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 I tried to make it explicit to say that maturity also depends on the personThere are very many stupid old people as there are wise young people.  i taught a 17 year old who was a child soldier and had killed people in war.  I mean, I am never going to get to his forms of life experience, no matter how old I am and what I do in my life.  I am commenting more generally, but i’m also putting forth opinions on what I consider how we structure our society and the values we place on certain things.

So like i said before, of course young people have a place in education, and of course there are things they bring to the table that old people don’t have (ie. your examples of memory of what it’s like to be in high school and my example of technology).

And I think what you said actually backs up my sentiment of experience (i’m very much a supporter of Dewey if you are familiar with his philosophies of education).  I think it’s a mistake to consider teaching as just about having modern teaching techniques (although maybe this is not what you meant), and your example of using relevant, real-world concepts is a testament to that.  Being able to relate to your students and be relevant is based on experience.  I think with age comes experience - but I am also very much aware of the fact that that’s not the case all the time.  You can be 60 years old and have never seen anything outside a 50 km radius.  You could be 17 years old and have been a child soldier!!

Which is why it’s so important for us as society to provide the necessary resources for teachers to be able to gain certain knowledge and understanding that is outside “the textbook”.  You can have all the most modern teaching techniques in the world, but when you’re faced with a former child soldier, there’s nothing in my teaching techniques book that’s going to help me relate to that kid.  teaching is as much a “feel” as it is a “skill”.  and that feel comes from living - but not just any old kind of living either - like i said, you might have lived a long time but that doesn’t mean you’ve experienced anything.


So here I am. Wow. This week I hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube

This is surreal. I started a year ago, making videos to give advice to my followers from Tumblr and talk about relationships and a couple of social issues. I started because I was in a bad place and needed an outlet and a diary and it’s grown so much more than I could possibly imagine.. now I have YouTube friends and a following there and I’ve learned so much more about intersectional feminism, atheism, theology, social justice issues, politics, veganism, lifestyle, sex education and I’ve been able to grow my channel into a clusterfuck of all that. Plus my vlog channel of course :) I now have a place of safe discussion, education, and sharing of ideas, and I love that. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Thank you for watching. Thank you for 10,000 subscribers.


Some facts about Kip Kinkel

  • Born August 30th, 1982
  • He has an older sister named Kristin
  • His teachers said he lacked physical and emotional development
  • He had to repeat 1st grade
  • Kip was diagnosed with dyslexia and placed in special education classes in the 2nd grade.
  • Kip had an interest in firearms from a very young age
  • At 15, his classmates said he was weird and morbid
  • Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine and NIN were some of his favorite bands
  • His parents enrolled him in anger management classes
  • He once told his parents, he wanted to punch mickey mouse in the nose, when they asked him if he wanted to go to Disneyland
  • On May 20th, 1998, Kip had been suspended from school for having a gun in his locker at school.
  • Later that afternoon, he shot and killed his mother and his father
  • He left a note for police in the house that says he was hearing voices in his head, he had to kill people, and he had no choice
  • May 21st, 1998, Kip drove his mother’s vehicle up to his school, Thurston High School. He wore a trenchcoat to hide the 5 weapons that he had on him
  • He entered th patio area of campus and opened fire, fatally injuring one
  • He then entered the cafeteria and fired off all 48 rounds left in the rifle, killing one more.
  • He fired a total of 50 rounds, hit 37 people, and killed 2
  • 7 students disarmed Kip and held him until police arrived.
  • After police arrived, Kip repeatedly asked them to shoot him and kill him.
  • In September 1999, Kip pleaded guilty to murder and in November 1999, he was sentenced to 111 years in prison, without the possibility of parole.
  • His attempts to get a new trial have not been successful
  • Two Psychiatrists have said that Kip fits the profile for paranoid schizophrenia
  • He is currently appealing his sentence on the grounds that his guilty plea should not have been accepted by the court without a full mental health evaluation.

i’m not trying to say there’s no place for young people in the world in general: i do think there is.  and i do think there can be a place for young people within education - of course there is, they bring certain knowledge that us oldies have either lost through our old age or never learned (technology is a prime example). 

but i don’t think the sentiment of young people shouldn’t become teachers right away is the problem - i think the system needs to mould to that sentiment more.  i think we shove kids through a shitty system much too quickly with little flexibility.  high school is so crap because government have no concept of education whatsoever (lawmakers rarely ask teachers or educational researchers OR STUDENTS how an education system could be developed, which should tell you a lot of why the system is broken).  teachers try their hardest to work within a system that constantly degrades and dehumanizes students.  no resources are given to students who might need them to go do something out in the world and figure themselves out.  we’re often pressured to go to university right away and figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives right after high school, instead of taking time out, working a bit, travelling, etc..  society, media etc. put pressure on students to have everything figured out by such a young age, without telling them that hey actually most people change careers 50 billion times in their lives, for the very reasons i talked about: we gain life experience and start to figure out what we want and who we are.  on top of that, society and institutions make it hard to change careers - so even if you have started to figure out, unless you’re in a certain social class, you’re stuck.

