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Why doesn't pj just go to different au's on his own?

Well, eventually PJ does leave their Ink. Later, they meet Omni, who they fall in love with, and together they raise Mono, their son.

Side note: Please, don’t ask for details, I don’t know enough about Omni and Mono o.0

Paper Jam belongs to @7goodangel

Omni belongs to @cereusblue

Mono belongs to @skoopskoop



may have made more skelinktons…because they’re like extremely fun to make…

Their names in order: Kaia, Neon, Stripe + Dot, and then Hal (who most of you probably already know)

I don’t have very much figured out for them yet, but I’ll get to that eventually

Skelinkton concept belongs to the hecking great @7goodangel

Earlier today my 2 year old foster brother knocked on my door, all excited to show me how he made a “coat” by wrapping his favorite blanket around his shoulders. He was grinning ear to ear, all proud of himself when he stopped and peered into my room, looking very confused
“Nini, what is that?” He asked me
“I don’t know. What is it?” I replied, having no idea what he was talking about
He pointed at my room and, in the most disgusted tone of voice I’ve ever heard a 2 year old use, whispered “a mess”

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Heya! So I saw a post of yours that Fresh and Ink fist bumping each other with their color schemes changed. Can you please explain? I'm curious, thanks!

Assuming you mean this pic, it was just a tiny — and sorta self-indulgent — thing for the Pride Month. The colours come from aromantic and asexual flags — since technically, by definition, those are the most suitable for both Fresh and Ink.

I also may or may not enjoy shoving those two into the same space, whoops.

if someone tried to touch me at a con without my permission i would kick their ass into the next calendar month and look perfect while doing so

that said, if someone politely asked to touch me (like for a picture, a kiss, a hug, etc) 99.99% of the time i would gladly say yes and thank them for asking

just so you guys know

this is how it works.

Youtube Things I Need to Happen in 2017

1. Amazingphil to make Best Friend VS Brother
2. @thatsthat24 to just sing High School Musical songs
3. Getting a bunch of youtube couples and have them do a rendition/parody of Cell Block Tango but it’s called Cell Block Youtube or something like that.
4. danisnotonfire making a whole video on talking about sexuality and gender norms in a video
5. For Daniel Pedra to make his own channel.
6. Just overall more cute moments of Janiel. 
7. Evan Edinger making more puns and make his pun game that much stronger
8. Liza to just keep being Liza cuz she killed it last year and she only become more awesome
9. For PJ and Sophie to become the best and creative duo/couple in all of youtube history.
10. Felix being whatever Felix does and just keep trolling the world.
11. Jon Cozart to take his time and really just be awesome.
12. To have Alfie propose to Zoe cuz why not?
13. To RobertIDK keep growing as a youtuber and have great content
14. For Shane Dawson to find happiness in himself and for himself.
15. Phil Defranco to just keep at what he his doing.
16. Dodie to just soak up and really be in the moment of having her EP and everything happening to her
17. Tessa Violet just being cute and funny.
18.  For Superfruit to have all new music
19. The Gabbie Show to not be afraid to try new things and try not getting killed because of a tinder date
20. For youtube itself to have more of open conversation about whats going on with this weird toy review and it’s views and such. Plus to have youtube push new youtubers to help out good and great content to discover. Maybe a little less react channels or those weird channels with Elsa and spiderman in some skit or something. And people just being less trolls and mean comments. Like youtube can we like have an open communication? 

Felix loves talking to Pj

- Felix non-stop talking about Sean to Pj

- Pj telling Felix to just ask Sean on a date already

- Felix playing it off like he doesn’t like Sean like that.

- Pj teasing him and say “Maybe its more of a love”

- Felix eventually asking Sean out.

- After the date Felix calls Pj and rambles on and on about it

- Felix going on more dates with Sean and telling Pj about all of them

- Pj telling him to just ask Sean to be his boyfriend already

- Felix acting like he doesn’t want to take that step yet

- Felix calling Pj excited after asking Sean to be his boyfriend.

- Pj and Felix hanging out and sometimes all Felix can talk about is Sean

- Felix being nervous on Sean and his two year anniversary. 

- Pj following Felix in to several ring shops that Felix just ‘happens to want to look at’

- Pj asking Felix if he’s gonna purpose

-Felix acting like he doesn’t want to take that step yet

- Pj getting a call at 2:00 A.M from a very excited Felix

- Pj getting asked right away to be the best man for Felix

- Pj calming down Felix when he’s getting last minute jitters and wanting to back out of it

- Felix waiting for Sean to come down the isle and tapping his foot carefully.

- Pj poking Felix and whispering “So I guess I was right, you do love him”

- Felix elbowing Pj lightly but laughing softly 

- “Damn it Pj, you’re always right”

lmao i wanted to make a green pj moodboard but i have so many pretty pictures of pj in green and i couldn’t choose only one or two, so i ended up making a 5x3 of only pj faces, with no other aesthetic shit. (though tbh they wouldn’t be more aesthetic than his face anyway) i’ll edit the colours later because i have so much to study now but look forward to that at some point!

ive been binge watching goof troop and i love it so much oh my god