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Your Tumblr is as amazing as your fics - thank you so much for creating both :)

Y’all the best like seriously
this one goes out to @foxesdance because, well, you know

His is not like the tidal wave, but the high tide, ebbing in softly with the darkness. As he walks, his robes trail behind, long and rippling like ocean waves. He is destructive, but he can be a shelter if he needs. His temperament is tempestuous and those around him say he hasn’t changed a day from his wicked childhood.

His yellow eyes refract light in the darkness and his sharp teeth glint through snarls in his anger. He is tall and broad and positively wild, difficult to placate when hampered or disrespected. He barely notices when people call him by his title, call him Emperor. He’s too used to being the prince, locked away in the tower for the safety of others.


He’ll always turn to his name, usually with a snap in his jaw. But not for her. No hissing for her.

He looks up from his desk, datapads and files strewn about, littering every flat available surface. His expression, he knows, is grim, but his mind is abuzz. And from the moment he hears her voice, the gnashing of his mental frustration quiets.

“Yes?” He raises an eyebrow, flinching when she is startled by his tone.

“I was wondering if you’d like me to stay in your chambers tonight? Otherwise I’ll go off to sleep and leave you be.”

She is the product of an arranged marriage. A young woman raised like bantha to sit at his feet and look pretty for the press. But she is kind-hearted despite her conditions and her will is indomitable. Once a presence he hated, he has grown to love her darkly. As much as a monster could love.

He holds his hand out to her, beckons her closer. Poor thing; she’s still frightened of him in some instances. He has moods he cannot control, and he feels shameful when she sees the creatures he can become. Feels guilty that he scares her so.

Standing at his full height, he is a mountain above her, broad and strong. His fingers itch for her satin-smooth skin, and he tucks a curl behind her ear, a taste to whet his want. “Then, darling, I believe I will follow you to bed.”

He follows where she leads, knuckles tickling against hers, trickling like a river. She never likes him to be behind her, doesn’t trust him well enough, so he walks beside, hovering close enough to feel her body heat. 

He strips slowly when they enter his bedroom, peels clothes from his body as she crawls into his bed, nesting down in the center. He slides in when he’s down to his undergarments, chases her from the middle with the circle of his arms and the strength of a kiss pressed to her forehead. She sighs in content when she bundles closer to his heart, to her proper place against his chest. She may be wary of him, but she carries some love for him yet.

What a perfect outcome to a supposed misfortune she turned out to be.

NCT Killing a Roach for You

“ I went to the kitchen to get some water but then i found a huge live roach on the ground so i run upstairs as fast as i can 😭 my request would be what nct u + 127 would do if they heard their s/o scream because of a roach and would they deal with it. Omg i’m still scared and there’s no one to kill it 😭💔 “

I’m sorry but this is too cute

Also this got a bit crackish? Oh well. It’s the result off too much pain medication and lack of sleep lol

Taeyong: Taeyong would rush to you immediately and ask what was wrong, placating you with soft hands through your hair. Once you told him it was a roach, he’d scoff and smile fondly as he picks it up in a napkin and throws it ruthlessly out the window of your high-up apartment.

Haechan: He’s a cocky little shit so he’d think he had this in the bag only to quickly realize he really does not. You’d call down from upstairs asking, “Is it dead yet?” and he’d nervously yell back “SOON!” Fear and panic would lace his voice as he commenced to throw every non-breakable object in the living room at the offending creature. You would huddle in terror together. Don’t call Haechan to kill roaches, please.

Mark: He would be alarmed by your screaming, but would head to the source of your horror rather than checking up on you immediately. Once he discovered it was a roach, he’d grab some roach-killer from under the sink and spray the sucker down ‘till it died a painful, chemical bathy death. He’d comfort you afterwards, giving you a soft hug and telling you it was gone.

