FINALLY Cresselia is done! 

Her fashion is based off Chinese fashion from the early and late Tang Dynasty. I think technically her dress is incorrect (her wearing a high waisted ruqun hanfu underneath a daxiushan and all) but I just love a lot of the styles from this period so I took some artistic liberties :q Much like I do with my other gijinkas and designs ahaha~

Hope you like! Some more ‘modern’ historical fashion is soon to come, I’m actually pretty excited to tackle them >V> 



Gary Oak! My friend and I were talking about how as a kid the anime is presented in the eyes of ash and we thought that gary was a bully.  But really when you think about it Gary is an awesome pokemon trainer who has a million babes, drives a red convertable at the age of 12, completes his pokedex, and becomes champion/gymleader/professor.  Ash is a loser in comparrison who doesn’t evolve anything and continues to be annoying. 


the sleeve im gonna get is gonna start with mega rayquaza wrapping around my arm, then I’m gonna add a shit ton of pokemon including blaziken reshiram volcarona groudon arcanine charizard holy shit this is a lot of fire type pokemon