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if you’re going to be all out there for Auston Matthews being Mexican American in the super white NHL

you should be just as out there for Max Pacioretty who is also Mexican American when his coach is going after him publicly 

and the coach is known for throwing the non white Canadian players under the bus


part one of me sending my brother pictures of hockey players and him giving his first impressions on them // part two - part three


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Naru & Gene Energy Tossing

This is a small discussion with Mori-san in volume 8 about Gene’s ability to function as Naru’s PK amplifier, which was commandeered by Lin in the manga (really not complaining about Lin having more manga time). It’s not very detailed, but there’s a little bit about their other ability (twin telepathy).

I say ‘energy’, but Mori-san uses the kanji 気(ki), which is used for ch’i (also spelled qi) and is part of the word for Qigong (気功 - kikou). In Ghost Hunt, Qigong has been likened to Psychokinesis, so then PK and Qigong would just be the control of your ch’i (or qi) for a certain purpose.


“…How should I say this… There’s a reason Naru gets exhausted.”


“It wasn’t necessary for him to get that exhausted before. That is to say, Eugene functioned as an amplifier.”

“How’s that?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand it well, either. However, when Naru tossed ch’i to Gene, he amplified it and sent it back. It seems it was that sort of phenomenon. As they repeated the toss over and over, the ch’i grew. Therefore, I don’t think it was necessary for Naru to exhaust himself too much.”


“In truth, I don’t really know. Naru didn’t do too many psychic ability experiments. Even if he did an experiment, it was too extraordinary and couldn’t be analyzed. It seems he himself isn’t too interested in psychic ability research, either.”


“Also, it seems there was quite the supernatural phenomenon between those twins, but that also wasn’t clear. The pair didn’t talk about it and it was only possible between the brothers, so they almost never did experiments with it. Luella— their mother hated them being used as guinea pigs.”

Never Tried

Your name: submit What is this?

“How have you never seen this video Y/N?” PK said as he jumped onto the couch next to you, iPad in hand as he loaded the aforementioned video.

Having a night off, the younger Montreal Canadiens had gathered at PK’s house to hang out and relax.  The majority of significant others had decided to attend as well which meant you were expected.

“Because it’s not something important enough I thought she needed to be aware of it PK, I don’t even really remember it.” The voice in front of you said as they sat on the coffee table.

“You being your adorable, awkward self not something she needed to see, you are incorrect there bud!” PK responded.

The look your boyfriend Brendan had on his face meant it was going to be an interesting next couple of minutes.  Most of the others in the room were paying attention to your group now.

“Y/N remember he was just a baby.” Nate said slapping Brendan on the back.

“I don’t even remember what it’s about.” Alex chimed in.

“Thanks guys.” Brendan’s sarcastic reply came while he was rubbing his hands on his thighs.

“It’s not going to be something bad is it?” You asked looking into Brendan’s eyes.

“No!  I mean it’s not as bad as a duel video but I was…it was different then…I don’t agree with it now…” Brendan stopped his sentence before explaining himself.  You only smiled, taking the tablet from PK.

A few minutes in you heard, “I’ve never tried to impress a girl.” Come from Brendan and you looked up shooting him a wink.

“Ouch.” The only thing you said in regards to the video handing PK back the tablet.

“Just thought you should know about this for future reference, blackmail, useful information, you know anything really.” PK said climbing off the couch.

“It was before we even met Y/N.” Brendan said placing his hands on your knees.  Nate nodded his head in the affirmative behind him causing you to smile.

“That’s good for you!” Alex yelled out as he walked across the room.

The conversations restarted after that, and you rejoined the group you had been a part of before the whole video debacle started, but not before rubbing Brendan’s shoulder in passing.

A couple hours later on the way home was a different story though.  Brendan had remained quiet the rest of the night even though several of the guys tried to engage him in festivities.

“Are you okay?” You asked taking his free hand lightly, not wanting to distract him while he was driving.

“Yeah.” Being the only response you received from him.

“You sure?  You’ve haven’t said much to me this evening.”  You pointed out to him, feeling a little lost as to why he was upset.

“I just didn’t want to have a fight or something in front of everyone else.” He said, never taking his eyes off the road.

