Potatokraken Photography Booking for Otakon!

I need a few shoots booked for Otakon! I normally casually shoot at cons, but I found myself in a bit of a financial bind. I’m willing to take scheduled shoots of any number of people. All I’m asking is a 10 dollars. you’ll get an hour+ and 10+ photos back within two weeks of the con. I’ll shoot large groups (max I’ve done at once was 14). 

I really wouldn’t charge if I didn’t absolutely need to. 

For my full galleries, check my facebook page

Message me here or there if you’re interested.


Surprise! Potatokraken Photography is heading to Matsuricon!

I’ll be there for Friday and Saturday for sure and need to book a few shoots to pay off parking and gas! I’m really happy I can do one more con this year and I want to do the photo thang! 

Shoots are $10 dollars. Thats right! Just 10 for any number of people (Unless more then 5 then we negotiate price). They are filling up so come get um while you can!

If you wanna see my work, head over to my facebook page!

Some Days, Some Nights

This was my favorite shoot at ACen for a lot of reasons. I loved all my other ones but this one was special. ACen last year was the first time I shot with these three (for Gurren Lagann) and its amazing to come back and see how far I’ve come. This shoot also turned out some of the best shots. On top of that, while I was doing photos, Scott was as well. Normally its hard to work a shoot with two photographers, but this one was amazingly fun! A special round of applause to everyone for fighting the bugs and to Nick for wading through mud in those getta.



A Year in Review-Photography Addition!

Its hard to believe all of these were taken just this past year! I didn’t do as much photography as I would have liked (mostly because I was cosplaying so much) but I got a lot of neat shots! This is the first year i had access to better equipment then my usual cheaper camera and its amazing to see the results!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for letting me snap pictures of them! I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff I get next year!


((Some pictures may have been edited by the people in them))