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Along with freedom, the third accompanying musing has been on introspective solidity. Someone once asked what I thought would happen to the soul of my mother- the answer of which I used for part of my reluctant speech. Funerals are western, so my instinct doesn’t pay much heed to the protocols; the priest advised I pick a verse and wing it, for appearances- so I did. What I solemnly noted to my elders in attendance was a stern reminder of the reality of things. Here is a peculiar woman who has been one of thee most puzzling cases to crack. Growing up in a third world country, achieving a grandiose elementary education; all that she was and knew was closely insulted by her own world- not the external world- but the world of her mind. She had an uncanny ability to filter out information- a perplexity that’s often left me powerless, frustrated and exhausted: as if two foreign languages were communicating; for instance towards the end of her life I sought to demonstrate the benefits of meditation, but she just humorously folded her foot on the ground and went back to her mantras. I explained that this was her birthright before other religions and races interfered- she sort of understood; I explained that this was intellectually better- she sort of understood. It was almost like every step of her life was destined, including her sensibilities, to know only of the divine nothing, nothing else; and only one route to get there. So I explained to deaf ears “when she was alive, she went to cultural functions; when she couldn’t, she religiously prayed at her sacred alter; when she couldn’t, she had mantras dancing on her tongue. What do you suppose happens when everything material crumbles? You find yourself in a hospital bed, only capable of thought, but no speech or movement? Well then you realize the truth of the game; the illusion. On her last few hours while she meekly squeezed my index, I whispered, reminding her to give up all attachment to this existence. No more son, home, husband or family; nothing material, nothing temporary and never-lasting.”

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I’m going to tag some of my favorite simblrs, these simblrs I tag; have to come up with a sim for me to make each day of June or something I need to do each day of June. It can be anything(except buying things). And it HAS to be sim related. I have TS3 almost all expansions and TS4 all packs except for all of the stuff packs. I thought this would be fun for me and for you guys! Lets go. And I cannot create CC unless someone creates it for me and I give them my idea. Side note: i hate ts3 but I have pets there so….

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Day 4: Self-made Millionaire 

Lara Holly

“Who said you can’t be millionaire with your own hand-made clothes? Once you have the passion for fashion, it’s half way to success.”

Skin blend | Hair | Eyeliner | Blush | Lipstick | Eyebags | Glasses | Hat | Top | Skirt (Recolor) | Shoes