Lmfao people are pissed JJ has a girlfriend because they pictured him as the playboy type and now that doesn’t check out. I saw a post which said it’s “forced” that he’s dating as if the story focuses on him not Viktor and Yuuri. Like he needs on-screen character development to have a girlfriend. After getting hate for his self-confidence now it’s weird that he has someone. Fellas……

acuisle  asked:

just brought up the framework of 'campground rules' in this community accountability workshop and realized what i'm talking about is FROM A TEEN WOLF FIC AND NOT EVEN A UNIVERSAL CAMPING TERM

Well, coworkers, at this point I’d like to reference the the noted treatise “Don’t Worry Baby” by @kalpurna, where she says:

Yeah, exactly, Stiles thinks. He’s decided to practice wilderness philosophy on Derek: leave your campground cleaner than you found it. Carry out more trash than you carry in.

And I’d like to deep discuss how we can apply that philosophy to our community.  Please take a minute to do the reading I’ve included in the handout.  Thanks all.

ppl: well i trust bioware to approach the subject of colonization in a nuanced and sensitive way and give us a game with lots of grey morality and difficult choices that makes us think critically about real-life social issues


Hook Up - Sam and Cherosh

Sam’s day had gone normal as ever, rather his night had. He had had a few clients, not like the big score he was hoping for but still rather nice.

The demon hung around in the bar he usually came too, the staff and other regulars recognizing him. This was where he hunted for his prey, and tonight he spotted a new target.

He didn’t recognize the man, but he looked powerful and full of life. If his pockets were deep, he was perfect. Sam straightened himself up, looking as persentable as he could in shorts and a crop top as well as heels. The demon took his spot beside the man, resting against the bar top.. “Well,.. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, sweetheart.” @godly-family