new project diva f trailer


“Black Rock Shooter” by supercell in Project Diva f!

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im screaming i cant believe i never noticed that white room w the curtains pjdf;apgdaehdahe its the exact same set in all of them right lmao it has to be

it’s the same set. usually they have a big warehouse with the backdrops/rooms inside and most of them just end up sitting there when they’re done using them so it’s usually cheaper to film there for companies that can’t afford more


take my money sega

Ok. I promised myself one song… I’ve been trying to get a PERFECT ranking for the past 10-15mins with normal mode. At an EXCELLENT rating, Miku flails and starts waving her arms around.. I wanna know what she does at a PERFECT rating ;w; I bet it’s really cute..

technical zone?

oh you


basically built like the old chance time, which gave bonuses based on your combo alone.

as long as you still get the points for the hits despite combo it’ll be okay though