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Can you do RFA+ V and Saeran reacting to MC having scars that make them super insecure or bring back bad memories. For example I have a scar running up my tailbone and into my lower back from surgery that make me super insecure and nervous towards anything intimate.

((I am in this boat with you. Yep, admin had scoliosis surgery! So I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ASK!!! I’m going in the situation that MC had Scoliosis surgery a few years back))


  • He’s so flustered when MC decides to show him the scar on her back
  • At first, he’s worried about invading her personal space
  • But after a while, he just wants to touch the scar
  • Do not touch the scar!
  • MC quickly puts her shirt back on
  • However, he yanks at her shirt, saying that he thought it looked totally badass
  • She started crying because people always told her it looked ugly
  • “MC, why are you crying?”
  • She explains that she’s afraid that he’ll reject her for the scar
  • He pulls her into a tight hug, reassuring her that he wasn’t going to reject her
  • “Yoosung, I have the ugliest scar on my back, and I hate it. I hate how I can’t wear a two piece swimsuit because people will see it and look at me funny. I’ve already been dumped once for it!”
  • “MC, I’m not going to leave you for a little scar. I think it’s pretty cool actually…and no matter what you wear, even if the scar is showing, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in the world. I promised that I’d protect you, and if anyone makes fun of your scar, I will fight them. I may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean I’m not mighty.”


  • He accidentally walked in on MC changing and saw her back
  • After he slammed the door shut, he wondered how MC got that scar
  • As she walked out of the room, he noticed that she had been crying
  • “Babe, what’s wrong”
  • She begins to cry again, saying that Zen wouldn’t want someone with an ugly scar down their back
  • He takes her over to a mirror (like a full body mirror)
  • “MC, what do you see in the mirror?”
  • “Does it matter? I have a huge ugly scar down my back”
  • “So? MC, why are you so absorbed about a little scar”
  • “Zen, you saw it…it’s a huge scar that runs from the middle of my back all the way down to my tailbone.”
  • “MC, look in the mirror. You may see just the scar, but I see a woman with endless potential, a cute face, and the girl of my dreams. I get that it’s hard when people look at you funny, I had that happen to me too. But damn girl, I’m surprised that this mirror hasn’t broken yet because we are the most beautiful couple ever.”
  • She laughed at his corny joke, and he got her a nice cup of hot chocolate and they took a bunch of selfies of themselves and Zen posted them everywhere.


  • For some reason Jaehee really wanted to go swimming, and of course MC had to come along
  • But MC wasn’t too keen on the idea
  • MC didn’t want to tell Jaehee why at first, but Jaehee insisted 
  • MC told Jaehee that she wasn’t comfortable in a bathing suit that showed her back because of a large scar that ran down her back
  • “Does it bother you that much MC?”
  • MC admitted that it did. 
  • “What if we got you a shirt to go over it?”
  • “Jaehee, its fine. You go ahead and swim.”
  • “MC, no, it’s not fine. We’re going to sit here until you can tell me what’s going on.”
  • MC burst out crying. Nobody had ever thought that maybe it was more than just her not wanting to swim
  • Jaehee listens as MC explains how she hates it when people give her funny looks, and how she’s been called names because of the scar
  • “MC, who called you those names? I’m going to give them a piece of my mind or my fist, because nobody makes fun of my best friend for something they can’t help and gets away with it”
  • MC freaks out, and Jaehee assures her that she’s half kidding (so she’s half serious too?)
  • But she encourages MC to not worry too much about it, because she’s beautiful regardless of whether she has a scar or not.


  • He finds out when he presents MC with a dress that has a low cut back
  • She refuses to wear it, and she won’t even try it on
  • Eventually, he gives up, but looks rather upset that MC won’t even give it a chance. 
  • He had got it just for you, tailor made and everything. 
  • MC realizes how hurt he is and MC explains that she has a huge scar and she doesn’t like anything that shows it
  • “I don’t like it because girls used to tease me in the locker room during PE”
  • “Who were those girls?”
  • Jumin no!
  • After she convinces him to not sue a bunch of people he asks her to try on the dress
  • “MC, you’d look beautiful in that dress, in fact, you’ll look like the princess you are. If anybody says anything about that scar, you tell me right away. Nobody tells my princess that her scar makes her any less beautiful and gets away with it”
  • She looks stunning in it.


