pl klaus

resists urge to add cheesy dialog to the middle of the pic

Finally finished! \o/ I might edit some things before I print it but this is it for the most part \o/

it’s literally unfair how cute klaus is in the ova

like just look at this lion-looking bara asshole

its especially bad when he’s being a worrywart

i just wanna thank the ova for throwin’ my little klaus/leo-lovin heart a bone here

and finally look at this

look at that little lean


so i hc klaus baudelaire as ace. and some person on here starts calling me ‘nasty’ and telling me i am ‘hypersexualizing a child.’ i stated repeatedly that the hc was for older!Klaus, or Klaus at the end of the series (when he’s fourteen).

at the beginning of the series klaus is twelve, at the end he’s fourteen. but i don’t see how this is hypersexualizing a child. i’m just literally stating, i think klaus would be ace at the end of the series onward (or even before? idk)

this person kept saying that i was ‘wrong’ and that ‘children can’t be ace.’ i’m fifteen, and i’m ace. so this person was basically telling me that not only was my hc ‘nasty,’ my sexuality was also invalid.

can someone help me try to understand? was my hc really not okay,, bc i honestly didn’t see anything wrong w it. i just need someone to explain to me w reasonable explanations why or why not it was okay pls bc i feel like a terrible human being

Just to be clear

When Klaus says he intends to be Caroline’s last love, he doesn’t mean that he will wait until she’s lived and grown and discovered herself and who she wants to be before they find each other again and fall in love and rule NOLA as king and queen or whatever asinine ideas people seem to have about that line.

What he means is that he will sabotage all her efforts to be free of him and mentally, emotionally, and physically abuse her until she is a broken, hollowed shell of the girl she once was and so dependent upon him that she is incapable of loving anyone else, least of all herself.

He will then do whatever the fuck he wants, whenever the fuck he wants, as he always has, with absolutely no regard for anyone’s needs but his own.

Now please get your trash shipping selves out of the steroline tag. Thanks.