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Do you think I could rush? I'm 84 attack 78 str 78 def 87 mage 81 range... haha

well pking requires skill, stats barely matter when you pk you just need to know what you are doing. rushing in the other hand requires you to lower your target’s constitution to zero in about 4 to 6 game ticks for that you need luck and very high stats.your combat lv is extremely high and you’ll probably end up fighting turmoil pures who only have 40 to 60 def but all other stats max out and they will just rush you back…my advise, the easy and fast way is buy a bot and start over, or buy a bot and max out our acc, then you will be ideal to rush.


Ang awkward ksi may boyfriend ako tapos may crush ako sa lalaking ewan ko ba. Alam ko mali. Di tama. Lagi kong snasbi na kakalimutan ko na feelings ko sa knya. Pero everytime na makikita ko sya kinakabahan ako. Na ewan. May nafefeel ako na di tlga dpat. Haaay. Bsta dko iiwan si sam :(

Damn You fail pkers

Just got attempt pked by some bored noob. He came there to pk, and decided to safe it and teleport away because he was losing. Which is funny because he’s a higher level then me.

Next time I go to the revents, i’m bringing teleblock!

In good news, not too long ago I got a corrupt Zuriel’s bottom. A nice 150k for me. :)

Ti ricordi di me?
Abbiamo raccolto insieme i fiocchi d’inverno… Respirato i cento petali della primavera… Soffiato le melodie nelle conchiglie estive… Planato dolcemente con le foglie d’autunno.
Non puoi non ricordare, perché è tutto scritto nella tua mente immacolata.
Perché il mio viso è nascosto tra i tuoi sogni inquieti.
Perché i ricordi… non si dimenticano di te…

i’ve been playing this shitty runescape private server because it reminds me of the plethora of shitty private servers that spawned in 2008-2010 when real rs took out the wilderness and free trade so all the pkers and min-maxers fled

there used to be a ton of custom servers that had weird shit like fan-made items and monsters and stuff. they generally were poor quality. this one i’ve been playing has ice katanas, weed capes, ak-47s and glocks…

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♚ A time when you showed mercy.

“I normally don’t show mercy. When I set out to kill, I kill. I won’t leave anyone half dead. Those who manage to escape are lucky I suppose.” He shrugged and looked away a little.

“There was that one time…well, no, it’s happened more than once. I was mad and going on a rampage. I wasn’t even sure if I was targeting PKers or normal players. I think it was a crowd of both, but it’s hard to distinguish them when they’re all screaming and trying to run away from you.” There was a smirk forming on his lips, but he tried to suppress it.

“Most of them had either died already or had run away, and then there were the few that were cowering on the ground and crying. I…I don’t know why, but…I’d had enough. I hate the sound of crying, but at the same time I couldn’t kill it. You can’t kill a sound that continues playing inside your head, and…it was almost as if I had snapped back. There are moments when I would have had enough of seeing blood, times when the images start overlapping and I can’t tell which reality I’m in anymore. That’s when I simply stopped, turned, and walked away…just like that.” He didn’t mention a few other details, but that’s fine for now.

“Besides…isn’t killing someone after you’ve played with their bones and insides a form of mercy too?” Oh, he knew how horrible he was, to the point where he was feeling nauseous right now. It was moments like these when he’d wonder what his personality was like before he forgot everything.

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When/how did you guys meet? (Sorry if this was an already answered question. > w <

We met April of 2013 on an online mmorpg called Age of Wushu :) I was a guild vice leader and one of my friends invited a group of severely obnoxious PKers into our guild and I became really close to them. After about a year Gerald (who was part of that group funnily enough) and I became really close while he was helping me through a hard time.

The first time I met him in person was last August when I bought a last minute plane ticket to Florida on a whim hahaha. Best decision. ^-^

A total of 3853 people were killed playing Sword Art Online

On November 7, 2024 at 2:55 PM when Kirito defeated Heathcliff on the 75th floor, 6147 players were able to successfully log out.
The other 3853 players unfortunately perished and the rumour that people didn’t actually die in real life (which a lot of PKers believed) was indeed real. The death tally adds up from players committing suicide in the game, interference from the outside world (like people forcefully removing the nervegear) and general deaths by other players and monsters.



The #1 strength of the 2015 Blackhawks is forward depth. To have, at this time in the season, 13-15 reasonably healthy and competent forwards is an incredible asset. No Hawk teams in recent years can touch this team’s forward depth, isn’t that right Adam Burish, Ben Eager, Brandon Bollig, and Jeremy Morin?

The Hawks top-end forwards stack up against anyone. Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Saad speak for themselves. Throw in former Conn Smythe Winner Brad Richards, a guy who looks like he’s settling in at the perfect time and being a ‘playah’, and… no one else got dat.

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The community in SAO created a special colour cursor for Player Killers.

The act of killing another character in MMO’s is known as Player Killing (abbreviated to PK'ing) and in Sword Art Online it’s no different - except the person is also killed in real life.
In SAO, committing crimes and hurting other green players (a neutral status given to everyone at the start of the game) will turn the cursor of your character orange. Player’s doing this up to three times can become neutral over time but on the fourth time must complete a special quest to reform themselves with the fifth offence rewarding the player with a permanent Orange cursor. This permanent orange cursor is also automatically given to Player Killers.

However, the community in SAO created a special “Red Cursor” for these PKers to separate these murderers from the normal petty orange players and guilds.
Fun fact: Attacking or Killing a player with an Orange Cursor won’t change the colour of your cursor as the system interprets it as someone defending themselves or others.

I remember when I was playing Diablo on B.Net

I was like 12, but I had everyone in the clan I was a part of believe that I was 22 years old, living in Detroit and had my fair share of street fights. 

I can’t remember much but I remember being part of one of the “big” clans then. Dragon Soldiers of Doom or whatever? I don’t know. I just know it was a clan of PKers known to break God mode and then turned into crashers.