pl: jamie benn

Jamie Benn Imagine

“Hey, Ky!” Jamie reaches in to your daughters crib, lifting her up and smiling at her. “How’s my beautiful baby girl, huh?” Kylie smiles, and does a cute little giggle.

Kylie is ten months old now, and is just a total bundle of joy. She’s always smiling, and loves to play. You and Jamie are so thankful to have a great daughter like her. Jamie always looks forward to coming home and playing with his baby girl. He absolutely adored her.

You walk into the living room, placing a hand on Jamie’s back, and smile at him. “You, my dear, are a great dad.”

“Only because I have a great wife to show me how it’s done.” Jamie turns to you, leans down and kisses you. 

You move over to the couch, and settle down on the slick leather. Jamie sits on the floor, stands Kylie up, and holds her hands. He’s been working to help her walk for the past few weeks now. 

“So, I’m thinking that we should get the little one a jersey.” Jamie looks up at you, still holding Kylie’s hands. 

Oh yeah? What player?“ You say jokingly, sticking your tongue out at him.

"Oh, haha, very funny. ” Jamie laughs. He reaches up, slicks his hair back, then looks down at Kylie.


Your head snaps up, and your mouth opens in surprise. Kylie is standing on her own, both of Jamie’s hands up in the air. Kylie wobbles a bit, but manages to stay on her feet. 

"No way.” You put your hand to your mouth, completely shocked.

“Hey, Ky. Go to mama.” Jamie turns her slightly, and gently pushes her towards you. “Come on, you got it.”

You hop off the couch, kneel on the ground and open your arms. “Come on, Ky!" 

Kylie starts to head towards you, but stumbles and falls on her butt. Jamie, like the protective daddy he is, reaches out to help her, but she stands again before he can help her. Slowly but surely, Kylie makes her way over to you, racing into your arms.

"Yay! That’s my girl!” You say, lifting her up. 

Jamie walks over to you, and kneels next to you. “Independent little kid, aren’t you? Jamie asks, stroking Kylie’s soft brown hair. 

You smile at Jamies. "We’re going to have a fast one in her, eh?" 

Jamie laughs. "She’ll be a handful.”

“We can manage.”

“She has a great mom, of course we will.” Jamie leans over and kisses your forehead.

“And with a protective and loving father such as yourself, any boy will be lucky if they can get to her.” You reach up, pull his face to yours, and kiss him.

“They’ll be lucky if i let them even talk to her.” Jamie says, lifting Kylie from your arms. “Isn’t that right, Ky?”

You smile, thinking of how happy you are that Jamie is kylie’s dad. It’s perfect. 

Jamie Benn Imagine

You were so excited for tonight. Your friend Tanya was taking you to your first NHL game, the Dallas Stars against the Minnesota Wild, Your friend was a huge fan of the Stars, and she was bringing you along this time.

The two of you arrive at the arena extra early, in hopes of watching the warm ups. You have fantastic seats, just a few roads from the ice. 

“These are nice seats.” You lean over so Tanya can hear you. 

She nods, then goes back to playing on her phone. 

Seconds later, the Stars race on to the ice, a flash of green, racing laps around your end. The team finishes the laps, then start to take shots. 

One player, with the last name of Benn, comes down and stands near the glass closest to you. He turns to retrieve a puck, then makes eye contact with you. 

You can’t help but think he’s cute. He smiles at you, and waves. You wave back, smiling to yourself.

“Oooh, Jamie’s looking at you!” Tanya squeals in excitement. 

Jamie Benn. The name has a good ring to it.

You can tell Jamie is trying to impress you now. He’s taking really sharp shots from the point, spinning in circles, and looking at you any chance he gets. You can’t help but smile at him.

The game finally gets underway. Minnesota scores first, Pominville with a slap shot from the point. However, the Stars come back quickly. Jamie scores, on a sweet pass from Seguin. He looks right up at you, a huge smile on both of your faces. The first period ends, tied at one.

The Stars come out strong in the second period. Seguin scored on a penalty shot, putting the Stars ahead. They end up coming down to your end again, just for a face off. Jamie glances up at you again, waving before winning the face off. 

The second ends, 2-1.

The third is the best period for Dallas. Jamie scores again. He’s left alone in the Wild end, scoring on an easy breakaway shot. He looks up at you, grinning. You give him a quick thumbs up as he goes to celebrate. Less than a minute later, he rips a shot from the point again.

The game finishes with the Stars winning, a beautiful score of 4-1.

You smile at Jamie again as he celebrates with his team. You start to head out, when you hear someone yell at you.

“Look.” Tanya is pointing to the ice, where Jamie is waiting for you. 

You climb over the seats, heading down to where Jamie is waiting.

“Hey.” You smile as you reach him. “Great game.” You introduce yourself, as does he.

“I know this sounds stupid or something, but I think you’re a very beautiful girl. And I was wondering…can I have your number?” He asks shyly, not completely looking at you.

You smile. “Yeah, sure.” You pull a pad of paper from your bag and write down your number quickly. “Call me sometime?” You smile , kiss him on the cheek, and head back towards Tanya, leaving him in a daze.

“What was that about?” Tanya asks, as you bound back happily to her,

“Best night of my life.” You say, following her up the stairs. You look back over to where Jamie was, surprised to find he’s still standing there. You smile again, give him a quick salute, and follow Tanya up the stairs and out. 

Jamie Benn Imagine

You and Jamie have been friends for years. The two of you meet as kids, and hit it off. You had the same interest, especially with hockey. As kids, you were at every game, cheering him on. Now, with him in Dallas, you still did. You watched him at every home game, supporting him.

Jamie had been really busy since the season began, so you two hadn’t been able to spend time together. But, now it was the winter break. Jamie wasn’t going home, and you were excited to spend time with him again.

And today was finally the day. Jamie was coming to pick you up, and he had plans for the day. You had no clue what they were, but, nevertheless, you were happy.

“Hey, squirt!” Jamie yells as you open the door to your apartment. He grabs you, and pulls you into a hug.

Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you say “Hey, Benner!”

He pulls away from you, shoves you out the door, and shut your door behind you. In one swift move, he’s carrying you on his back out to his car.

“So, what are we doing today?” You ask as you settle into the passenger seat. 

“it’s a surprise.” Jamie grins as he pulls away from the apartment and heads on the road.

You roll your eyes and laugh. 

“It’s great seeing you again.” Jamie looks over at you. “I’ve really missed hanging out with you. It sucks being busy with hockey and everything…”

“Hey, it’s great to see you too! I’ve missed my favorite guy.” You look at him, smiling broadly.

He grins. “Annnd, we’re here!”

You look up from your phone and look out the window. Jamie pulls into a parking spot.

“What are we doing here?” You ask, looking up at the American Airlines Center. You haven’t been here in months.

“Private skate. Wanted a day where it’s just the two of us.” Jamie helps you out of the car.

You smile, walking behind him into the arena, and heading to the locker room. Jamie puts on his skates, then helps you lace up yours. The two of you head onto the ice. The two of you skate laps, racing each other. 

Suddenly, Jamie stops, and pulls you aside.

“Alright. I just really need to tell you this.” Jamie sighs, then looks in your eyes. “I’ve loved you for a long time. Ever since we met, I’ve been in love with everything about you. You’re absolutely amazing, and I can’t stop thinking about you. I love you so much. I guess…I guess I;m just trying to ask…will you go out with me?"