On the next Pretty Little Liars

Hanna is in charge of a fashion show and notices all the clothes tags are “Inspected By A”.

Emily is given a photo book of potential families in search of egg donors when she stumbles upon a photo of Jessica and Keith DiLaurentis from 1998.

Aria goes to Rosewood’s Country Club and finds a lonely 9 iron on the golf course.

Spencer invites Toby over for a friendly game of Scrabble and notices all the A letters are missing.

Ali has trouble dealing with Charlotte’s death and asks the Liars to come over for comfort. Only Mona shows up.

Caleb jail breaks Spencer’s iPhone and disables all emojis, rendering -A with limited texting capabilities

Sarah Harvey is unable to turn off the shower due to the loss of nerves in her hand, and drains all of Rosewood’s water supply.

Ezra, in a drunken stupor, writes chapter three of his novel and accidentally types his grandmother’s secret family pumpkin pie recipe.

I feel so bad for troian right now, the amount of hate she’s getting because of spaleb is ridiculous she shouldn’t have to keep captioning her instas with things like “I know most of you hate spaleb” so that she can post about those scenes the fans should be mature enough to refrain from commenting abuse on her insta and twitter

Tbh I’m just never getting over how badly they botched Ezra’s storyline if they don’t make him bad in the end. You want to make him creepy, stalking and lying to Aria for years? Perfect setup to be A? Great. Do it. But you can’t go halfway there and then turn the car back around and just hope we forget.