Yuta: He’d drop books on that little shit like a hot potato, hands down. I mean, you’d have to explain why you refused to touch your economics book to your professor, but it was worth it. He’d have a “so what, it was nothing” attitude but would still ruffle your hair and flick your nose, reassuring you that it wasn’t going to be back anytime soon. #roach homicide

Jaehyun: He’d comfort you and coax you to tell him what happened. When you finally tell him through your tears, he’d call the apartment manager and beg them to do something. The manager would relent and Jaehyun would make his way to the door ninja-style, avoiding the kitchen and dashing past as quick as can be. The janitor kills the bug.

Ten: He would tease you endlessly about being scared of the bug, fining it endearing how you relied on him for something like that. It was cute, much to your chagrin. He’d pick it up in a napkin, much like Taeyong, except he’d flush it down the toilet. He probably messes with you and tells you it escaped, just so you would let him sleep in your bed that night to “protect” you.

Doyoung: He would check on you calmly and frown when he found out it was just a cockroach. He’d probably smack it repeatedly with a flip flop or one of your flats till it died, to be honest. He wouldn’t find your fear cute, but would probably want to help you not be afraid of having to get rid of them anymore. He’d make sure to spray for bugs just so they won’t appear again, to put your mind at ease.

Taeil: Taeil would attempt to be like Doyoung and smack it with a shoe but he’d probably fail immensely. Similar to this:

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WinWin: Sicheng, our adorable whoop whooper, would be scared shitless. Uses the power of Chinese dance to tip toe the fuck around that thing and beg their neighbors to kill it and save you and him. I mean, at least he had the courage to leave his room to check on what made you scream. He deserves at least a little credit.

I love Erin Gilbert?? so much?? ????

Like I love this woman who as a child learned from being Ghost Girl that when you try to be true to yourself you sometimes suffer for it. She’s struggling to be taken seriously in academia because no matter what she does it’ll never be good enough (”More prestigious… than Princeton?” plus the comments about her outfit). She’s so confused by all the messages she’s getting about what other people want of her she’s completely forgotten what she wants. 

You can see it’s an ongoing thing too when Billy Murray shows up to try and debunk them, in Erin’s attempts to placate him and wow him with her scientific method, and the fact that Abby is so blunt in trying to get him to fuck off, because this has definitely happened before and it never ends well. Like she’s so affected by this one guy who you as the audience know right from the get-go isn’t there to be convinced, he’s there to assert himself. 

Anyway it’s so great when she finally allows herself to yell and scream and kick ass and all those other things that come from what she personally wants to do and say and not what she thinks everybody else wants.

I mean her entire life has been denying herself in order to be taken seriously, and she’s so used to maintaining appearances and putting herself last in order to get anywhere it’s such a triumph when she can sit around eating pizza with her ghostbusting friends wearing jeans and a baggy MIT hoodie. It’s like she’s finally found the people who are going to take her seriously for who she is and not any sort of peripheral nonsense.

idk I just love her and her story arc a lot she is very important to me

Also slightly unrelated but I got all tense during that bit at the start where Abby is like ‘we didn’t mean for you to come with us we just need to lock the door’ because as someone with anxiety that’s the sort of comment that will stay with you for weeks, months, even years and gosh that must have just felt terrible oh dear

Tell me; who will lose  the most voters to a third party this time around, the crazies favouring Trump or the disenfranchised who were Bernie supporters stuck with HRC as the “more progressive” choice? People are sheep and think emotionally, not rationally. If you shove forth a 3rd party, more people will bail on HRC than Trump. Shit, I’ve heard so many Bern-Outs pledging themselves to Trump it’s sickening. They apparently weren’t really following Bernie’s ideals in the first place. HRC has shown no love for Sanders’ supporters; in fact her attitude has been placating at best and contemptuous at worst. Independents who don’t trust her will bail and move toward Trump or Stein or Johnson if those two knuckleheads get their shit together and make their 15%. At best, a 3rd party will be the scapegoat for the defeated lead candidate and serve as nothing more. It fuels the fallacy and political ineptitude of #Muricans. You see, here’s the thing- the GOP convention revealed NADA. No plans were explained. No policy revealed. No solutions to  current problems. It was an ego show for a narcissistic megalomaniac. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of psychology KNOWS that Trump is insane, irresponsible, and dangerous on many levels. We also know that in our nation at present, there is NO strong 3rd party. NADA. Are they in Congress? Are there any in the SCOTUS? State governors? City councils? School boards? ANYTHING in significant number ANYWHERE?

