✨ PSA ✨

This post is directed towards the blog (

I don’t know who you are. Be you man or woman, adult or child. I only wish that you would leave me alone, and worry about anything other than me for at least 5-God-Damn-seconds of your sad, empty life.

I seen your failed attempt to get artist Tamarinfrog to join your little Nazi Artist Brigade hate party, and found it utterly hilarious when she herself nonchalantly told you she doesn’t mind me reposting her work, and seen nothing wrong with the way I run my blog so long as each artist is credited.

I’m hoping that maybe now that your efforts bore no fruit you’ll stop this one man war against me. Tamarin happens to be one of my personal fav pokemon artist. So you struck a chord! You shouldn’t have done that.

Your crusade is meaningless, and I have pity on you for standing so strongly behind it. Did you ever stop to think that maybe some artist feel honored to have their work appreciated in any form, and maybe your frivolous ideals which no one else shares are getting in the way of that? Understand that I won’t take down my blog. Ever. No matter how hard you try to make that a reality. Please focus your energy elsewhere, you’re making a fool out of yourself.


[ A5 / 40 Pages ]
Gengar & Litwick FANBOOK
( My gags Doujinshi with awesome Guest short comic by @mz-15 )

I finally draw a Doujinshi!! ////v///// 3 3 

This will be sell on ComicAvenue3 (Thai Cartoon Event)
If you can remember I thought about do some GENGAR & LITWICK Doujinshi since last year. I’m so glad that I finally did it! 

This is my first official doujinshi!
( I always be guest art for my friends’s doujinshi all the time )

I’m so excited! Please wish me luck on my first one!!  

PS. I’m thinking about ENG ver. with MZ-san but I’m not sure yet ; v ; 3 3