The signs as Percy Jackson chapter titles
  • Aries:Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death
  • Taurus:Pigs Fly
  • Gemini:My Birthday Party Takes a Dark Turn
  • Cancer:Demon Pigeons Attack
  • Leo:I Have a Dam Problem
  • Virgo:We Meet the Dragon of Eternal Bad Breath
  • Libra:Nico Buys Happy Meals for the Dead
  • Scorpio:I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom
  • Sagittarius:Everybody Hates Me But the Horse
  • Capricorn:Clarisse Blows Up Everything
  • Aquarius:I Am Dumped
  • Pisces:The Council Gets Cloven

IT’S 2AM. I… AM… FINALLY… DONE……. my hands can rest in peace now..

This took a lot more effort than what was called for.

blame the stupid newly found obsession.

next up: Heroes of Olympus, probably

  • the pjo fandom before the release of the blood of olympus:omg the blood of olympus is gonna be the best book in the whole series omg i don't want any of my babies to die i'm not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  • the pjo fandom after the release of the blood of olympus:...really? NO ONE died?