Look, things need to change, and I’m ALL IN for a strong 3rd party. I vote 3rd party myself in local politics, but until one rises to the challenge, running for POTUS is political suicide and just making a lot of noise while pissing into the wind. It’s for all those bitchy people who want to make a statement with their vote instead of making a responsible choice to ensure the likes of Trump never gets elected while also having to assume the RESPONSIBILITY that HRC is put under close watch and under heavy scrutiny while she’s in office. That’s where Democrats and Independents shit the bed, reliably, every time since forever. They vote for a POTUS and then never keep tabs on him after. They don’t show up in force at the mid-terms where these legendary 3rd party members SHOULD be bolstered and sent to DC to get numbers up on the Hill.

We’ve got a shit choice to make. We have Trump, who needs his ego stroked every minute of every day or he whines and sues people because they talked trash about him. “Thought Police” anyone? He’s likely to let his VP, Mike Pence (a Theocratic maniac) turn the tables on actual freedom and favour anything white and “Christian” to rule. Say hello to an actual race war, economic crashes, the removal of Roe v. Wade, and get all the gays back in the closet.

We’ve got Hillary Clinton. God or bad, we at least KNOW her. We know she’s an insider, more of an old-school Republican than a real Democrat. She’s been under the microscope, and we KNOW her good points and bad. She’s FAR more progressive than Team Trump. Period. That is not debatable.

So let me ask you all this… Are you REALLY willing to gamble the future of this nation’s Liberty falling into Trump and an obstructionist Congress’ hands this fall because you hate Hilary or are being a whiny bitch because Bernie isn’t the nominee? Think long and hard on your answer. Take a moment to weigh some basic facts. You know damn well that the GOP will put REGRESSIVE judges into the SCOTUS and you can kiss all the progressive policies in place right now good-bye. They’ll privatize Social Security the way they do prisons. Instead of fixing or replacing the ACA (Obamacare), they’ll just pull the plug FIRST and dick around for a solution that they won’t put much energy into all while making vague and false promises to get right on that.

Hillary may not be ideal. At worst, she’ll keep the status quo. We ALL lost this time around, and the election is STILL months away. We’d all better get off our asses and better educate people on the policies and issues at hand and stop all the bitching and whining. We’ve got to focus on avoiding a Trump presidency and get rid of the current Congress, the WORST in US History, every chance we get, especially at the mid-terms. Otherwise, just shut up. Stop complaining. Stop thinking with your heat; it’s rubbish. Read multiple sources. DO some research. LEARN about things instead of all the vitriol and jingoism floating around like fresh turds in a preschool pool party. Let the GOP be the “Party of Stupid”, but don’t think you’re so smart either. We’re NOT Constitutional Scholars. We do the best we can, but only if we HONESTLY make the effort to LEARN as much as we can.

—  A.C. Stewart
Watch Keaton Henson Bare His Inner Demons In 'Alright'
The English singer's latest video is a brilliant, dark and arresting portrayal of neurosis.

First Watch: ‘Alright’ is a song of false hope and half-hearted placation,“ Henson tells NPR Music in an email. "I suppose it’s very 'English’ in that way. The video is a visual metaphor for my feelings in the spotlight. Perhaps more specifically, it is a representation of how I feel on stage.

Million dollar manufactured housing

Many, many moons ago I worked customer service for a phone company. It was a soul-sucking job to begin with, but our hands were mostly tied because of strict QA policies/monitoring/etc, so you just had to suck it up most of the time.

