pk's face!!!

Hockey things we don’t deserve

-Precious cinnamon roll Dominic Moore
-Henrik Lundqvist’s hair and wardrobe
-Check Please!
-Gabriel landeskog’s face
-PK Subban hitting on  challenging Justin Trudreamy to a singoff 
-Erik Karlsson’s love of dogs
-The entire NWHL but with specific emphasis on the Connecticut Whale’s undefeated season and Nana Fujimoto
-Jaromir Jagr’s mullet
-All of the hockey puns that came out of the Jamie Benn “bunch mox” debacle
-The Eddie Lack taco commercial

Listen the fuck up.

When a keeper is faced with PK’S, they have a fraction of a second to decide where a ball is going, dive for it, account for height, and the curve. They’ve got to read body language and less than a second later make a decision, left or right.

Sometimes they’re lucky, sometimes they make the right call.

Other times? Other times, they read it a tiny bit off and they KNOW. They KNOW they fucked up, and they move on.

Hope Solo tried her fucking hardest, know that. It wasn’t that she “wasn’t trying” or “wasn’t even going for the ball”. She did her job, she made her decision, and she rode out the waves.

I couldn’t do it, and odds are you couldn’t either.

So hop off the person on the team who has the hardest damn job and maybe look at other factors.

Or, better yet, quit blaming these women for a job well done, regardless of the end outcome.