  • He knows that MC has a scar, because he read that she had surgery on her Facebook.
  • What he didn’t know was how self-conscious she was about it
  • One day, MC came home crying because she had a bad day, and her ice cream falling onto her dress was the last straw 
  • He got a hot bath running, and then lead MC to the bath. 
  • He went back to working when he heard a shrill scream from the bathroom
  • Rushing in, he threw the door open to see MC cowering from a spider on the shirt she had just removed
  • He got rid of the spider, and turned to MC…who was crying
  • “Hey, spider is gone, you’re alright.”
  • “It’s not that. You saw my back…You saw that scar.”
  • “Oh, the scar from surgery? What about it?”
  • “Please don’t leave me!”
  • Now he’s confused. Turns out that MC was once engaged and the fiancé broke it off because he saw the scar
  • “HE DID WHAT NOW? How dare he! MC, I would never leave you over something like a scar. I think it shows how strong you are. I mean, you got back surgery, and I’m sure you were scared, but you got through it. I love you MC, no matter what. Now, let’s get you into that warm bath, and I’ll go get blankets, popcorn, and your favorite movie ready”


  • Since he’s blind, he usually holds on to MC when they go out together
  • One day, his hand decided to go from her arm, to her lower back.
  • MC freaked out, screeching like a bat
  • V immediately took his hand away and freaked out himself
  • *So they’re both on the street screaming
  • Eventually MC snaps at him saying not to touch her back
  • He’s confused as hell.
  • MC explains that they have a scar there from surgery and that it’s a rather sensitive area
  • “MC, you’ve become a light in my dark world, and I want to respect your boundaries. Can I ask why it bothers you so much?”
  • “…people have called me terrible names because of it.”
  • “I would never do that. MC, I love you, scar and all.”


  • Like Saeyoung, he found out because of her Facebook
  • He doesn’t mention it, but if anybody, and I mean anybody, gives MC a weird look when her scar is exposed….he gives them a death glare
  • Hell, he’s scared babies off with that glare
  • Saeran no
  • One time someone asked if she was emo, and if she was proud of the scar on her back, then proceeded to push her down
  • Let’s just say that Saeran put him in the hospital…for a while
  • When MC gets self-conscious about it, Saeran will do his best to shower MC with compliments
  • He’ll constantly remind MC that she is a fucking badass that went through a lot of pain, and that she is now safe in his arms. 
  • He loves rubbing her back, but will always ask if MC is okay with it.

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who eats very little

I finally watched the new Yuri On Ice episode and no spoilers but ohh my god I have the biggest crush on Yurio and his personality reminds me so much of Saerans, probably why I have a crush on him :’)



- texts you 24/7 asking if you’ve had a meal yet

- are you sure you don’t want to finish that MC

- are you sure about that

- / are you sure /

- he’s fine as long as you tell him you just are a person who doesn’t eat lots of food, you get sick from overeating easily.

- Just doesn’t want his babe under-eating for the wrong reasons!


- He’ll call his nutritionist to make sure your meal plans are healthy and safe because he’s concerned at the amount you eat

- once they tell him you’re fine with the portions you have right now he’ll be okay with it

- Elizabeth the 3rd gets sick when he overfeeds her too so he understands if you leave some things on your plate.


- he doesn’t eat a lot of food either!

- so he feels you on that one.

- won’t even really comment on it because he’s so used to leaving things behind on his plate or eating slow, it’s not new to him!

- but he does make a lot of meals for you so you have to remind him you don’t eat that much when he makes enough food to feed a country.


- he’s fine with it! As long as you eat slow/less for good reasons.