One day I get a call from some lady who had recently switched to us, and was furious that on her first bill, her address was listed as  123 Whatever St, Unit #6.

She proceeds to inform me that this was a $2m condo in [Diamond Bay Cove, Richfuckland], and was not a “unit”. She then goes on to say how stupid we must be, we’re lucky to have her business, she’s ready to switch back after this “horrific grievance”, etc.

I’m obsequious and placating the whole time, taking another 6mo off my life, as she ranted for 10 minutes. I assured her we appreciate her business and will get that fixed immediately.

I changed her billing address to 123 Whatever St, TRAILER (left allcaps) #6.

I never heard anything more about it, but I can only imagine she had an aneurysm seeing that next bill.  

Placating Feminist Demands Just Leads To More Demands

The key playing pieces to the board game Clue have been pretty static over the years with three male and three female characters:

  • Miss Scarlett is a temptress femme fatale.
  • Mrs. Peacock is a socialite widower.
  • Mrs. White is a maid to the mansion.
  • Professor Plum is a scatterbrained genius.
  • Mr. Green is a smooth talking shyster.
  • Colonel Mustard is a retired soldier and adventurer.

To head off a feminist outrage campaign before it happens over these females’ “sexist” roles in the game, Hasbro is swapping out the maid Mrs. White for Dr. Orchid a female scientist. Would this make feminists happy? Of course not!

why not change the gender of one of the male characters? All three—Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Reverend Green—have nongendered titles.

There’s your idea for gender equality from the “We just want to be treated the same!” movement. Turn the gender equal cast into a gender unequal cast. 

The point, however, is this: No matter what you do to placate feminist outrage it won’t satisfy them. They will always demand more, whether it’s a silly board game or a serious board room is irrelevant. 

They! Will! Never! Be! Happy!

THE EPICNESS OF BAMON: Bamon’s OBLITERATING connection and chemistry! (POST 2)

They could’ve been indifferent. Indifference would have warded them off, placated them into inexistent. But no. He greatly disliked her and she hated him. Such strong, steamy, and passionate emotions almost helplessly have a special affect at all times…
There was a spark with Bonnie and Damon in season one. It became an undeniable flame in season two. You could feel it in any scene they shared, see it in their eyes as they glared into one another, hear it in their infamous back and forth bickering. They were indisputable opposites. Her passionately righteous. Him passionately self serving. Afire separately… an inevitable inferno together.
Season two forced their union. It is arguably the best Bamon season of “The Vampire Diaries,” along side seasons 6 and 7. It illustrated and showcased a heated connection SO STIFLING, it would be pushed to the back burner in seasons to come, in order not to completely OBLITERATE the rising of an inevitable something else.
Season two pushed Bonnie and Damon to join forces on numerous occasions: episode 2x06 “Plan B,” episode 2x10 “The Sacrifice,” episode 2x18 “The Last Dance,” episode 2x21 “The Sun Also Rises,” to name a few! SO much happened between Bamon in this season! Damon continuously sought Bonnie’s forgiveness, with the suggestion of a “truce.” Bonnie tried to kill Damon. He uttered a second “thank you.” She began to call on him, when in need, instead of Stefan… And when they finally put aside their differences for the greater good, team BAD was born.
Bonnie and Damon discovered they were a pretty unstoppable together. He began to respect her, empower her. She started to trust him, even confide in him. Though the two would never admit to the change of heart, their actions spoke for them. He took an interest in increasing “the odds” to save her life. He helped save her life…  


Their connection became so palpable, that Mr. Damon Salvatore began to defend and rationalize it himself. Yes, he saved Bonnie Bennett, but so what?! It meant nothing! If it came down to her life vs. Elena’s, he would “gladly let Bonnie die.” He made SURE to vocalize it! - But again, as we would definitely learn in future seasons, “actions speak louder than words…”

Damon’s chemistry, his CONNECTION with Bonnie was something he could only deny for so long… The fact it so quickly had him declaring seemingly obvious statements, should’ve been enough to give everyone pause. Why declare your dedication to Elena, unless you suddenly feel it shaken by something… or someone.

