pjo the sea of monsters

okay but in sea of monsters when percy saved annabeth from the sirens and he put them in a little air bubble underwater and she just started sobbing on his shoulder and he was like “now all the fish are going to start rumors about the son of poseidon and daughter of athena” and then in the last olympian when they had the underwater kiss (!!) the fish must’ve like “WE FUCKIN KNEW IT”


For anon…reader is mortal as requested. They have the same mother. Enjoy!

Y/N giggled loudly as she ran through the cabin. Her brother, Percy, was right on her heels in an attempt to catch her. Having gotten permission from Chiron and Dionysus, Percy was able to spend time with his family. It turned out that his mom and sister were about to stay in a cabin when he met up with them.

“Percy,” she called with a chuckle.

Percy smiled as he hopped over the couch in order to cut her off. He quickly grabbed her by the waist and held tight. She let out a playful shriek as she and Percy barreled onto the sofa.

“Don’t you do it,” she warned through giggles.
The brother cocked a brow. “Do what? Oh, you mean this?”

Percy unleashed a barrage of tickles on his sister. She squealed and jerked as he did so. Eventually, he ended up laughing as well. His sister had the most contagious laugh, he couldn’t help but join.

Soon, Percy relented his attack on his sister, allowing her to calm down. Grinning maliciously, Y/N stuck her feet in her brother’s face. He turned slightly in disgust.

“Oh, that is…why?” he questioned.
“Because, you’re my brother,” she replied, hopping onto his back, “Now let’s ride!”
“You are insane,” he commented with a sly grin.
“Where do you think I got it from?”

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Athena expects her children to create things, not just tear them down, like a certain God of earthquakes I could mention.
—  Annabeth Chase, The Lightning Thief