look Percy (the real Percy from PJO) is witty with a sarcastic self-deprecating sense of humor I relate to on a personal level. He’s not a happy-go-lucky kid ready to spread joy and cheer, but he’s also not…cruel. He’s not hard and sharp. He’s soft and compassionate. He’s always been the first to jump to an underdog’s defense, another trait I really relate to. The first to protect or befriend them if he saw they needed a friend, even if it means no one else wanted to be his friend for befriending said person. Percy’s ADHD sometimes gets him into trouble in school (as well as uncalled for monster attacks) but he’s not a troublemaker and he’s not ‘a cool kid’ either. Percy tries to keep his head down and not get into trouble, not get noticed, and he chooses to hang out with the lonely, misfit-ish kids at school, like Grover, then Tyson, and then Rachel. In Gym class his dodgeball team was made up of all the misfit bullied kids in school because he likes them, feels for them, and wants to defend them. Percy has such a big, bleeding heart. Even when Annabeth was missing in TTC and Percy was worried sick about her, Percy still went out of his way to cheer up Bianca and a random shop owner he didn’t even know just because they looked sad. He bought a rubber rat from a lonely shop owner just to cheer that person up, to see that person smile, and was bashfully surprised when Bianca called him “a good guy”. Like I get Percy is a great warrior and intimidating in battle (especially when he’s angry), but I don’t think he’s this intimidating loner enigma in school or in general, nor is he some popular talkative goofball. Percy rolls into Goode High on a beat up skateboard wearing similarly beat up clothes and meets eccentric paint-splattered Rachel at her locker and then they chat about video games and her “save the marine life” campaign this weekend or poke fun at the ‘mean popular’ kids on their way to class cause not all the cool kids are mean or go tell some upper class man picking on some freshmen to fuck off. Percy’s done some weird and wild stuff being a demigod, sure, but he’s still a dork who trips over his own feet and is nice even if he’s not real outgoing and the Mist is still a thing, which makes mortals forget about a lot of the scary stuff. He’s probably viewed as more strange by others than intimidating, running off or disappearing all of a sudden and then reappearing with no real explanation. He’s a witty misfit dork with a heart of gold. People are probably more “wtf” about Percy Jackson than “jfc”.

Scary realizations about Heroes of Olympus characters that make you glad they are good guys

Frank: Can turn into any animal.. so basically he could kill you and make it look like an animal attacked you and no one would be the wiser.

Hazel: She could actually pull all the metal out of your body Magneto style and bury you very quickly.

Percy: Can actually stop your body fluid from flowing. Like make your blood stop flowing.

Annabeth: Has the skill and the strategy to kill you without ever seeing jail time.

Leo: besides the obvious fire! He can rig your car to blow up with little to no effort. Amongst other things he could rewire in your home.

Jason: could manipulate the electricity that your body produces naturally. Shock your heart with no issue.

Piper: umm.. all she has to do is tell you to kill yourself.

Reyna: Same as Annabeth only with much more PTSD on her record.

Nico: We have already seen he can strip people down to ghost form. But he can manipulate dreams! Scare you to death or shadow travel you to the middle of the ocean drop your ass and leave.

Will: He might be the scariest. He is a pacifist thank gods but he knows every single pressure point in your body. He could paralyze you in 3 touches. We all know he can fix things but what if the power also can do the reverse? Like when you have to rebreak bones to set them? Can he break your bones or hurt your organs with his power? Probably. First he makes you deaf with that whistle then leaves you forever stuck inside your own head unable to ever move your body.

Uh, Tampons?

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Percy Jackson was having a completely normal and routine morning. He got up, somewhat made his bed, got dressed and left his cabin. Like every morning, he walked across the common to get to Cabin 6 to say good morning to Annabeth, his girlfriend of 2 weeks, and walk her to breakfast. This part of his morning was his favorite. Consistent, peaceful, and no monsters. He kicked a little pebble and it flew a short distance in the grass, lying a few feet away. He kicked it again, and again, and again, and before he knew it, he was standing in front of the Athena cabin.

The consistency of his morning broke when Annabeth was nowhere to be seen. She was always standing on the porch of her cabin ready to go. This morning, the porch was unoccupied, and the cabin was quiet.

Percy’s eyebrows knit together, and he looked around. He concluded she must have just been running a little late, so he stepped onto the porch and took a seat. He froze when he heard voices coming from inside the cabin. Normally, he would’ve been fine by it, but these voices sounded kind of pissed off. He recognized his girlfriend’s voice right off the bat.

