pjs video


the view of how it’s like when Jay Park lies down on the weight lifting bench…. if you’re curious that is…hehe….. he looks so cute tho with that sweaty curls of his hair xD

and when he’s not in the gym, he’s at home, playing with his dashunds…..and in just boxer shorts. just like our brothers do….

and when he’s not at home, he’s in da clubs…..with his usual hyped self….

or just dancing by himself while sitting on the couch as other people look on lol


This is how Jay Park bothers his daschunds PJ& Oscar since his usual  human victims aren’t around haha….. “Let me whisper sweet nothings into your ear…” and PJ just calmly ignores him while Jay smothers him with kisses

He tried the same with his other dascund Oscar and boy does he strike back hahaha

the difference between PJ & OScar…..one obediently lets his owner bother him while the other licks back hard hahaha….

jparkitrighthere Phonecase be on Stonecold Steve Austin mode 🔥🔥#aomg #followthemovement #middlefingertodirtypolitics [x]

and this dog lover has a phone case of a kitty flickin off. lol. those hashtags tho


Arm knitting technique and questionable dance moves.

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