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dan in his liveshow: mentions that 2017 is going to be more focused on doing “life things”

phil in his liveshow: has his calendar mysteriously opened at May

the phandom:

            just a few little hcs about Scar & Pepper bc since Scarlett was born, Pepper has been a pretty important person on her life ( probably the most import one after Nat & Clint) and here are some motives for why scar loves her so much )

  • to start, Pepper is her godmother
  • when scar was a just baby, Pepper used to take care of her when Nat & Clint were away on missions ( i imagine that they would like to leave her with a person they trust over to leave her at shield on such a young age ) & she passed a lot of time with her when she was growing up so she have a lot of childhood memories with Pepper ( almost more than she have with her own parents lol )
  • Scarlett has dyslexia, and Pepper helped her a lot with that thru the years. She always supported and encouraged her, and was always patiente to help her when she had difficulty with reading something or doing her homework. For that, Scar is very thankful
  • Scar sees Pepper as a person who she can trully trust. she is one of the only people (actually probably the one) for whom Scarlett always tells everything, no matter what. She tells pepper things that she don’t tell Nat or Clint for example.  Sometimes she will go first to pepper to tell something that happened to her or what she is going through.she also know that she can asks her for advice when she need
  • Scarlett likes to travel with Pepper. She already took Scar to a lot of different places and she loves it..
  • Pepper knows how to calm her down when she’s having panic attacks or having a pretty bad day.
  • They train together & Scar admires her as Rescue
  • To finish, Scar sees Pepper as a second mother

@missppxtts && @pepperpxtts bc u 2 asked for some headcanons & i was planning to post this anyways !

NCT MTL to date a 01 liner


Anon: Nct mtl dating ‘01 liner pls?

Anon: Hey can i have a mtl who would date foreigner who is ‘01 liner (not literally right now but in general lol) thank you so much, have a wonderful day or night (?)

If you want more explanation as to why certain members are where they are, just send it in and I’ll tell you.

I’ve got an really in depth MTL for 99 liners so you can refer to that as a general guide. It could be helpful. You can find it here.

I’ve also done a post about the (assumed) age preferences for each member in NCT. There’s no explanation but it could be helpful. You can find that here.

This doesn’t have any explanation because the other MTLs basically give it to you :-)

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                                ❛  OO,  SOMEONE’S STILL  got a dirty mouth after all this time.  good to know something’s haven’t changed.  like you still playing the daddy card thinking that i’m scared of the old man.  baby girl, you’re gonna have to do a lot better than that.  

“So is this great or is this G R E A T?” The young woman beamed while she looked around. Maybe she was a little old to get this excited about a carnival, but for once she did not feel entirely clueless about something. “Do you know if there’s one of these booths where you can win plushies? Don’t laugh, but I’m in the mood for a G I A N T teddy.”