How they react when you wear their clothes
  • Yoosung:Gets really happy and can't help but compliment you
  • Jaehee:Thinks it's kinda sweet and says you can borrow her clothes anytime
  • Zen:Goes red and gives you a tight hug, then comments on how he loves you
  • Jumin:Pats your head and tells you to make sure to keep his clothes clean, secretly thinking about how adorable you looked
  • 707:Has a violent nosebleed and holds you so tightly due to how adorable he finds you


I’m not sure who made this parody of the post but credit to them? And also credit to Cheritz for the characters.

CAST (According to Appearance)

ZEN - MeatloafVA
JAEHEE - Me, Rose Copper/DancingWalrus
JUMIN - Dave Quinn
707 - TacoATom8
YOOSUNG - PokememeVA/Max
V - Nullify101

Thanks to the people who let me use their awesome voices!

anonymous asked:

the RFA members reaction to their s/o upset/crying over a korean drama ending please

Jumin Han: Jumin doesn’t completely understand how a TV show managed to make you burst into tears, but he still sits besides you and listens to you talk about what had happened during that episode (despite the fact that he has no idea who the characters are and what the story is about).

You end up making him watch the entire series with you, answering all of his comments and questions regarding it. It would take a while for him to develop an interest in it fully but eventually he enjoys it (but he secretly enjoys the time spent with you more than the show itself, especially when you ‘fangirl’).

Jaehee Kang: Jaehee would have been watching the TV show with you, but she wouldn’t have expected you to start tearing up over it. She ends up paying more attention to you than the show because of your reaction; as she hands you a number of tissues when you start to rant after the episode ends. 

She enjoys being able to watch anything with you (whether it’s to preferences or not), since its a good change from when she used to watch everything on her own. But she especially enjoys the company when the two of you watch Zen’s musical performances together.

707: Seven (to yours and everyone else’s surprise) had already watched the whole TV show before you did, and ended up spoiling the ending of the show for you as well — which makes you even more upset than you were previously over the episode you had watched.

You end up making him watch an entire new series with you to make up for it, only to find out he appeared in one of the scenes cross-dressing (how he did and why he did it, he never told you).

Zen: Zen can’t believe that a TV show managed to make you emotional, but when he watches it himself he can’t help but admit that the show was good. The actor’s had talent and skill (but not up to where he was as an actor), and the story was well done. 

He does end up becoming a little jealous though when he sees that you favor a certain character and actor other than him in the show, as he proves to you the following night that he is better than them. 

Yoosung: Yoosung was probably watching it with you the whole time but he panics when he looks over and sees that you’re starting to cry over the TV show, as he doesn’t know whether to continue watching it or end it where it is. 

He decides to save it for another day and he takes your mind off of it with LOLOL. Later on in the episodes however, Yoosung ends up being the one who’s crying over the TV show and you’re the one who comforts him. 

Yoosung at the end of his route was 100% high as a kite on pain meds
  • <p><b>Yoosung:</b> (gets on stage with a dreamy, peaceful expression on his face) hi everyone, I 100% had a weird creepy incest complex about my dead cousin but I have a girlfriwnd now so everything is A-okay :)<p/><b>Entire room of perfect strangers:</b> :|<p/><b>V:</b> (pulling him off stage) ok yoosung I think you should st<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> (grabbing the mic so it emits sharp feedback, pressing his lips against it so hard he nearly chips a tooth) I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND SO MUCH<p/></p>

Some photos from our Mystic Messenger shoot!

Full album is on my cosplay page

MC is myself (Miss Sarah Jeanne)
Jumin Han is Yiric
707 is BokunoRikku
Zen is Pelican Park cosplay
Jaehee Kang is our friend Sydney
Yoosung is Katie (unsure of her cosplay name)
Rika is PandaBanana Cosplay
V is our friend Nicky

general theme warnings btw for mystic messenger if u plan on getting into it:

• depression
• kidnapping
• suicide
• mental and physical abuse
• eye trauma
• the game will imitate glitches occasionally
• unreality (it breaks the fourth wall a lot)
• sexism gets brought up a lot it’s kinda surreal

no u cannot change pronouns, the game always refers to the player as “she”, sorry!