“…I can’t believe I ruined them, I always keep track so this doesn’t happen!”

“Listen to me, it happens to everyone. No one is as organized as you.” This voice Percy recognized as Cristina, one of Annabeth’s sisters.

“I guess these last few weeks I haven’t kept a calendar,” Annabeth muttered.

“Well, there is the situation of Percy. He’s probably kept you distracted,” giggled Cristina.

“Shut up, everything hurts.”

Percy walked up to the door and knocked, not wanting to eavesdrop anymore. Annabeth opened the door. She was dressed, but she looked frazzled. She smiled at Percy and told him she’d be just a second. She turned into the cabin and Cristina came out and sat in the chair in the porch.

“Is everything okay?” Percy half-whispered.

Cristina had a confused look on her face for a moment, then threw her head back in laughter. Percy must have looked really startled because she just started laughing more. By the time she stopped, Percy felt really uncomfortable and just wanted Annabeth out here already.

“Everything’s fine, Percy,” she said.

Percy nodded, still feeling pretty stupid when Annabeth stepped outside and smiled at him. He gave her one of his signature troublemaker smiles, and the started down to the dining pavilion hand in hand.

Percy grabbed his usual of a blueberry bagel. He went to grab Annabeth’s favorite for her, a banana and a yogurt, when she snapped, “I can do it myself, Percy.”

He looked over at her, taken aback by the harshness of her words. He raised his hands in mock surrender, and let her grab her food. They went to sit together at the Poseidon table and Annabeth put her head on his shoulder. He stroked her hair and wondered what was up with her. Annabeth softly muttered an apology.

Sure, before they’d begun dating, they had been close, but never this close. They trained together every day and spent maybe 2 day’s free time together per week. Now they spent meals, training, and free time together almost every day. Percy had really never seen her like this. Almost immediately, Annabeth returned to her normal self. Percy pushed it out of his mind for the remainder of breakfast.

After training, Annabeth said she needed to go talk to one of the Hermes girls. Percy stood around, utterly confused. He didn’t know what was happening with Annabeth; she never talked to this girl, and Percy was still wondering what happened in the Athena cabin this morning.

Annabeth walked back holding a plastic bag. Judging by this super weird morning, Percy wasn’t sure he wanted to ask what was in it.

“Everything good?” he asked her.

Annabeth gave him a sort of quizzical look. “Everything’s fine, why?”

“Oh, no reason.” Percy was really confused now. He didn’t know how to found out what was happening. On second thought…

Oh, no, he thought. I can’t be that desperate.

He was.

Annabeth insisted on going back to her cabin after lunch, so Percy casually-not-so-casually traipsed down to the Aphrodite cabin to find… Drew Tanaka. He shuddered at the thought, but he didn’t know another way.

He walked up and knocked on the door. A short girl with braces and pigtails opened the door.

“Hey, Lacey. Is… uh… Drew around?” Percy muttered.

Little Lacey almost did a double take when he asked for Drew.

“Uhh… yeah, she’s just in here,” Lacey said. “Drew!” she called over her shoulder.

“What do you want… Oh! Hey, Percy,” Drew ended flirtatiously.

“Uh, hey, Drew… can I, uh… ask you something?” Percy rubbed his neck sheepishly.

Drew opened the door of the cabin wider and ushered Percy in. He looked around, noticing the small differences now that Drew was head counselor. The bunk area of each camper was less personalized, and the cabin lacked its usual peppiness.

“So, what did you want to ask me?” Drew asked, a little too teasingly for his liking.

“Uh, it’s about Annabeth,” he added quickly.

Drew looked a little disappointed, but she nodded at him to go on.

“Well,” and he dove into the details, including what he overheard and how Annabeth was acting, down to the plastic bag that she got from one of the Stolls. Drew got slowly more amused as the story went on, and she started laughing when it became evident that he had no clue what was going on. Percy, startled, stopped and stared at her. Drew waved him on, laughing too hard for words. When he finished, he asked, “So, what do you think was in the bag?”

Drew looked at him like the answer was the most obvious in the world.


Percy stared at her blankly, a blush rising rapidly to his face. He looked down, clearly embarrassed that he hadn’t known that.

“Uh, tampons?”

Drew started giggling again.

“You’ve never had to deal with a girlfriend on her period, have you?” she said.

Percy shook his head, blushing hard.

“Well, she’s going to be moody, in pain, and probably a little bloated for a few more days. Each girl is affected differently by her period, though. Those are just the most common side effects.” Drew explained.

