ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

not too shabby, for a gen 1 sprite. she looks sassy. like she’s on the catwalk. u go girl. 7/10

he’s so chubby and adorable. hello chubby friend!! how are you doing today?? 10/10

absolutely disgusting/10

i love her pounce! look at her go!! she’s Ready For Action. her front legs look a little short though. nonetheless, a good friend. 9/10

he’s crouching. ready to pounce on his opponent. so mysterious and elusive. i love it. 8/10

the same/10

she’s goin’ on a sunday stroll!! look at her go. she might even stop at the park on the way. my only problem here is that all these sprites are the same throughout each gba game. gba sprites is the same. still good friends though. 9/10

now this boy has some personality!! look at him do a lil air kick! truly a lovely happy pokemon. hes just radiating w positive energy and i love it sm. blessed/10

this is… eh. a little bit of a downgrade from the d/p sprite but a good friend nonetheless. where’s his mouth/10

the return of Sassy Catwalk Vaporeon. or eeveewalk, if you will. she’s still as sassy as ever and im glad to see she’s gone further in her modelling career. her mouth is still missing though. give vaporeon their mouth back/10

HER MOUTH IS BACK!!! and she’s using it to show off a lovely big grin. thank you vaporeon for radiating this positive energy into our lives. 10/10

a very good battle stance. he may look like he’s chillin but deep down he’s ready to pounce on you! watch out for this bad boy. 9/10


VS GUZMA at Splatoon!

electric mouses of each generation review

gen 1- the original boy!!! he is the mascot and for good reason! look how happy and friendly he looks! he brings a smile to anyone’s face…10/10

gen 2- pikachu’s lil bro pichu!!! he is tiny and full of excitement and will go on an adventure with you! he may be weak but he is a baby! let him grow and you have friend for life! 10/10

gen 3- double trouble ahead! plusle and minun show off gen 3′s shiny new double battle feature quite well with them supporting other pokemon in double battles! they will cheer you up on your bad days and are bestest of friends! opposites do attract, hehe! 10/10

gen 4- look at this cute lil thing ready to be given some poffins! pachirisu is very sweet and can pack a punch!! she’s ready to become your partner and fight alongside you!! 10/10

gen 5- WHOOSH!! emogla is flying and is quite the cute one, wouldn’t you agree? they can soar high and will always help you out! be careful though…they’re a bit sassy! 10/10

gen 6- move over pikachu…heres the real mouse deal! this critter is named dedenne and they have a new type with them- fairy!! they are chubby and full of love to give! deserves many pats in pokemon amie!!! 10/10

gen 7- newest boy is here and very round! he is part steel type so he will be able to protect you from anything! he’s quite the mischiveous boy….many tricks up his sleeve! round and easy to hug…10/10