pk's face!!!

apparently pk got in crosby’s face and said “i keep my promises” about what he said about winning the game and if that isn’t the most beautiful thing idk what is

Date Interrupted- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 3)

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(It’s kind of growing!)

Surprise! Ok so I finally finished part three to Damsel in Distress, but then I realized I have one more part to throw out there so it’ll be a four parter! Ok so enjoy!

Warning: None


              “Why did they blow the whistle now?” you groaned, flopping back in your seat.

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  • me, after PK Subban has murdered my whole family, burned my house down, stole all my life savings through a ponzi scheme, and punched me in the face: PK Subban has never done anything wrong in his life ever.
Hockey things we don’t deserve

-Precious cinnamon roll Dominic Moore
-Henrik Lundqvist’s hair and wardrobe
-Check Please!
-Gabriel landeskog’s face
-PK Subban hitting on  challenging Justin Trudreamy to a singoff 
-Erik Karlsson’s love of dogs
-The entire NWHL but with specific emphasis on the Connecticut Whale’s undefeated season and Nana Fujimoto
-Jaromir Jagr’s mullet
-All of the hockey puns that came out of the Jamie Benn “bunch mox” debacle
-The Eddie Lack taco commercial


Okay…so i was AM little confused BUT..
I was tagged by my lovely gurl @svgaspice
So left to right we go

1. When i hear some ridiculous sht going on, like i hear that way too often
2. When i need to stop drawing and leave for work or just do anything than drawing honestly
3. When im being sarcastic, and i dont know why and ofc when i hear that dumb sht as like ppl talking sht about me and giving unnecessary opinions like yay good for you, u got your mind out now say that to my face pls (sorry…i just hate pll that talk sht, i bet no one likes them tbh xD)
4. When im thinking about my life and that i probably will end up with 20 cats and 15 dogs alone #4everalone
5. I am confused every single day and do not understand anything
6. I do that face, Jungkook has infected me with the tongue thing, i do that when I’m amused and when im being roasted and annoyed
7. Im so damn gleeful that it hurts me, i mean that face comes after that, im so awful
8. ‘What do you mean i have to get my life in check?!?’

Do i have to tag ppl? Honestly um….. @lolofangirl and ….uh…. @suga-kookies-and-tae and ofc everyone is free to do it~~

(Don’t kill me, pls)