The signs as high school musical songs

Aries: the boys are back
Taurus: get’cha head in the game
Gemini: bop to the top
Cancer: bet on it
Leo: I want it all
Virgo: stick to the status quo
Libra: a night to remember
Scorpio: we’re all in this together
Sagittarius: start of something new
Capricorn: I don’t dance
Aquarius: gotta go my own way
Pisces: you are the music in me

during the BRITS
  • dan:i dont dance
  • phil:i know you can
  • dan:not a chance
  • phil:if you can do this and i can do that
  • dan:but i dont dance
  • phil:pls dan
  • dan:okay
  • dan:*grabs phils hand and twirls him around*
  • phil:thank u bby