TBC (This is a five part series, I’m calling “The epicness of bamon.” It will also be tagged as such! ;) PLEASE inbox this to people! Post on twitter and Facebook! Share this! It’s going to be very inspiring, Bamily. Bamon is SO EPIC! I believe in them now, more than ever before! I need to share this belief! Whether you ship them or not, I’m shedding light on how monumental they are, because THEY WILL BE ENDGAME! Mark my words, on this date, at this time!)

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Just look at how Sam went from self-defence on twitter because he got attacked for liking that facebook post (even saying they are hurting his feelings) to placating them to stop their bullying on MM instagram. They are loud, needy and self-entitled. They spam his timeline and go after everyone that endangers the ship. It's better to placate them to shut them up. No other fan group needs placating because nobody else is demanding things from Sam and is constantly scolding him for something.

Ding, ding, ding, Anon! It’s becoming more and more clear to me that it’s easier for Sam to placate Super Shippers so they shut up, and go back to their blogs to squee there, and LEAVE HIM AND HIS ALONE, than it would be to confront their bad behavior. I may not like it, and it is frustrating but I get where he’s coming from–by doing that it’s less drama for him, and safety for his loved ones. I do wonder how long this can go on though.

compelling / 31 DW

31, “Are you trying to compel me?”

dallas mothafuckin’ winston back @ it again ; warnings - pg13, swearing

compel — bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure.



“What does compel mean?” Dally’s eyebrows furrowed as he read the word off the paper in his hands.

“To bring about something by the use of force or pressure,” I stated simply. “Dallas, I don’t want to study anymore. Come on, this stuff’s too easy, anyway.”

His eyes scan the paper. “Definition of placating. Did I pronounce that shit right?”

“Yes,” you snort. Then, you whine. “Babe, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

His hand finds your leg and he rubs it absentmindedly. “I’d like to be able to say that one of us are smart, alright? What’s your grades at, again?”

You groan, “all A’s and a B. It’s not rocket science, Dally. Not when everything is easy.”

When he doesn’t respond, you take to rubbing his chest through his shirt. “Come on, Dally. For me?”

He groans now, “why do you make being a good little boyfriend so hard? Can’t you see I’m trying to do the good thing here!”

“Baby,” your hand crawls to the back of his neck and begins to massage it. “For me? We could do anything you want.”

Dally shakes his head firmly, trying to ignore your hold on him. “I want you to study, doll. You got the fuckin’ opportunity — use it. Soda Curtis, he regrets not using his every day, you know?”

“Fine,” you huff. Obviously, Dallas is trying the best that he can but he doesn’t understand that you really don’t need studying help.

Dally is about to smile with cocky pride, but you aren’t finished. “Guess I’ll have to try a bit harder.”

“What —”

“You can’t touch me for two weeks.”

“What the fuck? No! That’s insane,” he whisper-screams. His eyebrows shoot up in alarm, and he grabs your arm. “No!”

“Which is more important, huh? Studying stuff I don’t need help with or doing whatever you want with me?”

His nostrils flame and he reluctantly pushes away the school materials as you pull by the shirt towards you. “Are you trying to compel me?”

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Aelin went to check in on her dollies. She found Princess pacing in the study. Aelin picked her up, “What’s wrong, Princess?” 

“There is a massive creature in the area and we have no idea how to appease it so it doesn’t bother us. I worry.”

“Maybe he’s hungry? Feed him something?”

“Feed him what? We have nothing big enough?” The Princess said exasperated. 

“Hmmm, what about a horse? They are big and meaty?”

“It can’t hurt to try, we have plenty of horses around.”

Aelin grabbed one of the horses and placed it bedside. The creature from last night grabbed it quickly and didn’t come back. It seem placated, at least for now.

“See, problem solved.”

“Thank you, Lady Aelin.”