pk's face!!!

apparently pk got in crosby’s face and said “i keep my promises” about what he said about winning the game and if that isn’t the most beautiful thing idk what is

Date Interrupted- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 3)

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(It’s kind of growing!)

Surprise! Ok so I finally finished part three to Damsel in Distress, but then I realized I have one more part to throw out there so it’ll be a four parter! Ok so enjoy!

Warning: None


              “Why did they blow the whistle now?” you groaned, flopping back in your seat.

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  • me, after PK Subban has murdered my whole family, burned my house down, stole all my life savings through a ponzi scheme, and punched me in the face: PK Subban has never done anything wrong in his life ever.

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Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and tag ten people.

Doki Doki Literature Club: Yuri (of course)

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku

Darkstalkers: Morrigan Aensland

Touhou: Remilia Scarlet

Spirited Away: Chihiro (Get 2 watch this in movie 2morrow with my boyfriend (*´꒳`*) )

Kare Kano: Yukino Miyazawa

Danganronpa: Chiaki Nanami

Overwatch: D.Va

Madoka Magica: Madoka Kaname

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rei Ayanami

This took such a long time for me to do just because I’m so detached from fandoms. I tag @pk-nexas, @the-king-of-tartarus, @fraill, @iidxing, @jelitime, @simplyjustredd, @kenmas-face, @lovhaiba, @lovinino, and @allyouneedispastaandsleep to do this!

Hockey things we don’t deserve

-Precious cinnamon roll Dominic Moore
-Henrik Lundqvist’s hair and wardrobe
-Check Please!
-Gabriel landeskog’s face
-PK Subban hitting on  challenging Justin Trudreamy to a singoff 
-Erik Karlsson’s love of dogs
-The entire NWHL but with specific emphasis on the Connecticut Whale’s undefeated season and Nana Fujimoto
-Jaromir Jagr’s mullet
-All of the hockey puns that came out of the Jamie Benn “bunch mox” debacle
-The Eddie Lack taco commercial

the whole team awkwardly stares at abe for like four solid minutes before hanai gets pissed off and yells: GOD DAMN IT ABE JUST PUT YOUR FUCKING ARM AROUND HIM LIKE WE ALL KNOW YOU WANT TO, so abe does