pkmn obsessed


so I started playing Pokemon y again…

guess who I named my ralts after lol

Random nostalgia about one of my most treasured moments ever: being a little kid obsessed with pkmn getting taken to the Pokémon Center in NYC for the brief time it was around…. Like. Looking up from a wee lil kid’s POV and seeing animatronic Pokémon and life sized toys all above and around you in this place decorated to look like it’s from a world that you only ever played make-believe in or fantasized about, then suddenly got dropped into!!! … It was like, beyond magical. Even if it was just a dumb store it was just so overwhelmingly impactful for my kid-brain and imagination and fueled my intense passion for video games and game design and just the immersion that comes with it all, and… I got a REALLY BIG TOTODILE when I was there!!! I miss him. :+(

tiny-booty  asked:

I can imagine steel maxie being a metal head with tounge, lip, and eyebrow piercings all around

Headcanon accepted, sorry I didn’t have the willpower to finish this, so have a wip! I could only think of this the entire time sketching this omg.