pk zine

Still waiting...!

Thank you so much to all the artists that recently got back to me with their print size submissions. We’re still waiting on some of you, though!

If your name is on this list, your submission was chosen for the Psychokinetic Zine, and we need a print size version (6x9, 300 DPI).

  • Super-Mario-RPG (the Ultimate Chimera piece)
  • Layeyes (the Prince Poo submission)
  • nomorepros
  • micheal-lambert
  • mobybat
  • sundown light



The submissions have been reviewed, and the pieces have been selected! If we chose your piece, I’ve either e-mailed you or sent you an ask- PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOXES

I was not able to find contact information for the following artists:


Micheal Lambert


Please send me your contact information if you are/know any of these people. 

Now that the submissions have been selected, it’s very important that we have accurate information, because that is how contributors will be paid for their work when it comes time to print the books. 

Thank you all again for your amazing art. We couldn’t print them all, but every submission helped make this really special! 

Earthbound, USA

It’s been pretty hard to keep quiet about this!

In case you were wondering about the big project that is holding up the PK Zine:

We think you’ll all agree that it’s worth the wait! And the best part is, that’s the not the only thing we’re working on…