Day 346 - Yabukuron | ヤブクロン | Trubbish

A city-dweller, Yabukuron has lived with humans for its entire existence. Urban legends tell of an overturned shaking trashcan that talked, and when the owner picked the can up, the first Yabukuron’s stomach growled. Then, everywhere in the same city, the same happened. But, that’s just a story.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day! Double whammy!)

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Okay so the meme going around right now of giving different Pokemon breeds/morphs is absolutely incredible and I’m absolutely smitten with the idea of different species of Pokemon coming in more varieties than just the standard in-game ones.

  • Standard Latios are just regular Latios. They are the most common variety, being able to live in many different environments.
  • Alpine Latios are northern Latios which have traded their ability to swim for feathers that are not waterproof, but are warmer and enable them to survive in colder climates
  • Jay Latios are nomadic Latios which resemble bluejays in their patterning. Only the prettiest males of this equatorial variety are able to find mates during their travels.
  • Pearl Latios are a variety that was bred as a status symbol for royalty long ago. They’re known for their beautiful, shiny feathers.
  • Chevron Latios are very hard to find, and are often awarded to high-ranking military soldiers and pilots as status symbols. This particular kind of Latios is known for its speed.
  • Albino Latios, while not as rare as their shiny cousins, are still quite rare. Their delicate, pale-purple feathers, a result of their albinism, make them highly sought-after.
  • Longhair Latios are a result of selectively breeding Alpines for qualities such as their soft feathers. These Latios are loyal, friendly and make great pets, but they do not do very well in the wild.
  • Sea Latios are Latios which have adapted to live solely at sea. As such, they have developed traits such as sleeker bodies, more sharkskin-like feathers, and more fin-like feet, ears and wings.

idk if I wanna do Latias too because this in itself took a lot of work so eh, we’ll see.