some guy: brings you flowers

alucard emery: gives up four years of his life to buy a magic mirror that’ll show you, in front of your brother and several other people, the objective truth of how he was beaten half to death by his own father for loving you and forced to leave against his will so that you’ll understand just how much he still loves you

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Percabeth Headcanon: Married

(Hey y’all. I took a moment out of my life and I got the smallest pinch of motivation to do this request. Again, I’m so incredibly sorry about my absence, and I completely understand if I dropped the ball on this one. I wanted to try! Hope you enjoy <3)

  • Percy would shift silently into Annabeth’s study after she’d been at her work for hours and gently kiss her forehead in greeting, never speaking a word as he left her to her planning.
  • Annabeth knew never to get too comfortable with the cup of coffee she made herself in the mornings. Ten minutes out of his shower, Percy would swoop in and happily take the slightly drunk cup of coffee right off the table next to her book.
  • Sometimes, when the pair got really busy, they communicated in sticky-notes on the fridge. The longest the chain went was twenty notes back and forth. Sally made sure to get them packs of blue and grey sticky notes for Christmas.
  • Annabeth could always expect Percy to move his arms around her waist from behind as she cooked dinner, his chin resting against her shoulder so he could watch what she was doing.
  • During Winter months, Percy always checked Annabeth’s half of the closet first for his long-sleeves before he even bothered checking his own side. Nine times out of ten she had already claimed them before the first snow fall.
  • Percy and Annabeth would typically walk into their apartment to find people already there. After making the mistake of letting Leo watch their house, the man made a copy of their key and distributed it among their friends. However, it was nice when dinner would be made by the time they were home from work.
  • Percy never passed on the chance to get a massage from Annabeth. His favorite times would be when she rubbed and scratched his back as she read before bed, her hand movements both attentive and mindless.
  • Percy had a habit of mentally telling himself to remind Annabeth they were out of milk, but he rarely ever followed through on the mental note. This left the pair constantly out of milk and forced Annabeth to set a weekly reminder to check if they had enough.
  • While their genuine arguing could get intense, their curious arguing could go on for hours as the couple faced one another on the couch, drilling each other with questions as they tried to prove their point. 
  • On the nights that were bad, they would lightly kiss over each others scars instead of trying to force themselves back to sleep. They gave each scar a moment of attention, the more memorable scars usually getting the story. The thought bad dreams faded after a while, and they fell asleep only remembering surviving the other side of their scars.

se inevitável
for viver o inverno
vale a lágrima no vão do eterno


 Model Monday: Building with LEGOs

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago created its “Brick by Brick” exhibit to make the ideas behind large and complex structures more accessible. With models built entirely from LEGOs, the show emphasizes the aspects of play at work in architecture. The museum asked design firms and schools to use the beloved plastic blocks to imagine new models for sustainable building. Our contribution, titled “More with Less,” represents an abstract structural network of bricks that can be scaled to an array of building typologies. Shown here are some of the study models created during the design process for the final exhibition, on view at the museum until September.