“You’re mad at me?  Is it because I watched the video?  It’s just PK, he’s always been like this towards you, and he sees you like his little brother so he enjoys picking on you.” You said with a small smile on your face.  Their relationship was one of your favorites, especially when caught on camera.

“No, I figured you were mad at me.  I sounded like a dufus during the video and you probably thought about things that have happened during our relationship to agree.” Was his response as he slowly slipped his hand from yours and placed it onto the steering wheel.

“What!  Brendan how could you think I would do that.  I love you, I don’t agree with the video though.” You said turning in your seat to get a better look at him, even in the dark vehicle you could see he was tense.

“What do you mean you don’t agree with the video?” He asked turning onto your street.

“Why don’t you come up to my apartment with me so we can have this conversation face to face not face to profile?” You said brushing his check lightly.

“If you are breaking up with me I’m not getting out of this car.” He said as he pulled into the parking garage.

“Shut up and get out!”  You huffed out your response as you pulled your door open.

You grabbed his hand as you walked into the building and headed towards the stairs.  “Are they ever going to repair your elevator?  It’s been out of order for like three months.” Brendan said as you climbed to the fourth floor.

“It’s a good workout.” You said as he held the door to your floor open for you.

“Some of us get enough exercise on the ice.” He said as you unlocked your apartment.

“Most of us don’t.” Was heard as you tossed your keys into the dish next to the door and kicked your shoes off in the direction of the mat.

Brendan copied your actions but headed towards the kitchen as you headed to the bedroom.  Once you changed into something more comfortable you joined him on the couch in the living room.

Handing you half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a smile he started the conversation back up.  “What did you mean when you said you didn’t agree with the video?”

You swallowed your bite before responding to him. “You said you had never tried to impress a girl, I can think of you trying to impress me from the beginning of our relationship.  Do you remember when you showed up for our first date?  You brought me lilies; I didn’t know how you knew they were my favorite until Emma told me you had asked her before you even asked me out.” It was one of your favorite memories of him; he was caring from the start.

“Well I didn’t want to show up with something you would hate.  Besides, I ran into her at the grocery and it seemed like the perfect opportunity, as long as you said yes when I asked you.” He said leaning into the corner of the couch more.  You took the opportunity to swing your legs over his to stretch out.

“Remember when I got the flat tire on my way to work?  I called you to ask where I should go and you drove over to where I was, sent me to work in your vehicle and took care of mine?  Brendan that’s not just going to impress a girl, it’s going to make her fall in love with you.”  You didn’t know how to explain it better to him.

“I wasn’t going to make you take care of that, and I didn’t want you to be late for work either.  That would have been crappy of me.” He said.

“Okay, one more example then.  You came out with my friends from back home when they were visiting and didn’t even complain when they asked you questions for three and a half hours!  I would have told them to shove it long before you decided to call it a night.”  That was what had confirmed your love for him.  The girls had even said what an amazing catch he was once he had left for the night.

“I needed them to like me, you are so important to me and if I messed it up with your girls from back home there would have been no hope for our relationship.”  He said looking at you with sad eyes.

“I was already in love with you before you met them, not even they could have come between us.  So hearing you say you had never tried to impress a girl before just doesn’t seem right to me.  It’s what you have done since the start.” You said smiling brightly.

“I love you too.” Was muffled as he leaned forward to kiss you softly.

“You know, I think some of the duels you have been a part of are more embarrassing than this video.” You said laughing softly.

“Shut it!” Brendan said pulling you closer.
Paint Fumes


 That fic up there is the best shit I have read in some time. Mind you, it’s a one-shot. And you cannot compare it to fics that are several chapter long but if I had to pick a favorite ones-shot, this would be it. It’s written incredibly good. Details put into places where you might imagine you don’t need them but once you keep reading you just need more. Trans Dave. I mean come on, we all need more trans Dave. Karkat actually being the protective one without overdoing it. AND THE ARTWORK. That art work is the shits. It’s perfect and it just shows you more of the life these characters are living. I just want everyone to read it. It’s amazing. I don’t even know the author/artist so I’m not doing a promo or anything. I just loved it.


so ive been reading princessbubblgum‘s aisle 10 which i think ive made like absurdly clear is my all time fave fic but ive never drawn like actual fanart for it before but i couldnt really get into the groove this morning but i did manage to draw a bunch of a10 inspired tweeks so that’s at least a start