pkmn screenshots

that new usum trailer was interesting and here’s why: a short novel

so the pokemon fandom has basically accepted the multiverse theory with mega evolution only existing in one timeline, right? it all lines up, and with the ultra wormholes and distortion world, totally plausible.

but in the new trailer we get to see the new team rocket, which still lines up. (Local Mafia Turns Gay After 20 Years) it’s just the team rocket in the mega timeline, okay, okay, that’s cool. (oh hey by the way it looks like giovanni definitely jacked lusamine’s house from the first games so that’s chill i guess)

but battling 20 years of evil leaders? interesting. giovanni and ghetsis are excusable because they can be passed off as simply that timeline’s version of the evil team.

but guys, lysandre fucking died. like????? he had a weapon with the power to destroy the world fire directly onto him. there is no way you’ll convince me that that motherfucker survived. and even more odd? it was in the same fucking timeline. not the “non-mega” one or whatever. the mega timeline. so this man is either immortal or something fishy is going on.

and wait,

oh, what’s this? archie and maxie? interesting. the r/s/e versions of archie and maxie? interesting. the fact that r/s/e happened on a different timeline? interesting. 

we know that the “mega timeline” versions of archie and maxie have extremely different appearances, so there is some dimensional fuckery happening here. and if oras archie/maxie meet rse archie/maxie i’m literally going to shit my pants ok

and cyrus is debatable because his ass was literally dumped in the distortion world (in the  non-mega timeline) and that may or may not have happened in our “mega timeline”

i think that’s most of what i was trying to get across but i’ll probably think of something at 2 am or something

goddamn, gamefreak. i really hope this lives up to my expectations because i’m hyped as FUCK


Pokemon variation mewtwo, class variation.  I’ll probably regret this in the morning tbh haha. God dang.