Flight Attendant

Another idea from @joeyskinnyleg. Thanks for Jeff, love :P

Joe wasn’t used to attention, not from other guys. Even when Jack started to charm him, he hadn’t known what to do. Joe struggled to flirt with girls, so add in the confusion of sudden feelings for a person of the same gender, and one as attractive at Jack, it had only caused him to grow flustered and awkward. He just wasn’t used to the attention.

So when the flight attendant, Jeff as he introduced himself, started to smile a little more broadly at Joe, leaning in close to ask him a question, his hand lingering on Joe’s arm, he wasn’t sure what to do.

So he smiled back at the flight attendant, who wasn’t bad looking if Joe thought about it, and promised him that he would call if he needed something. And when Jeff offered him another beaming smile before sauntering off, Joe shuffled awkwardly in his seat. Because he didn’t know how to handle the attention.

“Seriously?” The word was hissed from beside him, and Joe turned his head to look over at his boyfriend, who was slumped in his seat, arms crossed tightly, lips pressed together in a hard line.

“What?” Joe asked, genuinely confused, his head cocking to the side.

“That man—“


Jeff,” Jack spat the name, “Was flirting with you.”

“He was?” Joe leaned over into the aisle, looking up and down, before he settled back in his seat, blinking.

“How are you so oblivious at times…” Jack muttered to himself, shaking his head.

“He was just doing his job.”

“He was flirting.”

“He was being nice.”


Joe just rolled his eyes, looking at the screen in front of him, his mind going over what occurred. Was Jeff flirting? Okay, he had been attentive. But he had to be. Didn’t he? There were times that Joe wished he was able to catch on to stuff like this better, because then maybe he’d see what Jack saw. But honestly, he didn’t think Jeff was flirting. Just being the flight attendant he was supposed to be. And they were keen on customer service. Right?

Except Jeff, as Joe learned, was only keen on making sure Joe was taken care of. If Jack so much as opened his mouth to ask for something, the flight attendant would narrow his eyes until Jack closed his mouth again.

Joe did his best to assure his boyfriend that it was probably nothing, and would simply ask Jeff for the item, who would then happily drop whatever he was doing and run to grab it.

“Flirting.” Jack mumbled grumpily, looking out the window.

That was the other thing; Joe didn’t understand what was bothering Jack. Yes, Joe had accepted that Jeff was a little more friendly towards him, but he couldn’t get what was upsetting to Jack. He knew Joe was uncomfortable getting attention from other people, man or woman, and would only offer the bare minimum as a reply, so it wasn’t like Jack had to worry about Joe flirting — not that Jeff was, because Joe was sure he’d notice flirting. Wouldn’t he?

It wasn’t until Joe got up to use the washroom that he realized just how friendly Jeff wanted to be.

Joe had just slipped out of the door, stepping back into the flight attendant area to allow an elderly lady enter the now vacant cubicle, when he felt a hand on the small of his back.

Jumping at the contact, Joe spun around, his back hitting the wall as he stared wide eyed at Jeff. The older man had stepped closer, a smile on his face. But this smile was different from before, more private, more intimate. Joe swallowed as he looked around the area, hoping there was someone else. But they were alone.

“Hope you aren’t too tense from the flight. I know how cramped muscles can get during long periods of time.” Jeff’s voice was low, and his fingers brushed down Joe’s arm.

“Oh, no. I’m fine. Thanks.” Joe offered him a smile, hoping that the man would step back, but if anything, he moved closer.

“I can help relieve some….tension, if you need.”

And that was when it all clicked for Joe.

“I should get back to my boyfriend.” He squeaked out, shuffling along the wall until he stumbled into the aisle. Straightening himself, he offered a quick smile to the passengers he had startled, and hurried to his seat, sinking into it with cheeks ablaze.

“You alright?” Jack asked, noticing the smaller man’s discomfort.


“You don’t look fine.”

“Just, tired.”

“Joe,” Jack’s tone was firm, and he used his thumb and forefinger to grip Joe’s chin lightly, turning his head so their eyes met. “What happened?”

“Maybe you were right about Jeff.”

“He was flirting with you again?” A flash of something passed through Jack’s blue eyes

“Er, not quite. Well kind of. But, more?” Joe questioned hesitantly.

“More?” Jack repeated, his hand falling to his lap.

“He offered to relieve some…tension.” Joe watched Jack’s face as he went through the process of figuring out what the words meant, and then his face tightened into something hard.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Jack, it’s fine!” Joe placed a hand on the younger man’s chest, stopping him from moving. “Don’t worry. I told him I had to get back to my boyfriend. And left.”

“He shouldn’t have done it in the first place.” Jack grumbled, falling back heavily against his seat.

“Well, no. Probably not. But anyways, you were right. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Jack blinked over at Joe, noticing just how flustered he was. “Babe, you don’t have to apologize for my jealousy.” Jack laughed lightly, reaching over to take Joe’s hand in his. “But you are very adorable when you get flustered.”

“I just…how did I not notice?”

“Because you are innocent and I love it.”

“Piss off.” It was Joe’s turn to grumble, but Jack just chuckled, leaning over to close the divider on the other side of Joe’s seat, leaving them in semi-privacy. Joe looked over at Jack, confusion taking over his expression. “What are you doing?”

“Showing Jeff that you’re taken.” Jack smirked, tugging Joe closer.

A while later, when Jeff stopped in to check on his favourite passenger, his eyes narrowed at the new mark blossoming on Joe’s neck.

Jack smirked proudly over at the flight attendant, his fingers laced through Joe’s.

And Joe, well he had his eyes locked down on his lap as his cheeks burned red. Apparently jealous Jack meant leaving very obvious signs that Joe was taken, and well, Joe wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he quite enjoyed the possessive side of Jack.