Things I learned / was reminded of / don't want to forget about last night

·         My friends are amazing and always there for me

·         I mean always it was like two or three a.m.,,, shit man

·         I can talk to them about whatever, whenever, and I don’t have to feel bad about dumping my shit on them (sorry PJ, still tryin’ to get myself to believe that one)

·         Silence on calls is just as therapeutic as talking

·         Somewhere, there is an alternate universe where PJ and I are the Fluff King and Queen and @fluffbird is instead the Angst Nonbinary Royalty™. Everything is right with that world, also h a r r y  p o t t e r

·         My friends make me extremely happy and calm even when I think both of those things are unattainable

·         Beep beep beep b e e p

·         Darkness and Fluff are adorable and I love them. And PJ. I love them all

·         PJ is an actual makeup god, also, dAT EYELINER THO—

·         S q u i r t l e

·         Flipping people off is a sign of l o v e

·         Both Dark and PJ have the literal bests singing voices I cri

·         There is no getting on Dark’s level when it comes to Harry Potter trivia

·         Being sung to sleep is the actual best feeling and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it

·         ‘I think rev is asleep’ ‘wAIT NOPE THEIR EYE OPENED I SAW IT’

·         Anyways I just really love my friends a lot

·         A lot

·         I appreciate them so much

·         Thank you for being in my life @just-my-happy-things, @fluffbird, @darkness-anon


au where percy meets jason at college and tries to impress him with his skateboard. of course he ends up falling and hurting his chin, which made jason laugh, at least.

plus: piper x percy and jason x annabeth as siblings! they went home and talked about each other and their sisters were all like omg so cute my bro is in love

i’m here for jercy. totally and 100% GOD i love my boys