pk's really into it

kenma: you, um, want to go out or something?
kuro: omggg kenma??? you’re asking me on a date??? with a rose??? the most romantic flower in the world???? ToT ToT ToT
kenma: … not anymore

(they go on the date)

((I didn’t have time to write anything for kenkuro day, so please accept this commission I bought from @pk-draw <3 Thank you again, Gabi!!!))


team 7 hangs out: sasuke spills his wine on narutos shirt so naruto borrows sai’s, sai falls asleep, sakura bitches about sasuke to sasuke, and sasuke cant focus cause hes been looking at the sun seal on narutos belly all evening, and hes pretty sure he put his hand near his ass on purpose but is not positive

Kubo and the Two Strings

I watched it finally, after months of pining. I have so much respect for Laika because puppetry is witchcraft and my mind still can’t fathom that what she’s seeing isn’t computer animated. Also, the creepy moon warrior aunts are serious life goals. 

That being said, I understand why this movie didn’t win best animated film. Laika had a great idea. A beautiful idea. An original idea. Shamisen-wielding paper master takes on the moon kingdom? Like, yo, I am freaking here for this.

*clenches fist* But the writing.

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if you’re going to be all out there for Auston Matthews being Mexican American in the super white NHL

you should be just as out there for Max Pacioretty who is also Mexican American when his coach is going after him publicly 

and the coach is known for throwing the non white Canadian players under the bus


Is that love in the air, or just pollen? Tag your results :)!