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Genuine issues with BW

  • complete loss of touch with fanbase; Pokemon has always been a series which balances a focus on fun and partnerships and keeping most consumers happy while showing off new fancy mechanics and impressing them - Pokemon BW, especially the ani, overcompensated and nearly overly appealed to the younger consumer and focuses WAAy too much on the new. “A whole new world 2 discover” indeed
  • certain designing jobs changing hands caused the art direction of the ani to be REALLY jarring and weird which was bad, and same for the actual designs of the Pokemon hemselves, Pokemon will always be Pokemon and even as I say this I’ll defend BW Pokemon with my life, but certain design traits were. Shit got over designed and too sparkly and bright and new

Not issues with BW

  • Trubbish
  • Cubchoo

So let me tell you a little story that happened while i was playing omega ruby.

I caught a roselia named Prince and a ralts lately named Randall somewhere nearby Rustboro city. Since my other pokemon were already leveled up to +30 for some time i mainly played with these two guys. 

Ralts wasn’t all that good in combat in the beginning, but It was a nice combo for gaining exp and they leveled up pretty fast together. But then ralts turned into kirlia and they switched places. 

And then, well, i found a dawn stone on the Victory Road. So now i have a giant baby gallade and a smol roselia.