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This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????

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There's no parks or forests or anything near you?? :( Come down here (Ontario) to smoke!! We have some of the most beautiful spots imaginable! Girl I wish I could take you to Rockwood so bad right now, the whole place looks like one giant amazing smoke spot

There are some parks with grass but just grass. Anywhere they want to pla t a tree its a palm tree. Nothing foresty. There’s a hiking spot anout a 45 min away with a nice scenery but that’s doing too much. Its over 100 degrees every day here in the desert.

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I actually am kinda curious as to why you're not a fan of shipping Plague and Mona (don't worry i'm not some psycho shipper I just always thought it was cute and haven't put much thought into reasons against it) you can answer this privately or somethin

Nah i’ll answer it publicly so people can see why. Sticking it under a cut cuz boy howdy this got real long.

The reasons outside of personal reasons as to why i don’t like Pla//gue//mo//na is its literally that Mona was a girl, PoS as a whole had a rather stale and predictable plot due to the ship, and it also really takes away from plague and mona.

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“The Chinese would use human wave tactics to overrun a position, with inexperienced, poorly equipped soldiers in the first waves. Once the defenders began to run out of ammunition the following waves of well equipped veterans would join the battle. In the meantime other units would encircle the defenders and cut off their line of retreat or reinforcement. Note the supporting T-34 tanks.”


  • Me: man i'm really hitting a wall trying to design a character. i don't wanna make something i've already done before or seen alot of-
  • My Shit Ass Brain Yet Again: Tv head
  • Me: no i already have enough n i've seen them all over the pla-
  • Brain: T V H e a d
  • Me: please for the love of god you already have me making a new character let me just-
  • Brain: T E L E V I S I O N S E T F O R A F A C E

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Thank you so much. Could you do s wedding day AU?


  • they try to do the “don’t see each other before the wedding” thing. they really really try. but neither of them really knows how to fall asleep without the other anymore and they don’t understand why they have to be apart when they’d rather be together. achilles sneaks out of his dad’s place after like five minutes of trying to go to sleep, goes right to briseis’s apartment building where pat is spending the night, and climbs up the fire escape to her floor. on his way up he catches up with patroclus, who was on his way out to see achilles. briseis finds them cuddling on her guest bed in the morning and they look so cute she can’t even be mad that they broke the rule
  • the morning of the wedding they get dressed together because after that night everybody sees that it’s pointless to try to separate these losers. patroclus goes with the classic black suit and achilles wears grey. they tie each other’s bow ties and they tear up while they do, honestly these two are the biggest most sentimental saps on the PLA NE T they will be sniffling their way through this entire day. both of them have not one but two travel-sized tissue packs in their pockets and they will need all of those tissues
  • finally the ceremony’s about to begin and achilles is standing at the front of the hall with phoinix and odysseus and diomedes and he’s twitching and bouncing on the balls of his feet because he just can’t wait to marry patroclus. neither he nor patroclus had any misgivings or any nerves beyond the standard “what if i trip and fall into the cake” kind of nerves, because they’ve known since high school that they have the forever kind of relationship. all this is doing is making it official
  • the music starts playing and patroclus walks down the aisle holding chiron’s arm, with briseis and automedon behind them. even though he just saw patroclus like 15 minutes ago seeing him walk down the aisle at their wedding, their actual wedding hits achilles like a punch in the gut and he and patroclus both can’t take their eyes off each other and they’re crying and smiling and oh ym god they’re the worst i quit this earth
  • they write their own vows of course they do. i’m not emotionally stable enough to come up with an exact transcript but patroclus’s probably include the “i would know him in death” lines in some way and achilles most definitely refers to patroclus as “most beloved” god can i live!!!!
  • when they’ve said their vows and the officiant tells them they can kiss achilles puts his hands on patroclus’s cheeks so!!! gently!!! and pat puts his hands in achilles’s hair and they have the softest and sweetest kiss of all time and they’re smiling too hard to keep going!!!! help me!!!!!!
  • dancing their first dance to the same song that played when they slow danced together for the first time in junior high!!! their dance moves have not improved much since then but they don’t care
  • feeding each other the first slices of cake at the reception!!! achilles picks up a perfectly bite sized piece and puts it in patroclus’s mouth so so carefully. and then patroclus pushes his entire slice into achilles’s face and they both fall over laughing!!!!!
  • they wanted to put out those little bells at all the tables that u ring when u want the couple to kiss but literally everyone in the wedding party vetoed it because “really do you think we don’t already know you’re going to be making out the whole time anyway”

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it! 

bioware game release hype cycle

  • suspicious over cheerful tweets from devs usually containing the “;)” emoticon: "its going great. you wont believe what we are doing. holy shit ;)“ "what are you doing” “;) #secret #canttell”
  • the “wait and see!”: every answer is wait and see. may or may not contain the ;) emoticon
  • january to E3 pit of doom: nothing happens. a dev breathing is considered news.
  • the teaser phase, also known as “i cant believe i sat through EAsports for this shit”: everyone is crying. teaser contains more questions than actual answers. you saw the teaser like 5 mins ago the shit are these gifsets everywhere already
  • one character reveal: maybe two. obscure info all over the place.
  • one character reveal pt.2: BUT ARE THEY ROMANCEABLE
  • is jennifer hale in it?: the voice actor reveals. yes jhale is in it. jhale should be in every game.
  • HERE HAVE SOME GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE KIDS: you look but you cannot touch. trailers and shit everywhere. some extremely careful fan notices one cameo somewhere. staying up late to watch livestreams. getting extremely desparate. looking at your videogames like i dont wanna play those. i wanna pLA Y THA T G A M E.
  • thE RELEASE DAY: here it is. the big day. after spending decades in the cc, you finally forgot the faces of your parents and the colour of the sky. Bioware pulls a fuckin Virmire again. you’ve been playing for 12 hours now. this is fi n e .