Day #54 of Summer Challenge

Grammar: Haber (Present Indicative)

The verb haber is used when someone “has done” something.

Use the conjugated form of haber (listed above).

Yo: He
Tú: Has
Él/Ella/Usted: Ha
Nos: Hemos
Vos: Habéis
Ellos(as)/Ustedes: Han

Use the Gerund form of what you have done

-AR: -ado

Ex: cantar - cantado

-ER/ -IR: -ido

Ex: aprender - aprendido

Ex: vivir- vivido

Some example sentences:

He cantado (I have sung)

Hemos aprendido (We have learned)

Él ha vivido (He has lived)


Productivity Challenge 13/52

I’m racing time to write this blogpost before midnight strikes.

Today was the peak of my active self. I had to tutor a student in the morning, she was late so I took advantage of the time by writing up some lesson plans. I then had a quick lunch then preped for teaching math at the institute. This time I was ready for the challenges facing me; unlike last week. Once I was done I had to get ready to go to my friend’s house for a catchup.

I just decided to chill now, and the tiredness feels satisfying a bit.

I’m excited to relax tomorrow morning before my next group of students at 4.

Also, my watch’s battery died so I switched to this new watch that my friend gave me (knowing that I study math). I’m really loving the watch even though the size of the circle is bigger than what I’m used to.

K x

Hey guys I was tagged by @troublesfarbehind to post a selfie! I just came across the post again and remembered it’d been a while. So here ya go!

I tag: @rappkea, @catholic-aviator, @christhumchinda, @aredhel-of-thrawndolin, @airi-cnidaria, @omgninjapenguin, @jesus-otaku, @zalhera, and anyone else who wants to do this. God bless ♡

30 day thinspo challenge day 12

12. What do you normally eat?
When I’m not stuffing myself with everything in my fridge, I usually eat nothing for a couple of days, then I take a break from that and either eat half a can of baked beans for protein, or an apple, and then go back to starving.

Outlander Tag

Outlander Accent Challenge!

Thanks @bonnie-wee-swordsman for putting this tag together! No one tagged me specifically, but that was not going to hold me up! This looked too fun!

THE RULES: Record yourself answering the following questions, and then post here under the tag “Outlander Accent Challenge″

You can do it as an audio file or as a video, but I’ve done just the audio.

Then tag some blogs you’d like to get to know better and encourage them to play along!

Curious to hear all our Bostoners, Highlanders, Sassenachs, and more!


  • Name and username
  • Where are you from?
  • Pronounce the following words for us:
    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser, Brianna, Master Raymond, dirk, Lallybroch, mo chridhe, bannock, Edinburgh, Fraser’s Ridge, Adso, Bouton, Fergus, Marsali, Laoghaire, Castle Leoch, plaid, bairn, Murtagh, dinna fash, Culloden, Craigh na Dun, Blood of my blood/bone of my bone.
  • Favorite side character?
  • Favorite way you engage in fandom?

Show questions

  • When/how did you first get into the show Outlander ?
  • Favorite episode(s)? and/or moments?
  • Favorite quote(s)?

Book series questions

  • How long have you been reading and how far are you into the series?
  • Do you have a favorite of the books?
  • Choose one: Fergus or Roger? Rachel or Marsali? Adso or Clarence?
  • Your thoughts on the side novellas and/or the Lord John Series?
  • Things you are most looking forward to in book 9/ Go tell the bees?
  • Finally, pick a book passage and give us a wee reading!

I’m tagging everyone who has not yet done this tag! I love hearing everyone’s voices, it’s so interesting!


NEW VIDEO!! watch as Alex Wassabi & I duct tape ourselves together & attempt to cook sloppy joes together… WE’RE MESSES but it was SO!! MUCH!! FUN!! hope you enjoy <3

Weekly challenge

This week, challenge yourself to the following (pick one, or try for all four if you’re feeling ambitious):

-Put away clean laundry within one hour after it’s done being washed and dried.

-Aim for “sink zero.” Nothing sits in your (gloriously empty) sink; either wash or load into the dishwasher (if applicable) immediately.

-Put clean dishes away as soon as they’re dry.

-Anything new that comes into your home gets put away immediately, without being set down somewhere “just for a minute.”

464 PUSH UPS in 26 minutes 18 seconds. And because I wanted to see how many I could grind out in 30 minutes I kept pushing for a total of 520!!

Thanks to everyone who liked, reblogged and commented on my self challenge this morning. You all definitely motivated me and made me accountable. I know for a fact I would not have done 520 push-ups tonight without the assist. Workout this morning sucked…workout this evening totally smashed!!!! And now I must collapse and 😴

Announcing the ‘You and I Have Begun to Knit’ Competition!

(Or, as I have begun secretly to call it, the ‘Ultimate Hannigram Knit-Off Grudge Match of Destiny.’  Don’t ask.)

Hello, all!  Because @oftempestsandteacups and I have been having difficulties with writer’s block for a little while, we decided to try something else– and because we both happen to be knitters and utterly ridiculous people, this is what resulted.

The premise is this:  Beginning on the 17th, we will both be knitting something

  • small enough to knit in a week’s time
  • functional
  • that we think Will would give Hannibal, or vice versa
  • based on an existing picture or pattern, and altered in some way to reflect the aesthetic of the show
  • (or as close to that as we can get– who can tell with knitters?  We’re insane.)

On the 24th we will each present our finished products to the Fannibal community at large, and our lovely impartial judges shall decide which one of us is superior in every way.

The loser shall be led in chains through the streets of Rome in a triumphal parade, immortalised in their humiliation… and will write a short fic for the winner incorporating the winning piece.

We haven’t quite got the parameters by which we will be judged hammered out, but one of our judges will be the wonderful @sofancydancy, whose impeccable taste and infallible wisdom is well-established.

Vae victis!  [Woe to the vanquished!]