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You lucky girl! At the right place at the right time 😭

While certainly not for the faint of heart, a Witch’s love will take you places most never dreamed of. A Witch’s love will heal your deepest wounds + transmute all your weaknesses into powers. She will see right through your soul & love you deeper than you even realized you could be loved. She will show you your own depth. A Witch’s love will transform you into the most amazing version of yourself + make you bloom in ways you didn’t know you could. She will open your eyes to the truths of your soul & life. She will elevate you from the inside out. If you can handle it, that is. 💏💕⚝🌛🌝 🌜


The dream: a slit in time which suggests that all things are in fact
worth the it we hold lodged between the heart and the rib; 

the dream in which there is a discord between desire and its flame,
a fire too bright for the eyes. One of the beautiful men of

the dream places his hand under mine. Unfamiliar, the landscape
before me changing and changing, what is the name he takes?

The dream. A neat insertion of touch into the narrative,
no shabby seams, no promises made of another meeting.


         Mirror     in which
         our bodies are kept
         as they become
         animals, untame

         The cage of our
         own sight 
         Improbable and

         If I did not report
         it to the poem
         the memory 
         would expire
         its term, I would

         not remember
         any of the 
         we had made


In hiding my poems from my mother I am committing no great sin I am allowing the space between us to expand comfortably
If I were to tell her about the men and their strangeness she would be frightened into stillness and never forgive me for being a daughter who is not hers
If I were to tell the men about my mother they would also be frightened into stillness they would question who I am where do I come from
A perverse woman, body lithe and unimportant, they photograph and watch it in different lights
I take their sweat and salt I take their awful metaphors it is easy to wake up from
When they touch me with intention I shiver with pleasure
When they touch me with intention I shiver from fear for my mother


At the end of the dream
a kiss to seal it shut

We are in the corner
of a garden
trying not to be seen

while trying our best
to be seen
for the dream to gain
some validity

Well I forgot about the Darth Vader alarm clock again

Cue me being startled out of half-sleep again.

Which was, of course, the reason I got that alarm in the first place.
But see, when the dream you were having before you woke up involved Darth Vader, and then you’re half awake like “Oh, that was a weird dream” and then you hear the breathing ….

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Y’all holy shit I just went to this French taco place that basically sells dreams in a tortilla. I just ate a burrito filled with chicken nuggets and bacon and french fries that was covered with cheese sauce and I think I’m dying but hoo boy it was WORTH IT

Thanks a bunch to @thetwilightroadtonightfall to include me in on this!

NAME? Drew or Andrew, either way is cool by me.

NICKNAMES? I’ve got Snoop, Drewseph, Andraccus, and at one point Pajarito.

ZODIAC? Virgo.


ETHNICITY? Mexican and White.



FAVORITE FLOWER? Sunflowers, Geranium, and Prickly Pear flowers.

FAVORITE SCENT? Fresh clean scent with a hint of the sea.


COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE? Gonna go with tea.

CAT OR DOG? Prefer dogs, but cats hold a good place in my heart too.

DREAM TRIP? Probably to Japan.


WHAT DO I POST ABOUT? A good mix of dank memes, cartoons, videogame stuff having to do with Square Enix or Nintendo most of the time, political issues, and good ol dogs and other great animals.

DO I GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS? Hardly ever unless I ask other people to ask me anything, or if I’m having a convo with a friend.

FAVORITE BAND? I would have to go with Fat Jon.

AESTHETIC? I guess to sum it up it would have to include Kingdom Hearts everywhere, alebrije and sugar skulls, wherever the earth meets water, the colors yellow and gray, hand holding whether it be tightly locked, brotherly handshakes or the gentle touch of fingers in a palm, BEES, the sound a forest by a lake makes in the morning when its foggy, salted caramel stuff,… I’ve never actually considered this too much but that’s all that I can come up with atm.

FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D DATE? Fuck dude, I’d probably go with Kairi from Kingdom Hearts since she’s been my biggest fictional crush, Miia from Monster Musmume(I can’t believe I just said that, jfc), Shinobu from No More Heroes, and Daisy from the Mario Bros. series. All very wonderful, supportive partners that deserve.. SO much!!

HOGWARTS HOUSE? Hufflepuff, son.

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Name: Sara

Gender: Female

Star sign: Saggy

Height: Im unsure, between 165-170 cm, 167? maybe?? i dunno x)

Sexual orientation: quoiromantic demisexual (apperently?)

Favorite color: black

Favorite color to paint the walls: i dont paint walls lol x)) we have always had it white sooo yeh…white?

Favorite color of lipstick: i dont use it lol x)

Favorite animal: Sheep <3

Time right now: 21.21 (9:21pm)

Cat or dog person: hell yes  cat

Favorite fictional character: Prbly Kuroo lol <3 i love that little sceaky idioti

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite singer/band: my 1M nerdyy heart just listen to the songs they use lol x))

Dream Trip: somewhere that is not warm and there is no people. I dont care where just let me be alone in a quite place please

Dream Job: Biochemist/chemistry hahaha x))

When was this blog created: april 2015…i think??

What made you decide to make a tumblr: i was pretty much having my computer filled with blogs i checked through everyday, and i thought it would be easier to just make one lol

Why did you pick your url: bcz…i wanted to be a cool kid, also something that no one forgets. i just like it lol x))

Last song you listened to: all we know - chainsmokers

Last book you read: Dahabo’s book, whatever it is called. Its in school. I think its called “sheepfarmers daughter” but im unsure

Last thing you ate: onisions (regret af)….omgg i wrote onision instead of onions lol….my god…im leaving it like this!!

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: I want to be somewhere quite, with nature. on top of a mountain prefereable lol x))

What time would you travel to: prbly wayy back in time, so i can redo stuff i regret i guess. it would prbly change the person i am today tho. so im unsure, maybe not then lol x)

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