+Omega package: $30.00
    - base sprite (naked or in underwear)
    - one outfit set
    - 5 expressions+ blush counter parts (10 sprites total.)

+Beta package: $50.00
    - base sprite (naked or in underwear)
    - 2 outfit sets  (5 expressions each making 20 sprites)
    - 5 expressions +blush counter parts (10 sprite per outft)

+Alpha package:  $60.00
    - base sprite (naked or in underwear)
    - 3 outfit sets (5 expressions each making 30 sprites)
    -  5 expressions +blush counter parts (10 sprites per outfit)

+If you want a couple sprite like the creepy circus couple: add $20 

+If you get the omega package, you can come back later for different outfits/expressions/accessories. (give me a heads up so I can save the base)
 +accessories: $4-7.00 (depends on the complexity and how many)

+ This doesnt apply to fantrolls alone, I’ll do any OC.+
If you want shoulders up sprites instead of waist up, request it. it takes 10.00 from the price.

+art tag
+other commission info

*payment via paypal at*



Hey! It’s been a while. Working on a ton of stuff at the moment! I need to figure out a good way to make 3D Sprites with more then 4 colors & I wanted to really refine my 3D sprite process. 

I decided to make a little project out of it and… here you go!

If you dig this, check out my other Pokemon stuff!

I also have a youtube channel! Mostly Timelapses but you guys might like. 

Haven’t done a sprite raffle on TUMBLR in ages, but I’ve been meaning to post more art now that I have summer vacation! 

Gonna pick a winner for this particular raffle at the end of this week

Check me out at:

twitter for random art posts & twitter raffles:

My website for my pixelart webcomic: 

Game Grumps spriteset I made last year, with everyone on the show up to that point (and PBG because he was in an earlier set I made). Featuring:

(orange-Game Grumps era): Arin, Jon, Barry, Suzy, Grant Kirkhope

(blue-Steam Train era): Dan, Ross, Kevin, Brian, Holly

(red-Grumpcade era): Markiplier, Projared, Jirard, PBG, and Random.

Also including alternate costumes: Classic GGvs/Sequelitis Arin, Classic Jon, Danny Sexbang, ST Ross, Table Flip Barry, KKG Suzy, Wilfred Warfstache, and Link PBG.

EDIT: Figured out proper resolution, so this should look much better.

I really do not appreciate having to make this post, but tumblr user Shipjammed/Rebellionofthehive has repeatedly stolen and edited my sprites. As they have stolen from my sprites without my permission, I fear that they have done the same to other sprite artists. If you are a sprite editor, I would recommend combing through there blog to make sure that your sprite has not been stolen. However, this is not a call to harass this person; they are most likely a child. Simply block, report them, or ask them to remove the sprites.