Bianca work ups? I thought about making her blue like her brother, but I thought shiny version kinda reminds me of cheese cake and desserts so I played more with that idea. My actual in-game bianca wasn’t shiny so I feel a little silly for changing up her colors either way haha.

BUT STILL PRETTY CUTE, I even drew Baby Dorian and Baby Bianca together.

  • you:this is my level 100 shiny mega aggron. it has six perfect ivs and sturdy ability. it took me 1,137 eggs to hatch.
  • me:cool. hey have you seen cherubi? it's a BERRY with a FACE!!

So let me tell you a little story that happened while i was playing omega ruby.

I caught a roselia named Prince and a ralts lately named Randall somewhere nearby Rustboro city. Since my other pokemon were already leveled up to +30 for some time i mainly played with these two guys. 

Ralts wasn’t all that good in combat in the beginning, but It was a nice combo for gaining exp and they leveled up pretty fast together. But then ralts turned into kirlia and they switched places. 

And then, well, i found a dawn stone on the Victory Road. So now i have a giant baby gallade and a smol roselia.