pkmn : johto

Dragon Master Lance headcanons

• Lance hates to admit it but fairy type Pokemon terrify him. Whenever he sees one he’ll always stay a safe distance away
• Training dragon Pokemon is very difficult and as a result, it has made Lance rather strong. He could totally give his s/o piggyback rides
• Lance isn’t very much a fan of junk food and instead prefers snacking on healthy things
• Bought his s/o a matching cape
• Lance is a really, really heavy sleeper and snores very loudly. He also wakes up early in the morning to train
• If anyone insulted Lance’s s/o, family, or friends, he would not hesitate to obliterate them
• His favorite kinds of movies are action or mystery movies
• Lance looks like he has killed a man but really he’s very nice and would love to discuss dragons with anyone
• However Lance’s kindness does have a limit and he has beat up members of Team Rocket in the past


According to Johtan legend, houndooms used to be silent. They moved from village to village, town to town, as stealthy and voiceless as shadows, reaping souls from bodies without any way to know they were coming. Death swept through the region, from the oceanfront to the high crags, until the pack reached the crossing point to another land, the dwelling place of the goddess Torēdā. The story claims her to be the guardian of the route through the mountains, one who only allows passage to those who will trade with her.

The houndooms spoke in soft voices, voices of wood smoke and gentle, curling breeze, so Torēdā had to creep close to hear their words. But as she listened, she smelt death in their mouths, the deaths of infants and innocents, of a thousand souls not yet born. She knew that by granting passage to these beings, she was snatching the lives of those in the lands beyond the mountains.

So she made her offer to them. 

“For passage through the crags, I will take your silence. I shall put wind in your lungs and brass in your throats, so that, when you smell blood and soul-scent in the air, you shall cry out at the joy of it, and declare it your quarry.”

To the hounds, it seemed a fine offer. They would finally have voices, be able to howl at the moon in their pleasure. So they accepted, and the trade was made.

It was not until they trekked the length of the mountains that they realised their mistake. As they drew closer to human land, smelling blood for the first time in many weeks, they could not help but draw breath into their bodies, and howl a great, rattling call of delight. They sprinted tirelessly, chasing the scent, ready to reap the souls they hungered for.

But the villagers heard their howls from leagues away, and fled from them. Those who did not flee prepared to fight, with sticks and spears and beasts at their side, refusing to become prey.

From then on, the houndooms could not regain their silence. Whenever they smelt blood in the air, they were forced to howl to the heavens, alerting all to their presence from miles around. Torēdā had cursed them, and they had not even realised it. 

From then on, their prey always heard them coming.


I just started to think about pokemon headcanons and I made the plunge to make comics about it.  I’m a poketard and I won’t hide it.  I want to contribute to the crazy ass poke community. Falkner acts like he’s cool, but he’s really not that great. ;P

It’s sad because this is my best handwriting in the world and it looks like messy shit.