance out their advantage at night, but RT obviously didn't go that way. As much as I like RWBY, faunus genetics don't make a lot of sense sometimes.

To be honest though in a world where monsters spawn out of lakes of goo; dust from the ground is used to make lightning, fire, energy, ice; kids go to schools to train to weild deadly weapons that they build themselves and everything on the planet basically has the equivalent of a video game health bar: Faunus Genetics aren’t all that out of place.

However I do like the idea they have poor day vision and wear contacts.

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don't imagine logan not showing up to work one day and the principal fills his place, not knowing that after he had walked out of the building to go home, a drunk driver hit the curb and pinned him to a telephone pole, killing him instantly. don't imagine the amount of kids who would end up crying about their favorite teacher dying. don't imagine morality finding out that the man he thought he was going to marry end up wearing a ring he could never answer a question to while laying in a coffin.

welp, Rel’s dead now guys 

rip in pieces, me XDDDDDD

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I'm like the other person who picks Zen first for new DLC's because she played his route first but with Yoosung because he took my MM virginity lmaoooo But honestly, it feels like I'd be cheating on him if I didn't!! He has a super special place in my heart <3 have a wonderful day & thanks for being super cool I love following you

i love yoosung !!!! so much !!!!!! recently my love for him has increased 100000% he is my sunshine

also thank you!!

Thank you!

everyone for your comments, they do help.

A lot.

I have freed one arm so I can type this a bit better :)

Here’s my thoughts:

For 20+ years, mystic had a favorite place… you’ve seen it day in and day out, that place is in my arms/on my chest. Unlike a dog who might like a park, or a beach, for mystic, he’s only happy when I hold him. 

He’s never been content to just sit by me, or in the room with me, it’s always been hold me or don’t bother being home :)

When Sarah (first cat) passed away, I was away at college and couldn’t get home. I don’t know what mom and Bruce did, I never asked, I never wanted to ask. Sarah was gone, and I was left with a massive amount of grief. When Sally (fiancee) passed away, I did my best to help her parents with the arrangements, but I’ve never been to the cemetery or the grave site since the funeral. 

I still talk to them daily, always have, always will, but I have no mementos besides a few photos, they were in my life for just such a short time,  6 or so year each…

Mystic on the other hand has been with me for my whole adult life.

I have been collecting the fur from when I brush him and I have a couple little hairballs I’ve made just rolling it in my hand. I also want some clay paw prints to keep.

But I could not keep his ashes in a box or urn. He never wanted to just sit in a room, he wanted to be held and loved on, and sitting in a box or urn just seems the antithesis of that. 

I have not given any thought to burying, mostly because of the cost.. and because there is no place that feels right for him to be, except here in my arms.

Cremation at least, and sprinkled with the other pets in their little area….I’m ok with that. He’s gone, let him be gone…

I will look into burial… I think I’d rather spend the money on in home euthanasia though, but even thats not an option because of what a mess this house is. I just really hope he goes in his sleep. He needs 24/7 care now, as he can’t stand up much at all anymore.. but for a cat that liked to sleep and snuggle for 16 hrs a day, that’s… not so big of a deal lol.

The time is coming soon though, I know any time now is the right time, it’s just let’s enjoy the next few days or so and see what happens. 

No doubt about it, I love my little buddy, and he definitely has given me more love than anyone or anything else has in my entire life. 

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Apparently (apparently because I can't remember exactly) Harry has been tweeting three times this year and always on the 22nd...

I don’t know if there’s anything in it because two of the tweets were about events taking place on the 22nd and one was the day after an event on the 22nd, so it could be coincidence, but you know what they say about this band and coincidences, so CONSTANT VIGILENCE 😅

And on the eighth day,

on to His lips
He placed the deep of wine soaked bread,
the freckles of a frost-tipped strawberry field,
the call of a robin in the rain,
and kissed her cheeks to a sun’s fire brushed hue.

i thouhgt my manager had a crush on me and bc of that i started to flirt a little and get into it and start developing feelings. well turns out she STILL has a crush on our other coworker but either way theres a rule against dating in the work place and shes also moving to day shift. in a last ditch attempt to earn her love and affection and praise im bringing her panera bread tomorrow.  moral of the story is if your stella your cucked

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love your content, and I have notifications on for your account because your posts make me pretty happy, and you're awesome. I'm not sure if this should be an ask or not (I'm the type of user that doesn't interact much with people lol) so I'm sorry if I sent this to the wrong place... But yeah, I hope you have a nice day, and thanks for having this awesome account.

This made my day . No need to feel sorry. Thank you so much. You are very sweet and I am glad to make you happy. You have a nice day too. Wish you all the best.

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Hi! I just wanted to ask you something Ive grown curious about. You've been very clear about your plans to go and travel around the world, explore it and have fun. And it seems you've taken quite a liking to Japan in particular. Is there a specific reason why Japan is so high on your radar? Like, is it the culture that interests you so strongly? Is it the sightseeing? Is it the food? What exactly draws you to Japan?

Ooh boy, there’s the million dollar question.

I do have an actual list of travel places I hope to go one day and when I have means to travel, I’ll be like others who blog about it with photos and everything. Defo.

Japan. Now, the thing is I have wanted to go to Japan since as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid; I always said I wanted to go to Japan and Hawaii…

Honest to god, I think part of my love was spurred by the Teen Titans movie like I’m not joking. But it’s not like ahmagad I want to go bc my fave childhood thing had a movie about it. Nah. It’s more like the thing that led me to be so inspired by Japan. It led to me then researching about Japan.

It’s just… such a beautiful place. It’s breath-taking. It’s a place that is still able to have the modern side that you see in the big cities but it has the traditional and old side of Japan. Like there are still shrines and temples and they are still so aware of the history and their rituals and things like that? I feel like some countries have lost that. They don’t remember the way of the old, you know?

I love the culture. Everything about it just reminds me of things that I see are not present in daily life in my own country? I mean, they are so polite and courteous and are willing to help people and things like that whereas I don’t always see that in my own origin. I think it is the thought of Japan being so very different from London. It’s just so wonderful and all the quirks and traditions in their culture interest me so much.

The language, the food, the art… I just love everything about it. And I’m genuinely scared that I will fall in love with the place when I go because I’ve considered moving abroad and I’ve even considered Japan as a place to live because everyone I’ve known who have gone have absolutely adored it and didn’t want to leave. And, I get the feeling I will be the exact same.

But in a short answer, honestly everything about it? I love it’s whole way of life. Tbh, I have always had a love for oriental kinda locations like Asia is a continent I defo want to get a look at. China is also right up there and that’s bc I’ve always had a love of their history and culture; especially because I used to watch Chinese movies with my dad; a lot of kung fu movies so that’s definitely a point too.

But, Japan? I can’t wait to get there one day.