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Official ranking of Luke sprites

Curious Village: a nice, courteous boy. his small smile says “content”, yet his eyes scream “dead inside”. his arms look strangely thicker under his elbow, and the hands are just off. his eyebrows frankly scare me, but he’s still a lovable son. 7/10

Diabolical Box: a sassy child. admire his >:^) face. words cant do it justice. he looks ready for any puzzle the professor has to throw at him! his hair even became spikier. hes full of personality, if somewhat rude. 10/10

Unwound Future: his arms are weird yet again. he looks confused. please help this child. his eyebrows are flying away. a decent luke, but not as good as diabolical box. 7/10

Last Specter: here we can see luke lose all hope and happiness. he looks so sad and miserable. hes so small. just let him be happy. his clothes are extremely cute and very different from the rest of his outfits, his hands are normal again and hes a very nice luke but i cant concentrate over how upset i am. 8/10 

Miracle Mask: new boy, new outfit. he still looks lost in life and not all that happy, but there’s a slight improvement. his little coat is a very nice addition, and hes now using the shorts we see during the rest of the games. 8/10

Azran Legacy: still much smaller than in the original trilogy, despite curious village happening weeks after azran legacy. he seems more determined than curious village luke, but not as energetic as diabolical box luke. he has finally regained his happiness, if only for part of the game. 8/10

the worst luke. get this away from me. 0/10

so I finished playing Unwound Future yesterday and I can’t believe this is the Canon Ending™

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Professor Layton characters as Spongebob quotes

Don Paolo: Aw, cheer up! It could be worse! Yeah, you could be bald and have a big nose.

Claire: You know, if I were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well, that would just be okay.

Layton: The inner machinations  of my mind are an enigma.

Luke: Gee, Patrick, I didn’t know you could speak bird. No, that’s Italian Spongebob.

Emmy: Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy!

Randall: You used me…FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT!

Clive:  Fuuuu-tuuurre!

 Descole: 1% evil, 99% hot gas

Henry: What do you usually do when I’m gone? Wait for you to come back.