- eats like a race horse though so he’ll finish whatever you have left on your plate for you as long as that’s okay ~

- he’s not used to someone who eats so little so he has to get used to it but doesn’t bother you about it as long as you don’t complain about how many chip bags he devours lmao


- he LOVES food so he’s always trying new things and cooking up weird stuff he finds online so you gotta explain to him you don’t eat a lot of food so he doesn’t think his meals are gross and that’s why you leave things on your plate

- spare his feelings don’t let him think his foods gross

- he doesn’t really care after that he just hopes you like his food regardless of how much you eat tbh


- he’ll ask you about it when he notices right away that you tend to eat slow and leave things on your plate

- after you explain you just don’t eat much he doesn’t really think too much about it

- he stuffs everything in his mouth and eats so fast

- so he’ll actually try to copy your eating habits and eat a little slower so he doesn’t eat as much or too fast at a time.

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Hellooo! Sassy MC anon here! Your writing was spot on, I laughed so much reading it and I can already say that I love your writing style :-)) For the headcanons how about RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC proposing to them in a super romantic/cheesy way, like MC literally drops on one knee

.Thanks a lot! It was really fun doing it too~ and I always liked the idea of a girl proposing, so this’ll be fun. P.S. some of these aren’t really cheesy.


  • Yoosung had just got home from classes, and heard music coming from in the house
  • He opened the door, not knowing what was going on, until he saw rose petals leading upstairs, onto the balcony
  • This has to do with MC. he thought as he walked up the stairs
  • He peeked around the corner, and saw MC sitting at a large table filled with food
  • He gasped as MC turned around, blushing at how amazing she looked. “Hey Yoosung! Hungry?” She asked.
  • “Y-Yeah.” He said, walking over to sit in the seat across from her
  • “Hey Yoosung…” she started after they finished eating
  • “Y-Yes?” God was he nervous the whole fricken time
  • “I want to.. I want you in my life… forever.” She said, blushing
  • Poor baby was sweating so much (both babies)
  • “So… um… Marry me! Please!” MC dropped on one knee, presenting a white god wedding band
  • “Wh-what?! I thought… I… Do that…” He stuttered
  • He was so surprised, he didn’t know what to do
  • “Is that a… no?” She asked. “N-NO! I mean um…. no.” He trailed off
  • “Great!” She said, smiling as she shoved the ring on his finger. She stood up to kiss him


  •  MC had been watching one of Zen’s performances, and she really enjoyed it
  • She brought some roses, and something a little extra for after the show
  • When it was over, MC went backstage and congratulated him for his amazing skills
  • “Oh, it was nothing haha!” He laughed. “Maybe, but you know…  um… here!” She handed him the roses and a small box, blushing
  • “Oh! Thanks babe! And what’s thi-” He opened the box and looked MC
  •  “This is… a wedding ring.” He said quietly. “Zen… did you know that everything great about you added up is no where near how much I love you?” She asked
  • “What?” He asked, blushing. “I love you. And… well… marry me!” She shouted
  • Everyone was staring and all Zen could think was yes. Yes I will marry you.
  • “He nodded, as he put the ring on. She stood on her tippy toes to reach his face to kiss him
  • The next day, It was all on the news, like, ALL OVER the news


  • To lazy to actually write lololol So they went to this fancy restaurant, and MC popped the question while they were eating
  • Jumin almost choked on his food, and dropped his fork. 
  • She held out the box, showing him the expensive ass ring she totally didn’t steal funds for
  • “No.” He said. “What… I mean… Okay. I understand.” She said, sadly
  • The next day, Jumin called her to his office.
  • “Oh. Hi, Jumin.” she greeted him as she walked in.
  • “Hello.” He said. “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings last night. I just thought it was improper for you to have  proposed.”
  • “Oh… It’s okay. I’m not hurt.” She lied. He pulled out a small box from out of his drawer and walked over to her.
  • He kneeled down on one knee, and held it out. “Is this what you wanted?” He smirked
  • “ Ugh! You’re so mean!” She laughed. “You already know the answer.” The ring had a huge diamond on it AND it was gold plated 
  • he slid it on her finger and Jumin gave her a peck on the lips


  • MC was making Jaehee breakfast in bed one sunny morning
  • The menu was coffee, bagels, sausage, fruit, and love
  • She set up a tray with the food and an engagement ring box on it
  • “Jaehee~” he gently woke Jaehee up and gave her the tray. “Thank you MC. This was really considerate!” She smiled, sitting up in bed.
  • “Although, what’s this box?” She said as she opened it.
  • “MC!!” She cupped her hands over her mouth. “Jaehee… I love you so much. Marry me!” She blushed (Both of them)
  • “Oh MC… Of course!” She was so emotional, she was ready to cry
  • MC kissed her and they ate breakfast together 