Percy was very clearly flustered, so he cut her short. “How do I cheer her up?” he asked.

Drew smiled coyly and leaned in, like it was a big secret.


Percy walked to the Athena table at dinner holding a little package, eyes following him. He reached Annabeth and put the box in her lap, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

He whispered a sweet message in her ear before walking back to the Poseidon table.

Later that night, they walked slowly to the amphitheater for a campfire and Annabeth leaned in.

“Chocolate? Really?”

Percy blushed and chuckled nervously.

“How’d you figure it out? I wouldn’t expect a dense son of Poseidon to put two and two together,” she said.

“I, uh, didn’t,” Percy muttered sheepishly.

Annabeth looked over at him warily, studying the look on his face before coming to what seemed like a conclusion. Her face bloomed into hysterics, and she doubled over laughing. Her shoulders shook and she came back up, her hand clutching her stomach. Through giggles she said, “You—went to—Drew—for help?” After a few more seconds of laughing, she sobered up and straightened her back, coming up to face Percy.

Percy nodded his head, his face red with embarrassment. Annabeth went up on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his lips, smiling all the while.

“That is the single sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me,” she joked, giggling.

Percy smiled down at her and stopped walking, having reached Cabin 6. Annabeth hugged him and muttered a thank you against his chest.

The door burst open suddenly, Cristina peeking her head out.

“Did he figure it out?” she asked, out of breath.

Annabeth laughed and fished around in her pocket. She found what she was looking for and tossed a golden drachma into Cristina’s open hands.

Percy, realizing he’d been bet against by his own girlfriend, burst, “Hey!”

Both the girls started laughing and Annabeth placed one final kiss on Percy’s cheek before walking inside her cabin. Percy smiled, obviously having done something right.

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Percabeth 2a

DID I USE THIS REQUEST AS AN EXCUSE TO DRAW THEM DANCING???? YOU CAN’T ACUSE ME OF ANYTHING PENDEJOS !!! (this has been such an angsty week for my percabeth lmao lemme draw then in peace for once)

Tattoo Soulmate AU

Based on the AU where you get a tattoo of what your soulmate likes

  • Percy’s tattoo is really neat and organized
  • .It’s got blueprints and a building with lots of columns, along with an old movie reel and popcorn
  • Eventually Percy’s own name shows up on his tattoo written in slightly messy cursive (When you and you’re soulmate fall in love, your name is added as something they love)
  • Annabeth’s tattoo has the word “Mom” written in Ancient Greek, along with a picture of the ocean and a blue chocolate chip cookie
  • When the word “Annabeth” shows up it’s written really messily in print
  • Jason’s has a picture of a surfboard on it, a feather, and the words "Dad" and “Grandpa Tom”
  • When “Jason” shows up it’s written in loopy cursive, like an autograph
  • Piper’s tattoo has a purple banner with a gold eagle and “S.P.Q.R” written on it, a brownie, and a few names, including a smudged one that eventually becomes clear enough to read “Thalia”
  • “Piper” is written in small, neat, print
  • Hazel used to have a different tattoo, one that corresponded with Sammy’s interests and had her name written in a familiar messy scrawl.
  • Now her tattoo has “Grandmother” and “Mom” written in mandarin Chinese, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and an elephant
  • “Hazel” is written quickly but neatly in print
  • Frank’s tattoo has a horse surrounded by colored pencils, paints, and paper, along with the name “Nico”
  • “Frank” is written in extremely neat and careful cursive
  • Will is glad there’s a videogame controller on his, along with word “Mother” in Italian and “Bianca.” For a while there was splatter of sea green in the corner of the tattoo but it eventually started to change into a bright blue, the color of Will’s eyes. The name “Hazel” also appeared.
  • “Will” is written in perfect cursive
  • Nico’s tattoo has bandages, a videogame controller, and the sun.
  • “Nico” shows up written horrible messy and pretty much completely illegible

Since there are only two things I love in life and that is PJO and Musicals I have to (not really but since u guys asked) share my thoughts with swear words on the matter of The Lightning Thief Musical

I had to listen to the benefit concert again to re-familiarize myself with the previous thing (and also bc the original thing got copyrighted down)

