Model Monday: Burr Street Elementary School

Located on a heavily wooded site in rural Connecticut, Burr Street Elementary School integrates nature with the day-to-day experiences of its students. By cutting a series of courtyards into the building plan, SOM’s design allowed existing trees to remain in place, while bringing natural light and air into the center of the school. More than just a source of greenery, these courtyard spaces function as outdoor classrooms within the building volume. This presentation model opens up to reveal the arrangement of spaces inside. Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms line the glass-walled east and west edges, each side providing woodland views that reinforce the sense of connection to nature. Learn more


Hello, Harvest Moon fans! Taka here again with more great news! For those that don’t know me, I’m the producer of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, which will be coming out for Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android. I wanted to talk a little about another fundamental aspect of Harvest Moon…relationships.

Harvest Moon has always been about building a successful life, which means running a successful farm, and also building a meaningful life with friends and family. Marriage has always been an important part of the franchise, and in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, we wanted to be careful to balance it against other gameplay aspects. We also want to make sure that wooing your favorite bachelor or bachelorette isn’t so time consuming that you can’t get to the other parts of the game you love. Therefore, we’ve put a lot of thought into how to balance dating, marriage, and family in Seeds of Memories.

First, we’ve made it so affection meters are visible on each text box. Raising your affection with all of the villagers – not just the bachelors and bachelorettes – will be a key part to restoring the memories of the villagers in Chestnut Town. Second, we’re bringing back foraging and gift giving. We know for some fans, their absence was felt in The Lost Valley, and it makes sense for Seeds of Memories to include them.  Just like classic Harvest Moon games, each villager has their own tastes, and may like or dislike certain items, including those foraged in the nearby mountains.

We’ve also increased the number of bachelors and bachelorettes. You may remember April, Catherine, and Emily, as well as Gilbert, Hunter, and Tony from Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.  These characters will be returning as marriage candidates, along with Luke and Andrea, who will be part of the Seeds of Memories cast!  

We’re also excited to announce that, due to fan demand, we’re adding two additional marriage candidates: Tabitha, the witch extraordinaire, and Gareth, the logical wizard! Both of these magical characters give fans a chance to add a dash of the mystical to their romantic relationships!

 And getting married isn’t just window dressing…it’s a big part of restoring the Seeds of Memories in the game! But we’ll be discussing that more in a future Development Diary!