  • Seven and MC were joking around as usual, before he resumed hacking
  • MC went in her room and brought out a small box.
  • “What is that a wedding ring? lol.” He joked. MC blushed hard
  • “N-no! I mean… um… maybe?” She stuttered. He spit out his doctor pepper
  • “WHAT” he coughed, turning away from his laptop
  • She held out the box to him “Can I be your 606?!” She said swiftly
  • “Pffft..!” He burst into laughter
  • “Wh-what!?” “You’re so cute! Of course you can be my 606.” He smiled and put the ring on
  • “Yes!”MC pumped her fist in the air as Seven kissed her cheek, taking a break from hacking


  • MC had been waiting for V to get back from his trip, since she had a surprise for him 
  • V got home a week later, and was surprised when he heard MC scream “WELCOME BACK!!!” as soon as he stepped in the door
  • “What’s going on?” he asked, looking at MC’s blurry face
  • “I have something for you!” she said excitedly as she grabbed his hand
  • “O-okay.” He stuttered as he was dragged by MC down the hall way
  • They entered their bedroom, and MC sat V down on the bed
  • “Um.. I…” “Shh!” MC covered his mouth and brought a tiny box out from under the desk
  • “V… I love you.” They were both blushing a crimson red. “What?” “I wanted you to see me when I proposed to you. Will you marry me?“ 
  • “Well… I… Yes.” He stuttered until finally agreeing. “I promise to never leave you.” 
  • V’s eyes flooded with tears as MC slid the golden ring on his finger and kissed him on the lips


  • MC knew Saeran would never propose to her, so she took matters into her own hands
  • One day, when Saeran and MC were alone in Seven’s house together, she had hidden wedding ring in the brownie she made for him
  • As soon as he bit down he said “You did a horrible job. It tastes like fucking metal.”
  • “Gee thanks. Why don’t you take that “metal” out.” she growled
  • When he did, he gasped and dropped it on the floor
  • “What the hell!” he laughed his ass off. “What?” she asked, blushing
  • “This is the best you can come up with?! If I din’t love you, I would’ve rejected you right now!” He laughed.
  • “So… yes?” She picked it up and offered it to him.
  • “What?! I..” “Cool!” She shoved it on his finger and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Whew! Finally finished.

Forgiven: 707/MC

based on a prompt someone on AO3 gave me where Seven and MC get into their first big fight

Summary: Saeyoung says something incredibly stupid in a fit of rage, now he has to redeem himself.

Words: 2740

Rating: T (some swearing)

This was bad. He was allowed to hate himself, for many years he did just that, the reality of it never really bothered him but this … no this was too much to take in. It started with a snide comment, one of his own regrettably, that was spoken out of jealousy and worry. She had returned late, as she had done more frequently as of late, and Saeyoung was beside himself with desperation. Even though she’d told him that day’s meeting would be at one of the benefactors private cottages out in the countryside, meaning no chance to peep on security feeds, Saeyoung had tried anyways. All day he spent trying to worm his way into personal home security feeds, or the cameras installed in the chauffeur vehicles she’d be riding in to no avail. In fact he’d ignored his own work completely in an attempt to track her down; he was unaccustomed to not seeing her for long periods of time. Not to mention that her cellphone was seemingly out of battery or she were in a no-service zone for she’d neglected to respond to any of his text messages. In truth he was beside himself and as each minute passed his aggravation and irrational frustration swelled.  Saeran, who was almost entirely normalized to his brother’s oddly possessive behaviour was even slightly taken aback. When he came in to tell him he’d be going out with Yoosung and Zen in a while Saeyoung barely paid him any heed.

“Oi, did you hear what I just said-” Saeran grumbled, eyeing his brother as his fingers worked speedily at his keyboard.

“Be quiet for a moment would ya?” Saeyoung grunted in response, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, screen glare reflected in his lenses.

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