Bile tengok budak sekolah pkai camni trus keras konek aku..nak2 yg jenis xpkai singlet kt dlm..pergh..miss my adk..bile la nak main lg..last hritu doggie die dlm kereta dgn uniform xbukak lgi..merecik

[…] But Regina is going to be launched on a new quest with Henry this year. We’ve seen Henry in Operation Cobra with Emma, but we’re going to see a new one with Regina that were very excited about. And this is actually one that will transcend, although the first 11 will be Frozen, this is an arc that will go the whole season
—  Eddy Kitsis

With one hand on the trigger, one hand on the cross
Jesus and his family are two things he’s lost
March him to the scaffold and string him up on high
The call came out from the crowd
Theres blood in their eyes and blood in their hearts
For, the blood turning dry on his hands

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