A somewhat late gift for some of the followers who have kept this blog going.

Ask Mentally Advanced Ponies, for the idea to start this blog.
Rye Dimar Dragon, for sending asks fairly often.
Sgt. Mumbles, the mod of the Advanced Zecora blog.
Brainy Twilight, for the fun crossovers.
Passive-Aggressive Changeling, for sending asks.
Azathoth the God of Chaos, one of my most frequent ask-senders.
Resettisreplicas, another one who sends good asks (and whose icon was easy to make).

There were two I’d like to mention, but couldn’t think of something to represent them on the tree.

Pkelton, who allowed me to use their OC, Sister Sunflower, as a main character. Making Sister Sunflower as I picture her proved to be beyond my abilities, even in such a simplistic style, and I didn’t know what else to make.

20% Crueler, whose frequent asks have ended up forming a big part of the blog’s vague storyline. I couldn’t remember how you described the character.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog activity.

pkelton asked:

lov3 the kid and chicka picture .. reminds me of audio of chicka talking to a kid

Yeah, since I heard that voice quip I’ve wanted to do a comic to it.

I did one comic to when she covered some Catherine quote, but I can’t find the audio online, and I’d feel it would be rude to post the audio I have saved without permission 

pkelton asked:

dear All Mighty Tallest... why do all Alicorns look like Starving to death horses and have stalion chins even though the are mares?

Celestia: You know the saying how the camera adds weight? It’s the opposite for royalty.

Luna: And what is wrong with our chins? Next thing you know, they’ll be saying we hath manly voices…

pkelton asked:

really? well... how is sun flower doing?

Celestia: Now that you mention it, she has been awfully quiet lately. Too quiet… She’s definitely up to something, and I suppose I’d better go find out what it is. I’ll do it myself; I don’t trust the guards and servants around her.

pkelton asked:

I say it was the nature of most living things having the need of sex, it just can get weird and stuff because it manifests in different ways for each individual... for example Rainbow dash keep starring at Rarity is butt but not really knowing way ...(get Stab By guard) AAAAHHHHGGG!!!! AZATHOTH DAMN IT SHE SAID AT THE COUNT OF TEN, YOU OVERPAID MORON!!

Luna: Thou seemst to knoweth a lot about this… How do we knowest thou art not a pervert thyself? (Oh, and good work, guard. Thou shalt be recieving a promotion.)

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1. how often do you check your tag?

Everytime I’m on tumblr. I have the notifications come up on the side, so as long as I’m on Tumblr I se emy tag.

2. how many lesbians do you think the average show should include as main characters, in percentage?

IDK? It depends on if they’re well written.

3. what are your top three favourite bands, and what types of music do they make?

…is Homestuck a band? All the Homestuck musicians. They make instrumental music.

Starbomb, and they make comedy hiphop/rap

Owl City, and they make… pop?

I’m bad with naming music.

4. do you play any mmos? if so, which?


5. do you have any particular username or set of usernames you use for everything?


6. what’s your favourite type of video game? board game?


-Games that are more based on the people you’re with than the rules of the game

7. can you survive in an fps for more than half a minute without camping?

I’m going to go ahead and say no.

8. will you teach me your secrets? 

When you can take the pebble from my hand.

9. what are your kinks?

I don’t want to talk about a lot of NSFW on this blog.

10. either: [what would be your perfect date?] or [how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?]

A woodchuck would chuck all the would he could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

11. what would be the perfect article of clothing for you?

Purple, sof turtleneck sweater with no sleeves and open area under the arms. I draw myself in that style of clothing a lot.

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1. What is your favorite holiday? Why?

2. Do you lick envelopes or do you wet them with your finger?

3. Do you recycle?

4. How neat are you when you fold towels?

5. What would you say is the strangest skill you have?

6. Whats your CON modifier?

7. Opinion on Bob Ross?

8. Whose if your favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender character?

9.  If you had super powers, would you be a super hero?

10.  Do you like solving jigsaw puzzles?

11. Hallo! Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?

pkelton asked:

well quite simple luna! life only purpose & only meaningful Achievement has always been "Surviving"! living beings have many way of doing this and one of the main ways is by reproducing before dying.. so y'see, all those prevents, just a manifestation of this. the only reason things get so damn creepy and weird is because life is Freaking Stupid and no one took into account how the unexpected & chaotic physiological profile of each particular individual would complicate such a simple need...

Luna: …We understood about half of that. Thou hast until the count of ten to rephrase that into something that makes sense before we call our guards. One… Two… Three…