Okay just to make it clear here are the movies that I like ironically and unironically

Emoji movie, sharknado, bee movie

Shrek 2, shrek, shrek 3, shrek 4, the puss in boots, a shrek halloween, shrek christmas

RFA insecure of weight gain

Hope you like it! Starting an AU tomorrow!


  • You thought it was a little weird when Yoosung decided to work out with Zen.
  • You had just thought he was trying to impress you with his masculinity.
  • But one day you found Yoosung in the bathroom squeezing his belly flub.
  • Your heart broke when you saw the look of disgust in his eyes.
  • Rather than approach him about it you drop compliments here and there.
  • When you hug him you say “I love how you feel,” and “You’re even more handsome than I remember.”
  • One day when he was on the phone with Zen, he asked him, “What if MC thinks I’m not attractive anymore.”
  • You overheard this then hugged him from behind and told him, “If that ever happens then MC will just need glasses/stronger glasses.”
  • After a chat, Yoosung was less concerned but still wanted to look good for you so he still went on jogs with Zen.


  • You noticed that Zen was bragging less about himself and woking out more.
  • You didn’t mind too much until he started eating less.
  • You asked him about it but he didn’t really give an answer.
  • It wasn’t until Seven messaged you a celebrity news link that you found out.
  • “Famous actor Zen gains 15 kg!” Right underneath it was a before and after.
  • When you showed Zen the article, he confessed.
  • “It’s not the article that bothers me… Some of my fans were disappointed with me. A few even said they were disgusted. I… I didn’t want you to think that too.”
  • “Zen, love you, not your face. You face was just a nice bonus.”
  • It took some convincing but he finally felt confident again.
  • Zen still wanted to look good for you so you both worked out together.


  • Jaehee’s cakes and pastries seemed different the past couple of days. 
  • They’re less sweet. 
  • You thought she was trying new recipe.
  • If something were wrong then she tells you. So it’s okay, right?
  • One night you got her soda and fried chicken, perfect combo.
  • But, she didn’t want any and went to bed.
  • Was she mad at you? 
  • You crawled into bed after her and hugged her. She pulled away.
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “Hm?”
  • “Did I… do something wrong?” The thought of hurting an amazing girlfriend made your eyes water.
  • “No.” Jaehee turned to find you near tears.
  • She realized her actions were being taken the wrong way.
  • She explained that the other day she saw her reflection in the pastry cover and saw she had gained weight.
  • She started to watch it better the past week to make sure she didn’t gain more. After all, you did fall in love with a more “attractive” her.
  • You hugged her tight and told her that there is no one who can match her inside or out.
  • She went back to her normal habits but you two worked out afterwards to maintain your health better.

Jumin (slightly nsfw)

  • Your dominate significant other was no longer well… dominating.
  • You understood he gets tired from work but it had been three weeks since the last fun session.
  • It was frustrating. He was probably frustrated.
  • So tonight you threw on Jumin’s most favorite lingerie and waited for him in bed.
  • When he got back and told you he wasn’t in the mood, your heart broke.
  • You asked him if he didn’t find you attractive anymore.
  • And with that outfit and that face of defeat, he fessed up.
  • “I… I don’t feel sexy. I gained weight and I’m trying to lose it. That’s why I’m tired. You look more beautiful each day and I just don’t want you to leave me if I-”
  • You shut him up with a kiss.
  • “I still think you’re sexy. I love you for you. You could gain 40 kgs and I’d still want to be ravished by you.”
  • Jumin wasn’t so insecure anymore.
  • And you were in for a long steamy night.


  • Saeyoung tended to have terrible eating habits and that never changed.
  • He still ate HBC and PhD Pepper for meals.
  • When you replenished his stock, he told you he didn’t want them and to give it to Yoosung.
  • You were worried he was sick. He insisted he was fine.
  • Saeyoung was in front of the mirror when you found out what was wrong.
  • He kept sucking in his tummy and frowning.
  • When you walked in, he pulled his shirt down.
  • “Saeyoung? Are you… upset?”
  • “No…”
  • “Saeyoung?” You gently grabbed his hands. “You can tell me.”
  • Apparently since you two settled down, he no longer went on field missions and has gained a few kilograms.
  • He was a little nervous when you started to laugh a little.
  • “We can be cutest and blobbiest couple, Saeyoung.”
  • He thought you would find him less cute but in fact, you didn’t care at all.
  • You hugged him just the same, kissed him just the same, and loved him just the same.
  • He did started eating better afterward and went on outdoor excursions with you. And by excursions, I mean he went outside.

nimsona  asked:

I accidetnly sent a post about my love for Zen to my IRL crush. (I was drunk). Ended up me explaining that Zen is in fact fictional (but i love him) and bascially confessing to my IRL crush. So now I bascially got a date when the crush is back in the town in august. Idk why im telling you this but its a funny story. 😂

HAHAHAHA GOOD JOB!!! I can’t believe you still remembered to talk about Zen even in your drunken state. I applaud you 👏🏼

dpd link and praise kink link go hand in hand btw if sidon tells him hes good he might fucking nut right then and there
and also this is a given but hes a sub bottom and also he doesnt ever really care much about his own pleasure its always making sure hes making sidon feel good sometimes sidon purposefully focuses on him and he. cant handle it really