  • Musical Theater is the best fucking platform to use when you want to portray fantasy (at least imo) because you already have this huge suspended sense of disbelief. I mean you get that with movies and books and shit but there is so much fucking leeway when you’re in musical theater. the very idea that we accept people suddenly breaking out into song as a norm is enough for making anything in the mythical universe be so much more acceptable believable bc let’s be real if we get like any other live action version of shit like a tv series or a movie (remember the cgi on the second one? remember the sharks???? yeah i thought so) it’s not gonna live up but in Theater since you already got this massive suspension of disbelief then fuck anything is possible and acceptable. (I mean shrek the musical, it was great but like man was it terrifying)
  • We will really get a better sense of the characters that can never ever ever be properly portrayed in movie form because they will fucking sing you their wants and feelings and motivations and insecurities and their relationship with one another. things that would take up like a lot of time in the movie could be solved with one song like a course of a relationship can be defined via duet. the literal actual journey of the trio could be sung in one number and you’d feel like yeah that was enough to explain the whole thing without feeling like it’s missing something (bc musicals are fucking magic like that lol no bc it gives the opportunity to literally tell you the plot of the story without it feeling too direct u get me? if not pls refer to the first song of the old musical)
  • THE SONGS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? WE GET SONGS. WE GET TO FUCKING SING ALONG TO PERCY JACKSON. I MEAN. SOOONGSSSS. We don’t just get like a theme (i.e. Hedwig’s theme, the Imperial March, whatev) but we get FUCKING SONGS (i am pumped for that if you can’t tell I already loved the old ones). The songs as said above will give us better rounded feel of the characters that can and will closely resemble the books. And ofc important (even not so) character has their own songs that explores their depth more thoroughly than any movie adaptation can. Also the amount of storytelling you can get from music is just so fucking vast. if done well the score could carry so much meaning (i.e. Next to Normal man the one with Natalie and Diana with their duets i mean come on) and can you imagine what kind of reprises we can get from this musical???? Like reprises are meant to reintroduce a certain theme or a situation in a new perspective and I mean the number of things that happened in the book that are like in the whole series!!!!
  • Also if they do the some counterpoint duets and those different parts of different song  in one shit that I love then it’s gonna be beautiful or funny or dramatic or all of the  a-fuckin-bove. i am so ready.
  • it would give so much room for like the set and shit i mean in musicals you don’t expect the camp to be a camp camp unlike movies where you want there to be an actual physical space to see but ofc this is theater so u don’t get that but it’s totally fucking okay bc it is a musical. we dont have the same expectations we have with the movie bc hey it’s a musical what are you gonna do am i rite?
  • But at the same time have u fuckin seen what a good set design can do even with a small theater??? it can fucking transport you. a good set design is like having a fucking portal to take you there (e.g. Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, Hamilton, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Next to Normal, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)
  • The cast. like in movies and shit constantly changing cast would be super duper taboo like everyone noticed how Pierce Brosnan was no longer Chiron right? and that bothered the fuck out of me but like with musicals when the next one comes ad there’s another percy it’s totally fucking acceptable bc hey that’s how it works man also different actors give different things in their performances which is often what happens and they give a different aspect of a character you might not have seen before
  • Also I see some people are all ‘But they’re not 12′ again and yeah okay they don’t look like 12 year olds bc duh they are adults but that’s okay bc it’s a musical! Aside from the law and problematic puberty that happens to 12 year olds having adults portray children is so much more palatable in musicals (e.g. Big Fish, Hamilton (bc u know anthony ramos didn’t look like a fuckin child but no one questioned it bc musical)).
  • the fact that this is a first to like 4 more is fucking crazy. i mean realistically i don’t expect there to be more but i mean if it does push forward do all the books that is insane. musicals don’t normally have sequels save for a few like the harry potter parodies and the phantom of the opera but aside from those you rarely ever get to see musicals with sequels let alone a fucking series so that’s something new
  • Okay so I might have lied a little bit there a number of musicals with sequels but like they are so unsuccessful like fade into obscurity kind of unsuccessful. so here’s the thing with having like a PJO musical series. the whole thing actual has one major plot to follow unlike previous sequel-ed musicals where they are not part of an overall narrative just an extension of what was said before. Let’s take Phantom of the Opera as an example alright? the Love Never Dies sequel was like a what happened after not really super important to the overall but with PJO when the play ends it’s open ended bc the story isn’t finished so you know that’s new.

with all that being said 

im no expert just a very excited fan of musical and pjo 

 overall just very excited for the musical aces guys


He looked your age sure but you knew he was far from that. He was the god Apollo even though at the moment he was technically mortal. Perhaps the flirty god had become bored and that’s why he started to take interest in you.

“Um my lord”.

“Please call me Apollo” the god smirked.

“Right… with all do respect please stop whatever the hell you’re doing”.