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[I Don’t Like It (I Love It) || Jimin Smut]

Rated: M

Synopsis: Smutty times with CEO Jimin in a fitting room; oral sex

Length: 1.7k

surprise! i wrote this ages ago for some friends (i made different versions) and i decided i might as well post it here because i hardly ever post smut and besides you all deserve a little treat ;–) 

anyways i hope you all enjoy this jimin smut and feel free to message me and stuff i’d love to get to know my followers and make new friends c:

Jimin leaned back, running his hand down his face as he sighed at the mound of papers that still needed to be signed in front of him. There was still much work to be done before the banquet that upcoming weekend, and Jimin was beginning to feel the weight dragging him down. Contracts needed to be signed, the menu had to be planned out, a call to confirm the reservation of the ballroom had to be made, and of course there was you. Sure you had plenty of gowns that looked gorgeous on you, but Jimin hadn’t spoiled you in quite some time (which is stupid because he should be treating you like a queen every day, or so he thinks anyways). There was also the matter of proposing to you, and if he were to do it at the banquet with so many important guests present then Jimin would like you to wear the most extravagant and elegant dress he could buy. It would be his subtle way of showing everyone the beautiful diamond that he is blessed to have. With that thought Jimin decided that he would definitely take you dress shopping this evening.

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Character: Jimin x OC
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Mostly angst)
Number of words: 3606 words
Summary: You and Jimin have fought yet again, but this time, the aftermath is worse than what anyone would have expected.

Alternate Ending

WARNING: mentions of suicide, DO NOT read if you’re easily triggered. it’s not like i write suicide well but still, mentions of it could lead to the loss of another precious life. if you have thoughts of suicide, please do not hesitate to talk to me or call your local hotline for help okay! 

Namjoon yelled as the boys barged into your apartment, expressions of fury and worry plastered onto each and every one of their faces. “Y/N, you are going to Jimin’s house right now. You are going to get him out of there, RIGHT NOW!”

You looked up at Namjoon, swearing to god that he had never looked any scarier. But did you really care? You smirked and narrowed your eyes at them. “So I’m the one who’s heartless and doesn’t have any feelings? I’m the one who has to clean the mess made every single time we fight?! Are you fucking kidding me? I’m human too!” You screamed back with equal fury, and you nearly flinched when Namjoon wanted to freak out. 

Your attention diverted to the youngest when you saw tears brimming in his eyes. “Last time hyung burnt himself with the lighter, I don’t know what he’s going to do this time. Y/N noona, you have to go and see him, please..” The urgency and pleading in his voice made you scramble onto your feet and leave them behind, going straight to Jimin’s house.

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