pjs playlists

I was in the type of mood yesterday that required an angry girl playlist to go along with it. So I made one.

baby, I don’t hate men–maybe I just hate you

1. Bikini Kill - Feels Blind // 2. Emily’s Sassy Lime - Transistor No Way // 3. the ovens - i don’t owe anything to any dude. ever. // 4. Bratmobile - What’s Wrong With You? // 5. Bis - Kill Yr Boyfriend // 6. Lunachicks - Drop Dead // 7. 7 Year Bitch - Dead Men Don’t Rape // 8. Tribe 8 - Frat Pig // 9. G.L.O.S.S. - Lined Lips & Spiked Bats // 10. Team Dresch - Hate the Christian Right! // 11. L7 - Fuel My Fire // 12. Bjork - Army of Me // 13. PJ Harvey - 50 Ft Queenie // 14. Hole - Retard Girl // 15. The Distillers - Bullet and the Bullseye // 16. Vapid - Hate You // 17. Poison Girls - Revenge // 18. Priests - Suck // 19. Sleater-Kinney - #1 Must Have

a lullaby cube playlist for anyone who cannot sleep

Holocene- Bon Iver/ Falling Down- Muse/ Glósóli- Sigur Rós/ No Surprises- Radiohead/ Hiding Tonight- Alex Turner/ Fairytale Lullaby- Bombay Bicycle Club/ Plastic Stars (acoustic)- Freezepop/ Bed Space- Darwin Deez/ Lullaby- The Courteeners/ VCR- The Antlers/ Take Care- Beach House/ Half Light I- Arcade Fire/ Sail Song- OH!hello/ Sleep The Clock Around- Belle and Sebastian/ Lately- Memoryhouse/ Asleep- The Smiths

If I Should Fall From Grace With God: a Rick Sanchez inspired playlist

|| Godless - The Dandy Warhols || My Medicine - The Pretty Reckless || Your Own Worst Enemy - They Might Be Giants || Cry Tough - Alton Ellis || Dumb Things - Paul Kelly || I’m Not The Man - Ben Folds || Old Number 7 - The Devil Makes Three || Forever Young - Madness || Novocaine For The Soul - Eels || If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Pogues || Sometimes A Lonely Way - They Might Be Giants || Kamikaze - PJ Harvey || I’m Getting Pissed For Christmas - Peter and the Test Tube Babies || Still I Rise - The Selecter || God Help Me - The Jesus and Mary Chain (feat. Shane MacGowan) || You’re Wondering Now - The Specials ||

Cover art by the amazing @softbutchmccree​! Pls check her out, she’s totally bomb.

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“Grow Grow Grow”

I sowed a seed
Underneath the oak tree
I trod it in
With my boots I trampled it down



I sowed a rose
Underneath the oak grove
With my boots on the ground
Into the earth I trampled it down


Teach me how to…
Teach me how to…

Teach me, Mommy
How to grow
How to catch someone’s fancy
Underneath the twisted oak grove

I’m going to try and post some scary, spooky, funny, or otherwise Halloween-ish songs when I can.   I’ll put what kind they are in all caps in the tags.

If anyone wants to be tagged in these, let me know!

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Check my ‘Halloween Playlist’ tag for more songs/videos!

Sleepy Movie Nights (Phan OneShot)

Word Count: 1626

Type: Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers

Description: Dan and Phil need a movie night in and maybe just maybe, it’ll be different this time.

A/N: I started writing this as something else but it didn’t work so I cut that part out. I also am warning you, this might make you sleepy.


Dan had been editing for hours, trying to get the video done and up as it had been a while since he had last posted on his own channel. He’d just tweeted out the link and reblogged it on tumblr, finishing up for the day. Dan got out of bed, back aching from lying on it for far too long. Dan yawned squinting his eyes shut, pushing his hands above his head, stretching out his tight joints. He heard his door open, making him open his eyes to see Phil stood in his cookie monster pjs with his grey playlist live shirt on, getting comfortable for a night in. Phil smiled as he saw his best friend being all cute and tired. Dan smiled back, looking at his handsome housemate’s eyes, glad to see him in pjs rather than jeans, possibly wanting to go grab something for dinner.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night.” Phil asked leaning against the now open door frame. Dan had to admit that Phil looked very attractive leaning on the door like that, but Dan knew that it’d never happen, nothing was going to change between them, much to Dan’s discontent. Dan beamed at Phil however, liking the prospect of cuddles for a few hours. Because in all honesty, these nights were more about cuddling then the movies, to both of them.

“Sure yeah let me get into my pjs, I’ll be right out.” Dan said turning around to get a pair of long pj bottoms and a black t-shirt that was used for lounging. Phil stood for a moment longer, watching as Dan went to his drawer to get some pjs. Phil would never admit to his slight, okay huge, crush on his best friend. He’d also never admit to hoping that tonight it would be different. Phil quickly darted away from the door frame before Dan could see him creepily watching him and his actions.

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tiny planet explorer | a playlist of songs that remind me of the wonderful, lovely pj liguori

stay awake - ellie goulding  /  hannah - freelance whales  /  fred astaire - san cisco  /   houdini - foster the people  /  on the bright side - never shout never  /  i think i like you - donora  /  i do adore - mindy gledhill  / boats & birds - gregory and the hawk  /  how deep is your love (bee gees cover) - cameron mitchell  /  out of my league - fitz and the tantrums  /  giving up the gun - vampire weekend  /  to kingdom come - passion pit  /  i sold my bed but not my stereo - capital cities  /  moon song - karen o ft. ezra koenig  /  another story - the head and the heart  /  pure - blackbird blackbird  /  heart it races - dr. dog  /  entertainment - phoenix  /  help me lose my mind - disclosure  /  misguided ghosts - paramore /  shooting stars - bag raiders


cover credit

son of ipswich

for chase collins, salem’s forgotten child

for faun-songs

listen here 

track list

centuries - fall out boy // i will not bow - breaking benjamin // witch - nostic nastic // girls like you - dangerous muse // don’t you (forget about me) - band of gold // future starts slow - the kills // help is on the way - rise against // revenge - the plain white t’s // i don’t care - fall out boy // the apocalypse song - st vincent // dance with the devil (breaking benjamin cover) - toby taylor // red right hand (nick cave and the bad seeds cover) - pj harvey


tour with Eddie Vedder.

I just watched this today for the first time. Yes, I had it on my PJ playlist, but was kind of afraid to watch it, so that I don’t feel like shit. But yeaaa I did it now, it’s fucking hillarious, “little” Eddie walkin round the streets, doing funny stuff, smelling sod, just the things I do with a friend on a nice day out. Wish that friend was Ed… yeaaaa I know, I need a boyfriend :D. Anyways, level of cuteness and depression is probably somewhere around million…

update(next mornin): yeah, do you sometimes, when you wake up after a little depressed night, wish you didn’t write stuff like that? It’s strange how it sometimes looks so fucking stupid when enlightened by morning sun, you know. But than there are times when the sun in to morning wakes you up to even bigger darkness than it was at night. But I stand for what I’ve written, it’s so liberating to say what I feel and think no matter how stupid it is.



I don’t know if you guys watched PJ’s new video but please do watch it if you haven’t, espacially if you are planning to go to SITC or any other convention. This is really important.