Clips from a bonus feature on the season 1 DVD - behind the scenes footage of the girls, shot by Lucy, Ashley, and Shay’s film cameras! I’d never seen these clips before getting ahold of the DVD and I thought they were so funny that I had to put them all together in one video! 

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Fetus emison where they go on a ride (ferris wheel?) and Alison kisses Emily but doesn't realize the ride takes a pic that you can buy afterward and it catches the kiss so she rushes all the girls away from the ride so no one sees, but goes back herself so she can buy the picture because it's cute

lowkey in love with this prompt, I hope u enjoy x 

“Are you scared?” Ali said tenatively, her grip on Emily’s arm a little too tight to be completely comfortable herself.

“No” Emily giggled “we’re barely 30 feet in the air” It was the beginning of summer, and Ali’s mom had taken the five of them across to Cape May for the weekend. Her and Emily were currently sat behind Spencer and Aria on the little Ferris Wheel, Hanna too scared to come on with them as she sat and watched with Jessica eating an ice cream.

“Good” Ali replied quickly, the hand that wasn’t entwined in Emily’s holding onto the side of the carriage with such strength that her knuckles were turning white.

“Ali, are you scared?” Emily asked, trying to suppress the laugh that was stirring up within her. Ali frowned, looking down at her feet to avoid staring out at the night sky, the ocean stretching one way and the town of Rosewood just about visible the other.

“Don’t be silly, Em” She said, her expression quickly shifting to a sly smile, moving closer to Emily’s face as the air between them thickened “I’m not scared of anything, remember?” It was merely a whisper, and before Emily could reply the carriage jolted and took them further into the air, Ali’s grip increasingly tight.

“Alison, look” Emily said, trying to control her heart rate, the moonlight beaming down onto the pier so that the water broke into waves of shining silver, as she tried to regain Ali’s attention “look how beautiful it is” Ali’s eyes were closed, despite her attempt to look composed, but at Emily’s soft touch on the back of her hand she somehow found the courage to pry them open. She was met with Emily practically glowing, her eyes wide with wonder at the view out in front of them, her lips slightly parted as she breathed deeply, clearly in her own head as she took a moment to reflect.

“Yeah” Ali mumbled “it is beautiful” But her eyes didn’t stray from Emily’s face. A few minutes passed as they both sat in silence, each appreciating their own view before the Ferris Wheel took them back to earth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you this quiet” Emily muttered, turning back to face the blonde who looked nothing short of startled at the sudden movement. Throat dry and eyes a little scratchy, she needed a second to find herself again.

“Just making sure you’re okay, sweetie” She said eventually “you looked so peaceful” Emily frowned as Ali took her hand again, pulling her closer along the bench so that not a part of them wasn’t touching.

“I was” She stuttered finally “I mean, I am” The smile Emily loved so much crept onto Ali’s face, it was soft and innocent. It was just Ali. No bitchiness, no slyness or deceit behind. Just Ali. Her Ali.

“What’s your favourite part?” She asked sincerely “about tonight” For a moment Emily considered lying, saying something about the ice cream or the water that she could swim in. All it took was one look in Ali’s eye to make her change her mind.

“You” she admitted “just you” At her words, Ali frowned in confusion.

“You’re funny” She mused “I take you here, I take you guys out for dinner, we go shopping and sunbathe, and I’m still your favourite part?” Emily nodded slightly, suddenly losing confidence.

“You’re always my favourite part” Her voice broke and she looked back out at the ocean again, Hanna and Jessica lost in conversation and Aria and Spencer above them, their voice drowned out by the sounds of the night. 

“You wanna know a secret?” Ali asked, her hand moving to Emily’s hair as she tucked a strand of it behind her ear. Emily’s heart raced, was this really happening again? But, despite herself, she nodded eagerly. “Me too” Ali finished, not waiting for a response as she leaned in and kissed her. It was a kiss that stopped the cold, lighting her up inside and letting her senses take over as she ran her tongue across Emily’s bottom lip, her heart beating rapidly with excitement, feeling every nerve in her body suddenly come to life again.It was perfect, for less than a second, as a camera flashed from next to them, making Ali quiver with nerves as she pushed Emily away, sliding back so that miles separated them, not daring to look the other girl in the eye the entire rest of the ride. They sat in silence for the next 15 minutes, Emily’s arms crossed solemnly across her chest, her cheeks blushing furiously, Ali biting down on her lip and staring at nothing.

“Act normal, okay?” She demanded finally as they returned to the ground, not helping Emily out as so that she could quickly run to the photo kiosk before Spencer and Aria got there.

“Hey, did you enjoy it!” Spencer asked enthusiastically, her arm linked in Aria’s as she tried to find her own photo. Emily barely heard her, her mind to focused on what had just transpired between the two of them.

“Uh” Emily hesitated, watching as Ali exchanged money with the guy behind the desk “I think so”

“Good” Aria said “we loved it! Did you see the Church in the background?” Emily pretended to pay attention to the idle chatter as they walked back over to Hanna, but a part of her couldn’t help but watch with sadness as Ali folded something into her hand, kissing it gently and holding it to her chest, before sliding it into her softly in her purse, where it would stay for years to come.

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PLL EndgAme Meetup
Friends, I know it’s been forever since PLL ended and the tumblr fandom ran for their lives but I wanna host a meetup to remember the show which was a part of our lives for so long. Because no matter how much y’all rip Marlene apart, it’s because you love the show and care for the characters and that, well that’s immortality my darlings. It’s my first ever meetup so be kind and please message me if you have any questions of send me an ask.

When is it?
I couldn’t host a PLL meetup on a day that wasn’t Tuesday. It’ll be on Tuesday 10th October 2017. No matter what time it is, if it’s the 24th where you are, the meetup’s opened. 

How do I join?
Post selfies, fan art, screencaps, edits. Introduce yourself and perhaps quote your fave line?

Who can participate?

PLL fans, anywhere, any age, basically any Pretty Little Liars fan.

What’s the tag?
“PLL endgame meetup” and “prettylittleliarsmeetup” 

If you have any questions shoot me an ask and I’ll happily answer.