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Only For A Visit (Part 2)

hahA there is now three parts and this part is super annoyingly bad and short I’m v sorry

part one here: http://phan-asf.tumblr.com/post/116701208303/only-for-a-visit-part-one

ok cool guys!!

Phil’s POV

Phil’s mouth dropped open, slightly taken aback by the suggestion. It felt as though that all the blood in his body ran straight to his cock, making him fully hard in a matter of seconds. Fuck. “Uhm.. yeah, I’d like that…a lot actually..” Phil said, running his fingers through his now dry fringe. He watched as PJ extended his arm near Phil’s lap, cupping the large bulge in his hand, squeezing gently. Phil whimpered, grabbing the edge of the bed to keep himself steady. Was this happening? Was this actually happening right now? “Someone’s a little excited.” PJ muttered, pushing his thumb against Phil’s clothed cock and rubbing in small circles. Phil groaned softly, fighting the urge to rip off his jeans and boxers and pump himself relentlessly. PJ took his hand away, giggling at the groan Phil made from the loss of contact. “So here’s the plan.” PJ whispered.

Dan’s POV

I woke up with an empty feeling, frowning slightly when I realised Phil wasn’t next to me. I then heard him talking in the kitchen, his gorgeous, deep morning voice ringing through my ears. I jumped up too fast, tripping over the ottoman and falling face first onto the floor. Chris woke up immediately, looking up and laughing at my current state. I turned my head, glaring at him for a moment before feeling strong arms lifting me from the floor. “Are you okay?” Phil asked, eyes filled with concern. Mm, fuck, he smelled of raspberries and coffee and for some reason, it was really turning me on. “Yeah, yeah, I’m alright. Thank you for helping me.” I replied, resting my head in the crook of his neck before moving immediately once PJ walked in. “You okay, clumsy?” PJ laughed, sitting down next to Chris. I rolled my eyes, hitting him on the leg on my way to the couch. “You guys are such dicks.” I laughed, the others joining in not long after. “Guys, we should play truth or dare.” Phil said, turning to face the others. The other boys agreed, not realising what was to “cum.” hAHAHA fuck I’ll show myself out

Chris’s POV

The game had been boring so far, really. Simple, uninteresting questions had been asked. That was, until PJ asked Dan what his biggest sexual fantasy was. Chris giggled, loving how the game changed so drastically. “Um..fuck you guys can’t make fun of me alright?” Dan spoke, pulling at the hem of his tee shirt nervously. The boys agreed to be kind, knowing they wouldn’t want the same to happen to them. “So okay. I’ve always kinda thought having a threesome or a foursome sounded so hot. I don’t know, I’ve seen it in porn before and it’s always been a big turn on, fuck.” Dan muttered, his entire face turning red. Chris’s mouth fell open, shocked that Dan actually admitted that. Well, if he could, why couldn’t I? “Honestly, I’ve always kinda thought that was hot too. I just, wouldn’t ever know who would be actually willing to do that.” Chris admitted.

Phil’s POV

It was actually working. The plan was ACTUALLY WORKING. Well, with stage one over (getting them to admit it) it was time for stage two. “Guys, I’m actually getting turned on by this..” Phil giggled nervously. The boys all blushed simultaneously, obviously shocked and probably embarrassed by Phil’s statement. “Well, bye guys, just gonna go have a wank really fast.” Dan laughed, standing up from the couch. The boys laughed at the statement, PJ and Phil eyeing each other between chuckles. This wasn’t how the plan was supposed to go, but Phil had an idea. Immediately after hearing the door close, Phil shot up. “I’ll be right back..just going to go check on him.” Phil said as he walked out of the room.

Dan’s POV

Fuck. I can’t believe I just said that
It’s shitty having a great imagination. I couldn’t talk about those type of things without getting a hard on. Phil and I hadn’t had sex in weeks, due to work with BBC Radio and balancing all of our channels. I haven’t even had time to masturbate properly, only a few unsatisfactory strokes in the shower before having to run off somewhere. I practically ran to my room, locking the door behind me. Falling back on my bed, I scooted up further until my head rested comfortably on the pillow. I immediately began working on my tight black jeans, pressing my palm down into my hard on occasionally while unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. Once my jeans had been unzipped, I pulled them down to my ankles, spreading my legs further. I rubbed my hand across my clothed cock, moaning loudly at the rough feeling of my palm pushing into my cock. I dipped my hand into my boxers, pulling them down with my other hand while taking hold of my red, swollen erection already dropping with pre-cum. I pumped myself slowly, my breathing becoming erratic. Long, needy moans flew past my lips. I didn’t care about my friends hearing, I needed this. Just as I started to feel that gorgeous, warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, I heard the lock to my door click. The door swung open, revealing none other than Phil standing in the doorway. My hand flew off my cock as I grabbed a blanket near me with my other hand. “PHIL FUCK.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I screamed, putting on an act, knowing Chris and PJ knew what was going on. Phil didn’t answer, instead, he walked towards me at a brisk pace until he jumped on my bed. Sliding up towards me, he grabbed both my arms in his hands, pinning them at my sides. He leaned down, his mouth right next to my ear. “I’m gonna make that little fantasy of yours come true.” He whispered, moving forward and catching my lips in a rough kiss. What the hell was he going on about? My question was immediately answered once I saw PJ in the doorway.

yo cliffhanger but yay for some shitty smit and thank you so much for reading. Expect part three next week cuties.

rosecoloreddemigods asked:

Im cryin and didnt think youd like my hcs so much. Can i safely headcanon the wills the kid at the fight club who bandages everyone up afterwards. Also i think annabeth would be the one who makes sure no one plays dirty in the fights (below the belt, certain types of knives, ect), until shes in the fight and suddenly she and whoever shes fighting can do whatever they want to win cus no one else cares as long as they get to see her fight.

OMG YASSS I love these hcs so much!!

Will would quietly freak out a lot about how unsanitary everything is since his dad is a doctor and he himself is an intern. He’s just so used to being clean that when he sees untreated open wounds hes like OH GODOHGDOHGDO but externally he’s like yeah wow cool, fighting.

He usually in the back or on the sidelines tending to wounds but he really wants to fight. But even here, where he can be himself and let it out, he still holds himself in because he knows he’s not that good at fighting so he sticks to what he knows. The atmosphere helps him calm down though and he releases stress vicariously through the fighters.

Annabeth came in as a very rigid fighter, sticking to rules and maintaining order because without rules her life feels chaotic and like she’s losing control. She finally loosens up when she really really begins fighting though, She follows only her gut and instinct and even though it’s unfamiliar she’s able to “let the animal loose” and is an absolutely spectacular fighter!!!