Bile tengok budak sekolah pkai camni trus keras konek aku..nak2 yg jenis xpkai singlet kt dlm..pergh..miss my adk..bile la nak main lg..last hritu doggie die dlm kereta dgn uniform xbukak lgi..merecik

I love this girl very much… dia cuba tolak bawah sluarnye utk posing.. tapi lurah dendam tetap nampak..

Bini org.. tp post untuk gambar begitu sexy.. n mungkin pkai panties yg sexy..

Dia tetap pujaan ku,…

Good morning gais😘😘
Nad saja nk payung my super cute bikini. That time nad pegi holiday at phuket,thailand.. Btw, nad sukaaa pkai bikini and i’ve my bikini’s collection. 💋
Anyone yg nak tgk? 🙋🏻

#Cosplayer @soffels as #FinalFantasy’s #Aerith. #cosplay

@Regrann from @soffels - Everyone is celebrating the #ffxv release. After all these years!!! I can’t wait to pkay the game in a few minutes!
Photo by @azur_seven #aeris #aerithgainsborough #finalfantasy #finalfantasy7 #finalfantasyvii #ff7 #ffvii #finalfantasycosplay #videogames #gaming #squareenix #rpg #fb #tb
Visit for more cosplay! #regrann

pic Baru aq snap dlm blik lepas blek kedai gn sepupu pmpn aq y cumey ne… mak ayah dia atau pakngah aq call ckp dowg tdo umah paksu kteorang tgahari besok blek… jd tgl kami brdua lg… sepupu rapat dr kcik… dy dah bpnya..d'sbkan kmi trlalu rapat dr kcik… xheran la dy bla ada gn aq tnpa ada rasa segan pilu… skg dy ada dpn aq cuma pkai towel putih je dgn bju 2.. smbil maen handfone hehe… aq bila gn dy… xda tman wanita pn xpa… hehe.. sb dy mcm tman wanita dah ..wlupn hanya skdar spupu..tiada ikatan bla bsama… dy wt aq mcm suami dy bila dy isap btg gn pupu aq ne..sumpah ah geram… aq jilat abeh dpn blakang… kalau korg men gn dy… lw dh pancot dlm mulot atau pepek dy… lpas 5min dy isap2 lg 2… lpas 2 dia tdo meniarap… kna pham… yg dy nk jolok bontot dy doggie style… tp lw ampa nk men bontot dy. Syarat.. ampa kena jilat bontot dy lama2 msa mula start…
Saja kongsi… skg dy mseh lg men hp…. tgk aq duk snyum2 ja… nak aq jilat pepek dy la 2… msti jilat pnya pepek tembam swg ne.. stg nk men sat gn dy….. men dlm blik mak dy katil lembut skit….

civil-warriors  asked:

What did Marinette do when she had to plant a tree? She Ladydug (a hole)... What happens when Marinette turns into a criminal? She Ladymugs or becomes a Ladythug... What happens when Adrien eats too much? He becomes Fat Noir... What happens when Adrien pkays golf? He gets a Chat Par...


- mod Levith

Exo as fuckboy texts

Baekhyun: Haha wanna play 21 questions?;)

Chanyeol: *dick pic*

Chen: Showering? Without me?;)

D.O: What would you do if I was there?;P

Kai: Mmmm. Just laying down? Nothing else?

Kris: Cool haha so u horny?

Lay: Nudes??

Luhan: Send me pics??;) *then sends 4683827 dick pics*

Sehun: I’m not like the rest of them babygirl;)

Suho: Hey girl haven’t talked to you in a while haha;)

Tao: Haha wouldn’t it be funny if we had sex lol.. Haha sorry my friend stole my phone!

Xiumin: Hey what are you doing right now? *heart eyes emoji x12*

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Hey taco :o I have a question that u don't have to answer if ur not comfortable with talkin about it. Have you ever experienced biphobia/rude comments towards bein bi?? I'm scared to come out to my family bc they're pretty homophobic (they say they're pkay with LGBTQ people but they're sooooo not) and I dunno.. thanks for even reading this :o I look up to you

HO MAN, i mean i myself used to be biphobic (glee did NOT help bc i used to be like ‘yeah it’s either one or the other not both!’)

i recently came out to one of my sisters…it was .AWKWARD but she was like ‘OH OK WOH’. but i do hear a few comments from my sisters abt bisexuality..idk if it’s biphobic but you know when you get bad feelings when ppl talk a certain way abt something? yEHA

it really is up to you tho, i don’t plan on coming out to my mom as long as i still live with her hghghghHHH so foR YOU it’s like, don’t force yourself if you dont want to. trust me you do it on YOUR time! you dont need to come out to the world you kno?