#4, Please dont goooo

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“Please don’t goooooo” I whine, making Justin chuckle.

“Babe” Justin kisses my lips gently, making me sigh in content, “I have to get ready for tonights show and im already late” He says, but I shake my head.

“Today was so perfect though, I don’t want you to leave” I pout, kissing his bare chest as I snuggled closer to him under the sheets.

“I know, but I promise after the concert ill be all yours again” He promises, and I grumble, finally agreeing and letting him go, lying flat against the bed.

“Aww don’t be mad baby” He chuckles, hovering over me and moving my hair away from my face, kissing my nose, then my lips. Before he could move I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him on top of me as I deepened the kiss. Bad move Justin.

“Y/N” He groaned as I bite his lip, grinding myself up against him.

“Please. Just one more time. Please.” I beg, pressing tiny kisses against his lips, knowing he was cracking.

I run my fingers down his back, his muscles relaxing under my gentle scrapings. I kissed his neck.

“Fuck. Okay okay.” He attached his lips to mine again fully, his hand running down the side of my body.

I smiled in victory, giggling as he rolled us in the sheets, his lips pressing multiple kisses on my face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Youre lucky I love you” He whispers, and I smile.