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Naruto calls Hokage Kakashi crying. Kakashi reassures him that Konoha has set aside an allotted sum of money annually to cover the damages the three of them cause when they fight. Better to just clean up the mess than anyone actually try and stop them.

this is the same reason it bugs me when people try to call bad on other seasons of rider for being “too mature” (most notably gaim and ex-aid hhh) in their writing when rider has a history of having a more mature vibe

neo-heisei seasons and even stuff like den-o do have more lighthearted vibes to them but early heisei and showa era stuff could also technically be called out for being “unsuitable” for their target demographic which again extends to 16/17yr olds

and shows with “darker” moments like ex-aid, gaim, and even wizard aren’t necessarily as “inappropriate” for their target audience as people make them out to be like i understand that kids 10 and younger might watch rider but rider isn’t produced for super young kids 

again rider’s themes tend to lend themselves to a slightly older audience; it isn’t intended for the same audiences as like ?? precure/sentai hhh

Sakura's supposed 'Backwards Developement'

A lot of people, especially the anti fandom think that the whole canonisation of Sasusaku caused Sakura’s complete character developement to go ‘backwards’, converting her back into a twelve year old fan girl, who constantly blushes over Sasuke. Let’s look into some of the panels that caused the anti fandom to think this way. (Note: I will not be looking at the panels after 700, that’s for another post.)

1. Any panels that show Sakura doing some kind of house work. (Chapters 700, Naruto Gaiden chapter 1, 8 and 10) 'She’s become a God damn house wife! All those skills down the drain!' 

Alot of people use these panels to show that Sakura has completely abandoned her training from Tsunade, and being a medic nin. Some even go as far as to say that she’s Sasuke’s 'household slave’, doing all the domestic work like an obediant 'little bitch.’

But ask yourself this. Why would she even need to be a full time medic or shinobi anymore? At a time of absolute peace, with no wars or major battles? No major battles mean that there are probably very little injuries as well. Definately not on the scale of the Fourth Shinobi War. In fact the whole atmosphere of the Hidden Leaf was portrayed to be peaceful and serene, and several characters were shown being idle, and living the good life, like Kiba and Tenten. Ten bae even had less sales in her weapons shop because no one wanted to buy, because there were no reasons to.

Plus Saku bae’s not the only female character to lay down on shinobi work after getting married/having a child.

Lets not forget Mikoto. She was a Jonin, but she settled down as a house wife to take care of her sons. Not to mention, that it was also hinted that she was skilled in shuriken jutsu.

Same could be said of Kurenai-sensei. She completely stopped all work as a ninja as soon as Mirai was concieved, amd hasn’t started again since. And she was arguably the best female genjustu user(aside from Kaguya of course)

But this doesn’t mean their talents just suddenly disappear they still have their skills as demostrated by Sakura in Naruto Gaiden chapter 6 and Boruto the Movie

So if these ladies can do it, why can’t Sakura? Sakura is just another citizen of konoha after all. This whole 'She’s a House Wife!!!11!!!’ Thing is kinda ridiculous. Considering she’s not the only one that has being a medic/ninja as a part time thing. Ino has it as a part time job as well

2. This panel (Naruto Gaiden chapter 8) 'She’s become so shallow and clueless just like her 12 year old self, she hasn’t even been kissed before! Can’t she take a hint anymore? She’s in a loveless marriage! She’s just obsessed with Sasuke' 

First and foremost. Learn to read body language. (Note panels are not in order)

She has been kissed. Look at her in the first panel, her index finger is gingerly touching her lip, her gaze is fixated towards the cieling, and she’s smiling to herself, as if thinking about something nice. Its obvious by the position of her finger that she has been kissed by Sasuke before, and now, she’s recalling it.

Here’s were the misconception happen. The second panel. People think that because of her sad expression, that she hasn’t kissed Sasuke before. No, in this panel, she looks down and her hand is at her chin. This is a contemplating look. And if we take what we’ve learn we know that she’s sad about the fact that she hasn’t had any itimacy for a long time.

So if we put this in order. She gets sadden by the fact that she hasn’t had any intimacy, she thinks about the kiss than in the next panel(in respon where she is toucjing her forehead, she’s thinking about the forehead tap, which to her is better than a kiss.(for reasons I’ll explain later)

So that’s a bust isn’t it. And, for the lack of itimacy, Sasuke’s been away on an important mission, and its made sure that the readers kniw that in Naruto Gaiden Chapter 5 during the Hokage meeting.

3. Last but not least(probably the most ridiculous tbh). In Naruto Gaiden chapter 10 or any panel of her blushing because of Sasuke 'Ugh she’s just a shallow 12 year old fangirl. Way to go Kishi, you made her go full circle…’

So … you’re apparently a fan girl if you blush at your significant other, expecting a kiss or some thing, or just blush because you think of bae ….. Whale den so….

Kushina’s a fan girl, she though of her relationship with Minato, her husband blushed and got really flustered too!!! Fangirl alert!!!

Omf- Minato too!! Like mah gawd, Fan BOY alert!!

I hope you could understand that the Minakushi part had sarcasm in it X3

See there is nothing wrong with blushing over your significant other. If one of the most loved pairing in the Naruto verse can do it why not other pairs? How come when they do it they’re being cute, and when Sakura does it she’s a fan girl? Plus the panel that I used for Kushina blushing, is eerily similar to when Sakura was blushing when talking about Sasuke in NG chapter 8. 

And the scene Sasuke turned down Sakura’s kiss offer, was supposed to be a comic relief scene. And it makes scene for a Japanese man like Kishi to put such a scene, since in Japan, men and women rarely show public displays of affection. Specially the more traditional people. As is the norm in most Asian countries.

In all honesty, most of the reasons why people state that she had 'backwards developement’ after chapter 699 is total Bullshit.