you know what i really need

an episode like Le Gamer where Mari and Adrien get closer and really start seeing each other as people (maybe she goes to his house!!!) and an akuma shows up who’s related to actually knowing people for who they are and not what they just seem like on the outside

and at the end of the episode Mari’s back in her bedroom and she changes her desktop wallpaper and starts taking down all of the magazine pictures of Adrien and it’s when she’s unhooking the giant calendar of Adrien’s schedule from the ceiling that Tikki finally asks her what she’s doing

and Mari just smiles and says, “i don’t need these when i know the real person, Tikki.”

and then she goes downstairs and outside and dumps all of these things that symbolized her idolization of Adrien into the trash, and the episode ends with a close-up of her new desktop wallpaper, which is a selfie that Adrien took with Mari at the beginning of this hypothetical episode and texted her right before she started taking down all of the model pictures.

i really need an episode like this ok

how about we relive the Rbb Era™ by listing iconic happenings ill start

• when they were fucking extra and took turns on a spinning ball and barberchair

• when they gave us their number and more than 11000 messages were sent to them and they bragged about it by tweeting a screencap the next day

• the goddamn countdown

add your own, these bears got me fucked up