the last thing i want to say is, yeah young people are going to be paid shit.  i don’t think there’s anything inherently good or bad in this.  on one hand i’m like: yeah you’re young, you have no experience, if we believe in meritocracy (which i only half do - the myth of meritocracy is a dangerous one), then why should you be paid a lot.  this is the sense of entitlement that i don’t care much for.  you don’t deserve anything just because you got a degree. 

but the idea of getting paid shit is also relative: a young teacher gets paid shit.  a young banker does not in comparison to a young teacher, but in comparison to other bankers they do.  and that’s when i do agree: people should get paid yes, but then what are you going to base this on?  (yes yes, marxist = needs blah blah blah).


people getting offended at characters being portrayed as ‘seme’ instead of 'uke’ bc theyre too 'frail and weak’

people getting offended at characters being portrayed 'uke’ instead of 'seme’ because they dont want a character to be seen as the 'damsel or weaker’ of two people

people getting offended at who ultimately puts the d in the butt


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Since you seem to be an expert in all things Jace, what exactly is his history?

All right, in an effort to make this comprehensible, I’m going to try and organize this as a timeline based on Jace’s age.  Warning:  the Wizards timeline is pretty loose and the ages are in a lot of place little more than educated guesses.  The order and description of events should be more reliable, but if anyone catches a mistake please let me know. (Also I’m not going to touch the events of Test of Metal—it’s questionably canon to begin with, and I haven’t read it yet.)

Spoilers about Jace abound under the cut.

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On school and university dress codes: yes, dress how you want but don’t wear booty shorts and crop tops. Don’t wear undershirts and your jeans bellow your boxers. If you wouldn’t wear it where you aspire to work don’t wear It to the place that educates you to get there.

‘’The Lake Of Lucerne’’

As you can probably understand I do have a lot of content from my trip to Switzerland. In beautiful places like this it’s hard not to. 

The lake of Lucerne was an unbelievably beautiful lake. It’s waters were so clean you could see the bottom. So many people were just sitting there watching at the beautiful views of the lake and the snowy mountains behind it. The sound of the water came like a peaceful melody in my  ears and the sun was shinning and all of that together were making me want to get inside the lake and then lay on the grass under that big sun and sleep full of happiness. 

The best part about travelling is seeing places like that, different from what you are used to that make you want to see more and more. 

You learn so many thing whilst travelling the world, you see so many different places unknown to you before that very moment. Travelling for me is the best education anyone could give you. 

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I’m over the judgement and ridicules I receive simply because I enjoy learning. Maybe it’s just because I go to a public school and the importance placed on education is less than private schools but either way it has to stop. Our society needs to learn to appreciate education and learning and the studyblr community is doing an amazing job at promoting that.

One night at a party, a boy from my school said he didn’t like me because I ‘care too much about school and learning, it’s just sad’ (this was on a weekend a week before exams btw). My friends were shocked and confused when they heard that I had already begun on a few assignments which are due after the holidays. However, if I was training for a tennis tournament would people say I’m ‘too obsessed’ and have ‘no life’? No, so then how come it’s normal to say that when it comes to school and study? 

I generally enjoy learning. In my free time I will watch documentaries and research an array of topics that I’m interested in and when I need to do this for school, it’s just a bonus. I have chosen subjects that I am interested in and love which is why I am motivated to do school work. I love to learn. 

Education and learning is a privilege so many of us have, but one so many don’t embrace. 

yes, in our futures we will be able to have our children see people of the same gender being married/in love/work toward normalizing nonbinary and nonhet and noncis existence because we have made so many moves.

but not enough.

I feel like need to remind you that right now children are not being taught these things, and I already see it. I already see hate and homophobia and binary gender values being placed into them. In our education system. By parents. By people who are supposed to lead and guide and help and teach them. I am a future teacher who is experiencing everyday invalidation of other students’ potential futures and VERY potentially already present reality. they take it out on their peers. they do it to one another. and it makes me so so so so sick. 




emotional terrorism 


are still so very fucking real in social systems having to do with younger children, and 

we need to make this stop.

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What are your opinions on the OP system? It's really starting to get me down that teachers and parents literally push OP's so much!

I tried pretty hard, got an OP 2, only needed a 9 for my course… dropped out my course ahha.

Look school has it’s place, education on world history, writing and basics of science and maths are key. People skills, public speaking skills and your own work ethic I think are the most factors of education.

OP system- worked for me. Works for those who top their classes. If that’s not you, then OP is unnecessary… there are so many other pathways/options for tertiary education/after school learning/professional avenues. 

I guess the career I am chasing/industry I’m arguably in is ‘new money’ there are no courses (yet lol) or set ways of doing anything… it’s so flexible and how you create money is entirely subjective.