19. Take a picture of notes from your favourite subject

[Yes I know I’m another day behind, but I’ll upload 20 & 21 tomorrow :)]

So, as I’ve said before, my favourite subject is maths. Although there isn’t much in the way of notes here, I was revising and happened to snap this picture, and as I don’t have many other notes to hand, I thought I’d upload it.


#1monthkanjichallenge: day 16/30 | 同 用 今

同様 [どうよう] - identical, equal to, same (kind), like, similarity
同僚 [どうりょう] - coworker, colleague, associate
同一 [どういつ] - identical, same, one and the same, equal; fair
同情 [どうじょう] - sympathy, compassion
共同 [きょうどう] - doing together (as equals), sharing, common (land, etc.), joint (statement, etc.), cooperation, collaboration, association

用事 [ようじ] - tasks, things to do, errands, business (to take care of), affairs, engagement
利用 [りよう] - use, utilisation, application
費用 [ひよう] - cost, expense
活用 [かつよう] - practical use, application; conjugation, declension, inflection
信用 [しんよう] - confidence, dependence, credit, faith, reliance, belief, credence, trust

今後 [こんご] - from now on, hereafter
今に [いまに] - before long, even now
今にも [いまにも] - at any time, soon
今更 [いまさら] - now (after such a long time), at this late hour, at this point of time; afresh, anew, again
今や [いまや] - now (esp. contrast to the past), now at last, at present, right now

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1. nicknames: never had any

2. gender: female

3. star sign: aries

4. height: smol

5. time: 5:48pm

6. birthday: yes

7. favorite bands: currently Pet Shop Boys 

8. favorite solo artists: currently Sevdaliza, Grimes, Zagami Jericho, Blank Banshee

9. song stuck in my head: Seagulls! Stop it now!

10. last movie i watched:  a bit of Kingsman on TV

11. last show i watched: Red Dwarf

12. when did i create my blog: January 2014?

13. what do i post: rants about my grad student life, reblogging a lot of fun postmodern stuff, UK comedy, TV series I currently like

14. last thing i googled: borrowing prices of original movies from the national film archive

15. do i have any other blogs: yes, but I haven’t kept it up well

16. do i get asks: no

17. why i chose my url: because I love Twin Peaks

18. following: 436

19. followers: 360

21. lucky number: I wish

22. instruments: violin, ukulele

23. what I’m wearing: black leggings, highlight yellow socks, beige long sleeve tshirt

24. dream job: in a publishing house, in a cinema, writer of fiction, artist

25. dream trip: The whole UK, Florence, Rome, Venice, The Scandinavia

26. favorite food: hummus, roast potatoes (not together)

27. nationality: Czech

28: favorite song right now: Pokáč - Mám doma kočku

29. last book I read: Anthony Doerr, Four Seasons in Rome

30. top three fictional universe: Lynch universe, Tarantino universe, Stranger Things universe - although they are all pretty dangerous.

tagging anyone who wants to do this! :)

•19 novemeber 2017•

working on the first draft of a paper that is due on thursday. feeling a bit overloaded because i was super lazy about my work last week, but it’s entirely my fault for not finishing everything on time. studying on my windowsill today ft. my slytherin socks and the obnoxious cat who sits outside and meows all day. 

fallen off the wagon for @justjasminestudying​‘s studyblr challenge. whoops. 

pretty sure i missed days 15-18…so…
day 19/30 (?)

19. what’s your favorite subject? think i answered this already but its hands -down russian language. 

Fiction Writing Challenge... in your target language

I thought of this in the shower and I do think it can be very useful, and fun. 

Basically, you write a 7-10 sentence story in your target language and tag it as #languagefictionchallenge

Don’t worry if you don’t master the language, this is for fun:D

Here are some prompts for you to get started! 


#1. No wifi
#2. “Stay in the car”
#3. We can´t be friends, yet
#4. It happened in December
#5. She was not prepared for it
#6. It was just one night
#7. The text message simply said “abort”
#8. “What problem?” said the demon
#9. I ate all the cake
#10. People thought she was uncommon
#11. A spy by day, a librarian by night
#12. Lost in a tiny island
#13. I used to be a double agent
#14. There, in the library, I knew the meaning of life
#15. It was all the chef’s fault

PS. If you write your story in Spanish and tag me in it (@spanishland​) I will personally reblog and add reviews, corrections and compliments ✨

The best indicator of your level of consciousness is how you deal with life’s challenges when they come. Through those challenges, an already unconscious person tends to become more deeply unconscious, and a conscious person more intensely conscious. You can use a challenge to awaken you, or you can allow it to pull you into even deeper sleep. The dream of ordinary unconsciousness then turns into a nightmare.

Eckhart Tolle

Challenge: Sum Up IkéSen in A Single Sentence

Go. Sum up the game and each of the characters (including the MC) in a single sentence.

