So I was tagged by pxppunkprincess to do the 6 six selfie challenge, and I was tagged by floral-lou to do the 20 beautiful women challenge (thank you both😘) so I just decided to combine them! (And yes I took all these selfies in a tree) I tag: lucasbrah sarahtheprofessionalfangirl sleep-irwin sensualclifford godlymichael soon-5sos lukemehood damn-mikey briannax5sos narrys-hugs malumsbootay platinumuke mumblingmalum lukeisafuckingloser awesomeobsessedmuch ashtunsvevo champagnemichael voodoovictim calumisahoe lukesplaylist and anyone else who wants to do either challenge ❤ (Obviously you don’t have to do these, and sorry if I tagged you and you’ve already done them lol)

ok let me tell you i had to rewrite this 3x bc tumblr crashed :)))

Rule 1: Write down the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you. 

Rule 3: Make up 10 new questions and tag 10 people.

I was tagged by whyislouisotiny. nice 

1. would u rather date niall or eat ur own shit


2. ok lets say louis didn’t exist ya and harry was pan and u were dating him and then u were driving and u were fighting and u told harry that u wanted him to die and then u crashed like right after would u rather he died immediately or lived for like a month where he was in SOOOO MUCH pain but u got time to tell him that u didnt actually want him to die but then he died after that HAHA this doesnt make sense bye

lmao you should write a book


literally jst on pornhub and jacking off

4. would u rather eat nialls ass (cuz we all know his ass aint clean) or find out that larry isn’t real n never was ://

tbh id eat naills ass for free

5. who’s ur least favorite of 1d and why :// zay doesnt count

liam idk

6. whats ur favorite body part on louis


7. sum up ur summer in 10 words ://

i did nothing so..

8. would u rather have larry b real or for harry 2 fall super deeply in love w u like heads over heels

i hate this

9. how tall is louis???

you cannt see him withot a microscope

10. if u could relive one day which day would it b

welling ton so i could die al overagain

if you dont hate me already …

1. eleanor or sophia

2. eat naughty boys ass or marry iggy

3. if the boys including zayn were on oitnb who would they be

4. would you have a tumblr if it werent for the boys 

5. what does harry taste like

6. who should zayn collab w/

7. how does something great make u feel

8. rather have larry be alive and zouis dead or larry ded and zouis alive?

9. unpopular opinion ?

10. but for real how cute was tamara and louis???

imma tag tinyalmightylouis harryndlou daddyzainmalik tinybuttonlouis vansandstlaurent stronglarents floral-lou ins0mniacnights alohaesthetic harrytomlinsun good luck

I was tagged by the awesome luhansthigh. She’s really nice, so go check out her out her blog!

Anyways, my handwriting isn’t that nice. I haven’t written anything in while because I’m on my summer vacation right now.

Also, do you like the drawing I did of myself? I don’t really like it. I’m not that artistic even though I like to draw. If you’re wondering what I look like I have black/dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m asian. In my blood, I am Filipino, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Even though I’m asian, I was born in America. The only language I’m fluent in is in English.

Fun Fact: I have taken Russian, French, Japanese, German, and Spanish language classes all throughout elementary/middle school (I probably can’t remember anything though). I’m also trying to learn Korean and Chinese. I can actually introduce myself in 7 languages (English, French, Japanese,German,Spanish, Korean,and Chinese).

Okay, this is getting super long; so, if you want to know anything about me just ask me in my inbox. Like, I have a dog if you want to know about him.

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Once upon a time, I was in a class on character development. My all time favorite assignment was the Little Black Dress challenge and I figured I would pass it on and give my fellow Fantroll peeps a chance to learn about their characters in a different way ~

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no girl is complete without the perfect Little Black Dress. Some even call it the most important piece of the wardrobe. The Little Black Dress is meant to make the wearer look fantastic while bringing out their own personal style and accenting their features without the need for bright colors and bobbles.

That being said, finding the perfect little black dress to express who you (or you character) might be can be a real challenge.

Your Task Is Simple ~

  • Draw your character in their own, perfect Little Black Dress
  • The design can be anything, any length or cut you desire, the only rule is that it Must Be Black
  • Small accents of color are fine, but the point is to show a personality with only the shade of black to guide you.
  • If you have a non-dress wearing troll you’d like to take part with, you are welcome to design a black tux as well under the same rules ~
  • Fantroll, fankids, and even other non fantroll characters are more than welcome!

If you take the challenge, reblog it with the tag LBD Challenge so people can see what you come up with!