You know what pisses me off?

-That Chris Kendall is an amazing person and most people don’t know who he is. That I’m sure his friends forget him when planning things, and that a lot of people don’t find him cute. (I think he’s adorable but.) That he deserves more than he’s given, and blames it on himself.

-That Pj Liguori is one of the best and most creative filmmakers of our generation, and he hasn’t hit one million subs for some unknown reason. That he should be more known.

-That Phil Lester is way underated, and while popular and famous, most people forget just exactly how much he’s done. That people forget he has a degree in both English language & Linguistics and Post-production & Editing. 

-That Dan Howell is more liked than any of the other three in this group. He’s helped people get through things. So have Chris, Pj, and Phil. Especially Phil. That people label him with so many labels, that they can’t even prove are accurate.

That no one can leave any of them alone, or remember them for the right things. Chris isn’t remembered for his 25 Facts About Me, Animal Impressions, or his amazing performance in Oscar’s Hotel. He’s remembered for kickthestickz, and the Fantastic Foursome. That Pj is remembered for his cute face, and less his amazing thoughts. That Phil is remembered for being attractive and Phan, and less for doing so much for so many people. That Dan is remembered for his dimples, laugh, and Phan, and less for his sense of humor and helping people. That no one can calm the ships enough for any of them to truly be carefree.

“Really wanna be the type that don’t put up with no one”

Gangster // PJ