IkéSen In General:

  • Surprise, you just stepped into a weird physics-y phenomenon that’s blasted you back 500 years because reasons but it’s all good because there’s hot af warlords around… except for the fact that you’ve got a 98.6% chance of death at any given time and also have three months to cHOOSE A DAMN BOI BECAUSE REVERSE HAREMS AREN’T ALLOWED HERE CHATELAINE OKAY?

The MC:

  • Oh hi, I was just strolling along on to my dream job and life that I’ve worked super hard for but then life decided to fuck with me and threw me back half a millenium and now I’ve got multiple hot af guys trying to get with me at all times and also multiple hot af guys trying to kill/imprison/use me at all times but I can’t bring myself to hate or even be bitter about them because I have questionable moral grounds and am the biggest pacifist ever to exist in otome DESPITE BEING IN THE MIDDLE OF BRUTAL CIVIL WAR.

Oda Forces (Azuchi Castle)


  • Hello, my name is Hideyoshi and I’m the make-do mother of Azuchi Castle, I will punish bad behaviour and expect you to be back home on time or else I’ll tell daddy Nobunaga and he’ll scold you a little bit less than I will but it’ll still be scary so don’t piss me off… and also do not ask about where I come from.


  • On the outside I hate you, and on the inside I hate you, unless you’re the MC and in that case you’re that ridiculous and weird that my heart basically gets so confused that it loses its balance and falls for you, but even then I still hate you, and just love you a bit as well… I eat spice, and I am salty.


  • Yo I have an eye-patch and it’s so cool that you’re going to fall for me because of it, but even if you don’t then you’ll fall for me calling you “kitten” and I additionally have a casual tiger cub as a pet and also may or may not have //shot someone pretty close to me and it kind of screwed me up so yeah am I still alive, or…?


  • I am literally the least trustworthy but at the same time most trustworthy person in this castle and I will probably end up being your wingman in every route, my tongue is made of pure silver and I can probably make you blush in three words or less, and might I also say I am fucking overworked and underappreciated as shit so thanks for nothing, Nobunaga… should have gone for it at Honno-ji tho.


  • Hello, I’m an angel cast down to earth to spread the influence of absolute innocence, purity and grace in human form, but just ignore the fact that I do this while helping a war effort in which tens of thousands of people die because I have a smile that could rend your heart in two and also I am a prime example of a dysfunctional human because I literally forget to keep myself nourished and will probably die by thirty because of it.


  • Japan is going to be mine, the world is going to be mine, you are mine, Kenshin and Shingen are going to die (again), fuck Kennyo and his butt-hurt animal-loving self whining over that temple - which was so just years ago and he needs to get over it - and I low-key had a civil war with the fam to get where I am so hey ho, go hard or go home, amiright?

Uesugi-Takeda Forces (Kasugayama Castle)


  • Excuse me while I drown the sorrows of my past and years of crippling guilt in alcohol, pickled plumbs and war because nothing beats the mindless slaughter of other humans for no reason in particular for getting rid of lingering mental and emotional trauma, and just giving you a heads-up when I fall for you, you’re going to have to give me a little while to get used to it so make your peace with living in a cage, thanks.


  • So I’ve been sat there studying the warlords my whole life and also am that guy everyone doesn’t trust in school because he enjoys maths and physics, but here I am now in the Sengoku Era and oops I just altered history because I had a fanboy moment and whOOPS I might have just dragged another person into this… well, I’ll give them some smoke bombs and ninja spikes and hope for the best… also I love you in every route but I’d never tell you that so please be happy so I’m not crippled in misery worrying about you.


  • Look here, a beautiful, breath-taking angel has blessed me and my way-too-horny way-too-flirty self with her gracious presence but even though I’m the biggest playboy ever to live in this era I swear you’re different and I actually love you but also I’m fucked up from fam issues so pls help me to stop drowning myself in unresolved emotional issues… after I take you to bed, though, because that’s more important~


  • Okay so Nobunaga first off is a complete dickhead and I hate his guts and Shingen is just the epitome of god, because he’s great in war but also because he has power and uses it to make me go and get sweets for him, like am I an errand boy or something because last time I checked I was a blushes-easily-but-is-also-stubborn-as-all-hell warlord that kind of crumbles when I see you but also squees when I see Sasuke because he’s fab~



  • Nobunaga fucked with my temple, Nobunaga ruined everything, Nobunaga needs to die, Kenshin and Shingen are going to inadvertently help me to screw him over, rUN AWAY FROM MASAMUNE AND MITSUHIDE BECAUSE THEY’RE WAY TOO FUCKING CLOSE AND PRETTY SURE THE LATTER’S A SADIST so let’s just keep it low-profile in the shed hut cave tree leaf pile hideout we have while I become conflicted over you for some reason being with me and use my staff to keep you at a safe distance.