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pantherlover  asked:

Hi! I absolutely LOVE your PJO genderswap verse and I was wondering if I could request a scene between Andy and Poseidon? Thank you so much!

(For those new to this AU, Andy is short for Pandora, aka girl!Percy. This fic is an AU of their meeting at the end of The Lightning Thief. I headcanon that Pandora is angrier and less inclined to give a shit about Poseidon than Percy is - society is even less kind to girls who are seen to act out than boys)


Andy was alone in the throne room with her father. “Your uncle,” Poseidon sighed, “has always had a flair for dramatic exits. I think he would’ve done well as the god of theatre.”

The beat of silence that followed somehow managed to be deafening. Pandora Jackson stared up at her father, the actual, real life Greek God of the Sea, and all she could think was man, what a dick.

“Really?” she demanded. He couldn’t even be bothered getting off his stupid throne to face her properly. “Really?”

He regarded her for another long moment, and everything in Andy ached to yell some more. To demand answers. To make him see her, make him take back his words about her being a wrongdoing, make him come down to her level and say I was wrong. I should have done more.

But none of that was going to happen. Honestly, it would have been a stretch even if he was a human dad, and there was nothing human about Poseidon right now. Oh sure, his eyes crinkled at the corners and he was wearing freaking Bermuda shorts, but he was still huge, and Andy’s body still thrummed from his proximity.

A couple of weeks ago, Andy might have blamed herself for not being good enough, or any kind of enough. But it turned out that finding you were a demigod and embarking on a quest to the Underworld to find your mom and save the world was a good self-esteem booster. Whatever the issue was, it was clearly his issue.

Andy gave the God of the Sea a couple of extra seconds to actually man up and speak to her, before she decided to wash her hands with the whole situation. Hoping she wasn’t about to get tridented in the back or something, she turn on her heel and started to walk.

“Kronos is coming back,” she called over her shoulder. “I mean, I’m pretty sure. Have fun with that, I guess.”

“Such a thing is not possible. He speaks to us, on occasion. Stirs the monsters against us. But to return–”

She stopped. Didn’t turn back. “Look, I’m just passing on the message. Straight from the Titan’s mouth. He’s getting better, and if you don’t do something about it soon, it’s gonna be too late.” She snorted. “But I guess that’s what you all have kids for, right?”

“Your mouth is going to get you in trouble one day, girl.” He sounded a lot closer now, and she jumped, unable to stop herself from glancing back. He had come down from his throne, was human-sized now. It didn’t make him any easier to be around. 

“You’re about eleven years too late for that,” she shot back around the sudden lump in her throat. She hadn’t expected him to come down. She hadn’t expected anything from him at all. It was easier that way.

Sea-green eyes regarded sea-green eyes, and Andy’s body vibrated for a whole different reason now. You probably couldn’t punch the Sea God though, even if he was your crappy dad.

“You were a mistake,” he said finally. “But you weren’t born to shield the gods, Pandora. You have completed your quest. Your part is done.”

“I’m a mistake?” she echoed. Not for the first time, she considered that her mom had terrible taste in men. “Hey, how about this: eat me.”

She waited a beat for her inevitable doom, but something even more fantastical happened.

He tipped his head back, and he laughed.

It was a great, booming sound, like waves crashing on the rocks. “The sea does not like to be restrained,” he said, when he was done. “For all the trouble you have brought, you are indeed my daughter. It is not a blessing.”

“I’m Sally Jackson’s daughter,” she shot back, trying to shove down the warm glow that suffused her chest, despite everything. “I haven’t decided how I feel about you yet.”