Just a Kiss (Secret Garden Rave) // Imogen & Joe

Imogen was having an amazing night so far. She’d started drinking hours before when she’d arrived at Stacey’s to get ready, and hadn’t really stopped since. She’d brought a secret stash of drugs with her, mainly her usual packet of coke along with some LSD tabs to really get into the rave. She’d never been to a rave before, but although this was a new experience for her, she found that getting into the mentality of it was surprisingly easy as long as you had good drugs on you. Imogen had been spending a lot of the night dancing and partying in The Garden, but by now she was pretty tired out and gasping for a drink, so she removed herself from the area and went to sit down in Pan’s Circle. She saw some random guy hanging around in furry shorts and with horns on his head, and wondered if she was hallucinating or not. She sat down on one of the little benches and took a tab out of her pocket, placing it on her tongue and looking around to make sure nobody she knew had seen her. She knew that most of them were on drugs anyway, but she didn’t want anyone to know she was having too many because she preferred to keep her drug habits a secret. She smiled as her vision distorted. It felt blissful. She wondered where Stacey was. And Vicky. And Emilia. And Finn. And Anna. She couldn’t see any of her friends anywhere. Looking around her, she caught a glimpse of a familiar face. It was Joe. She liked Joe. She hadn’t really seen him since the awkward kiss, but the fact that she was drunk and drugged-up meant that she didn’t really feel embarrassed about it at the moment. Standing up, she stumbled over to him and yelled, “’Iya!” in his face, wrapping her arms around him in a tight, friendly hug. 

The Race Is On // Imogen & Joe

“Tomorrow, noon, tha park, be there.”
Imogen was beginning to regret that statement after all the events of last night. However, she knew that sitting around in her bedroom, listening to Boyzone and moping wouldn’t exactly make her feel any better so it was best to just get out of the house. Plus, Julia was home now from wherever the fuck she’d been so the less time spent there, the better. She didn’t even know what was going to happen today. A silly race had been arranged through banter and now Imogen found herself actually wearing Converse trainers. That was some serious dedication. She hadn’t worn these shoes for years but they somehow still fit quite well, but that didn’t mean that she was going to wear sporty gear for this little exercise. That was just too much. She was, however, wearing a pair of metallic hot-pants, which were probably the only item of clothing in her wardrobe vaguely sports-related. She had her hair tied up in a bun and she was wearing as much make-up as possible to make up for the lack of heels on her feet. Imogen was looking forward to this, though - she and Joe had got off to a rocky start but she did genuinely like him and enjoyed teasing him, so she knew they’d have a laugh whatever happened. She arrived at the park at 12pm sharp and leaned against the park gate, patiently waiting for Joe to show up.