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why are you an antitheist? why do you need theism to end?

I don’t think theism as any place in society anymore. I think we can go without theism, it conflicts with the scientific knowledge we have now. However this does not mean I think that I think we should wage a war against theists or make laws against theism or something like that, this ‘fight’ only takes place through discussion and education. 

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honestly, okay, your opinions seem a little confused to me like i see you posting all of these opinions and i was reading them and shit but they're all so confused? Your arguments jump all over the place, you seem really educated on some things then use that education in the wrong way or like don't fully grasp that education? And like Im not hating because you have the right to your opinions but like don't you think you should get a solid argument and backup understanding b4 fighting people?

I can see where you’re coming from, I really can. I have opinions based on the information I have and the research I’ve done, but I don’t have the time or motivation to thoroughly research every subject there is to have an opinion on. I do the best with what I have and try to further my knowledge on what I can. But I know I’m not nearly an expert on most things. Either way, I try to call bullshit out when I can or comment on things that sound off to me, open to hearing criticism or opposing arguments so I can either understand and change my views or defend my existing opinions. (If you see me post a sentence with a question mark at the end when there shouldn’t be one, it’s usually because I think I know what I’m talking about, but I’m not for sure, so I’m looking for someone to explain why I’m wrong or confirm that I’m not.)

I appreciate you taking the time to actually look through all of my stuff instead of reading one post and making an assumption. I would really like it if you were to point out maybe specific ones that seem “all over the place” or confused? Maybe I can explain my thought process. Keep in mind that when one is open minded and looks at things objectively, ones opinion changes constantly. I may have posted something yesterday that I’ve heard a new view on an hour ago and decided that I actually disagree with the first post.

I’m also curious of what you mean by “use that education in the wrong way?” Do you mean that it’s clear I’ve done research but I’ve just missed the mark? That’s the only inturpretation I can make, but again I’d like to see an few examples so I can see exactly what you’re talking about.

Yes, I could wait to say anything about everything until I’ve done in-depth research into each subject, reading endless articles and journals and studies from every possible viewpoint on the matter. But who has the time for that? Not me. So instead I just make opinions on what I can and let arguments and discussion teach me the rest. They’re great teachers, truly. I look forward to hearing back from you.


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For the past 10.5 years, Mina has been an integral member of the Animal Place team. Her guardian, education director Marji Beach, had to make the heartbreaking decision to humanely euthanize Mina after blood was found building up in her belly. Mina was 16 and lived a most excellent life.

She was adopted from the Sacramento County animal shelter more than 13 years ago. The 3-yr-old dog had been kept in a garage most her life, bred repeatedly, escaped, and was picked up by animal control 15 pounds underweight and infested with tapeworms.

While volunteering, Marji found the emaciated 23-pound Pit Bull being attacked by her kennel mates. She offered to foster Mina until she adopted her 24 hours later!

The two have been inseparable ever since and shared a deep bond and love. Mina was sassy and bold, stubborn and kind. She raised foster kittens, puppies, piglets, and was groomed by cows. She dispelled many myths unfairly attached to her breed by simply being herself. She swam in the ocean, rolled in the mud, cavorted with canine friends, and kissed every single human she met.

She lived and loved and she will be missed. She is buried at the sanctuary where Marji and staff can greet her every day.

In honor of Mina and Marji, we hope you adopt or foster a companion animal (including chickens, cows, sheep, goats, pigs!) and that you will choose to live with kindness and compassion.

Please be nice to and protect coaches who are also teach different subject.

Some schools require their coaches to also be teachers of like math, science, or English in order to coach there.

They are trying their best to teach you that subject, and, who knows, that could be the best teacher you’ve ever had.

Swifties visiting Nashville, here's some stuff near Nashville you can go to/ do!

-Radnor Lake: one of Taylor’s favorite hiking places. [x]

-Taylor Swift Education Center: Has a bunch of cool Taylor tour stuff!

-Some restaurants Taylor likes in Nashville: Fido, Capital Grille, and the Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

- Bluebird Café: Where Taylor started her career.

I’d just recommend chilling downtown, it’s really awesome! I’ll add more to this later I’m having a brain fart sae-swifty13 misakiswift13

Check out more stuff Tay likes in Nashville in this article.

Ever wonder about the emotional lives of farmed animals? Join Animal Place’s Education Director Marji Beach as she guides you through this workshop. Learn about the behaviors and emotions of pigs, chickens, and cows, while also taking time to observe and interact with each species. You’ll walk with from this experience with a deeper understanding of farmed animal behavior and a greater appreciation for the wonderful sanctuary residents that call Animal Place home.

Limited spots for this workshop remaining! Register today to save your spot!