place called home band

Band isn’t about the music, seeing who is the best or being the best marcher. Band is about the people who can’t find a place to call their home away from home, band is for the ones who don’t fit in, for the ones who truly want to find out what having an army of people behind you when you get hurt or the gigantic family of teddy bears who will hug you and comfort you when you’re upset. Band isn’t about how well you can play, nor how good your instrument looks. Band is about telling a story of how one kid found their way into this family people usually overlook. At practice you’re usually dying to go home and when it’s time to leave all you want to do is stay because the people at home don’t understand how much these geeks mean so much to you. Band isn’t about the applause or the cheering you get after a preformance, Band is about working together and loving each other no matter what happens to one another. Band is about the people.

missing you is such a good song. all time low used to be just four lost boys but they didn’t only find their way - they paved their own god damn path and now all the kids who feel like they don’t belong have a place to call home. i will be forever grateful for this band and how it helped me feel like i have the potential to be more than a waste of space.