trigger warning: islamophobia

so, a couple of days ago I received these messages, about this drawing of Samirah, Magnus and Alex.

When I asked them why even sending this, they told me to “stop promoting islamos” on their fanbase. 

So you know what i’m gonna do?

THIS IS FOR YOU @spookthegook

Samirah “OMG Amir is looking at me
Samirah “Magnus you MORON
Samirah “I’m gonna kick the shit out of that asshole

And of course
Samirah the Amazing Valkyrie


If Nico had a phone, his contacts would be like:

Hades: Only Dad

Persephone: Crazy Stepmom

Will: My Sunny Bitch

Hazel: Little Angel

Frank: My Strange Brother In Law

Percy: Still Not My Type

Reyna: My Bestie

Jason: Son Of Jupiter

anonymous asked:

Could you write an asexual Percy that wants kids so he and Annabeth have brain babies using special child of Athena powers? Please and Thank you.

  • Percy looked over at Annabeth who was reading her book as he watched some TV in bed. He’s been having one thing on his mind for awhile and hoped his wife would be willing to help him figure out what to do. 
  • He turned off the TV and Annabeth glanced at him for a moment before going back to her book. 
  • “Annabeth, can we talk?” He asked.
  • Annabeth bookmarked her page with her owl bookmark Percy got for her as a birthday gift. She looked at him with slight concern. 
  • “What do you want to talk about?” She asked. 
  • “I want kids.” He replied. “I really want kids.”
  • “Percy, you know babies are made by having sex, right?” She asked.
  • “I know.” He sighed. “They won’t be my biological kids but there are other options, sperm banks and adoption.”
  • Annabeth moved over and hugged her husband close. She knew having sex wasn’t an option for Percy and wanting kids was a big deal. It would cost them a lot of money either for adoption or getting sperm for her. 
  • “I want kids too.” She replied. “Maybe adoption would be best, that way the kid doesn’t have any of our characteristics.”
  • “You sure you don’t want a kid with your blonde hair or gray eyes? Or your brains?” He asked. “Our kid would be smart.”
  • She smiled, thinking about a possible child that would have her and Percy’s qualities. “But you know what would be even better? If the kid had your beautiful green eyes.”
  • “Annabeth…”
  • “It’s just fun to imagine.” She replied. “I do think about what our kids would be like. What if they had my hair and your eyes?”
  • “A blonde with green eyes? What about my black hair and your gray eyes? And your brains with my humor.”
  • “Then we would be in trouble.” She smiled. 
  • He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Thinking about a kid that would be a mixture of the two of them. When he was younger, he thought his friend Sadie Carter would look like the child him and Annabeth would have.
  • “We would handle them.” He replied. “We work great together.”
  • Annabeth looked up at him with a smile. “So, our child would have my brains, your humor, your green eyes, and my blonde hair?” 
  • “Why are you so set on the eyes?” He asked.
  • “Because, your eyes are much more prettier to look at.” She yawned. “But can the kid talk wait until tomorrow?”
  • “Yeah. That would be a good idea.” He replied with a slight smile. 


  • The next morning, Percy woke up with a jolt. There was someone crying and he was worried it was Annabeth. But it was too high pitched to be her. 
  • He looked towards the sound and right between them was a baby. A newborn baby who was crying for attention.
  • “Annabeth! Annabeth wake up!” Percy said, picking up the baby. He slightly bounced it to see if he could calm the baby down. 
  • She woke up, bit groggy, but became alert when she saw the baby in Percy’s arms. 
  • “Where did that baby come from?” She asked, looking at the child. 
  • “It was right between us when I woke up. How is this even possible?” He asked. The baby calmed down after awhile, holding onto Percy.
  • Annabeth’s mind was working overtime as she tried to think of a possible solution. A gift form one of their godly parents? An unlikely event. 
  • Then she remember what she dreamed about last night, her and Percy’s baby. Could she have brain children like her mother? If so, why didn’t her mother tell her?
  • “I-I think I’m the one who created the baby.” She said. “I had a dream last night about having a child with you. And I guess I can create brain babies like my mom.” 
  • Percy looked at the baby in his arms then at Annabeth. “So…this child is mine?” 
  • Annabeth nodded with a slight smile. “Percy, this is our baby.”
  • “Our baby.” He smiled with tears in his eyes. “We had a baby.”