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the taste of your cherry chapstick

Summary: Punk!Phil has a crush, so when Pastel!Dan is manning a kissing booth for a school event, he finds himself showing up with a pound in his pocket.

Word count: 5364

Warnings: food

A/N:  Special thanks goes to Harley (@danslester) for giving me the idea for this fic and encouraging me as I was writing it, and to Gisele (@fringegaps) for reading it over and promising it was okay to post. (Also let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of this version of Dan and Phil because they were fun to write and I have a few ideas.)

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anonymous asked:

Is it true AmazingPhil and you are friends??? Have you met him??? That's so cool!

I’m going to take this ask as an opportunity to reflect on my friendship with Phil because I think he’s great so there. 

Phil was one of the first people I subscribed to wayyy back in 2006 and I think the first time we ever interacted was when we were on TheMysteryChannel together. The Mystery Channel was a cryptic immersion youtube game type thing and it’s where a LOT of the youtubers I’m still friends with are from! We still don’t know exactly who ran the channel but I have a feeeeling that it was either PJ or Doug…maybe. Zack and Meghan and Aubrey and Andrew were ALL on there so it’s actually part of the reason that VlogCandy ever existed. 

But anyway, the first time we met was in 2008 and it’s THIS VIDEO with Aubrey and Rachel (who was also on The Mystery Channel) that Phil currently has unlisted SO SORRY IF I’M EMBARASSING YOU but look at it it’s great. 

And if I haven’t laid it on thick enough, Phil is one of my favorite youtubers because it’s been 9 years and his videos are STILL just 100% authentically Phil. Like him and Dan made an app and instead of making it something that’s about them they just made a really fun game? Like two youtubers made an app and it wasn’t about youtube it was an app that could be fun whether you were subscribed to them or not and I think that means SO MUCH compared to what everyone else is doing. 

When I’m watching someone talk to a camera I like feeling like I actually know them or am seeing their true self, and a lot of that authenticity and relatability goes out the window for me when a youtuber does a lot of blatant product placement/pandering/all that junk. I think it’s okay to do those things because I know that ppl gotta hustle and make that money, it’s just not for me and I see a lot of popular youtubers doing it. So I just think it’s great that Phil (and Dan) are still able to make careers out of what they do by just being themselves and making things that are fun. 

So yeah Phil’s great they’re both great this got too mushy THAT IS ALL 

kickthepj themed ask list!

kickthepj week is coming to an end and im really sad about it i’ve seen a lot of asks before but i haven’t seen any of pj so here’s a list of every question i could squeeze out of my brain box (also feel free to send me one ;) )

kickthepj: what are you most known for? your trademark?

pjthekick: do you have any ideas or concepts that you haven’t gone through with (yet)? any ideas that came out and didn’t think worthy to present formally?

pj liguori: what kind of “maker” are you?

peej: how did you earn your favorite (or least favorite) nickname?

PJ’s favorite’s playlist: what’s your favorite video lol

fuzzwald: what are five things/traits annoy you the most in other people?

forever train: what things do you want to last forever? what things do you wish to stop?

oscar’s hotel: favorite kickthepj character and why?

HAIR AND BRIMSTONE: have you ever had a bad haircut? what did it look like?

bloom: what do you find beautiful? what makes it beautiful?

wiggles the clown: what is your type of humor? your favorite joke? what makes you laugh the hardest?

MODERN ART: what is art to you? what’s the difference between art and not art? what’s your favorite work of art?

PJ, PLANET KID: if you could travel anywhere in the universe, where would you go and why? 

JETPACK BACKPACK: what is the best thing you’ve ever purchased? what is the worst thing you’ve ever purchased?

Slurp: what is your favorite type of beverage? why? 

bug in a rug: what have you spent the most on; time-wise, money-wise, or effort-wise?

the “strange” series: what’s the weirdest ways you’ve procrastinated? do you still do that?

the “lullaby” series: when was the latest you stayed up? why? what made you go sleep?

FANTASTIC MONSTER TAG: what kind of fantastic monsters live around you? what are their good sides and what are their bad sides?

THINGS I ALMOST SAID ON TWITTER: if you have any drafts on social media, what are some weird things that are in your drafts? if not, what are some weird things you’ve thought of but never said out loud? 

the “sea” saga: where do you love to go to the most? what does it do for you and why? 

WRITER’S BLOCK: what do you do to get your creative power back? how do you solve the writer’s block? 

Party Nightmare: what’s the worst party experience you’ve had? the best? 

feel free to add on if you feel like i missed anything!

If That's What You Want

||| Anon asked: Can I ask a mafia!au with monsta x and bts where they treat their girlfriends with respect? |||


A/N1: I don’t usually combine requests but since multiple anons and @scorpiowonho also asked for a part two of the Hoseok mafia au I came up with something to fill both of the requests.

Part 1 (It’s not all that necessary to read the first part as this can be read as a story on it’s own I guess)

Yoo Kihyun x Reader x Shin Hoseok (Wonho)

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,115

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

You didn’t know where to go so you went to your old apartment. If he wanted to find you this would probably be the first place he would go to but it was already late and you just wanted to sleep. You will worry where to stay in the morning. Your apartment was cold, you have been here only a few times since you started living with Hoseok. You started the fire in the fireplace and sat by it thinking about what happened. You still couldn’t believe Minhyuk was gone. He was such a sunshine. Why him… Thinking about him made you even more sad than you were so you decided to go upstairs and get changed. You were about done when you heard the doorbell ring. You stopped midway going down the stairs as you realized it’s probably Hoseok. You didn’t want to talk to him yet but he must know you’re here since your car is parked outside. While you were wondering what to do the doorbell rang again. You gathered all your courage and took a deep breath before going down the stairs and opening the door. To your surprise it wasn’t him.


“Ah Y/N you’re here after all.”

“Did he send you?”

“No, I came here on my own. Can we talk?” you thought for minute or so and decided to let him in.

“How did you find me?”

“It wasn’t hard. Your car has a tracker.”

“Are you serious?”

“You didn’t know? Well I guess Hoseok didn’t tell you for your own safety.”

“Of course he did.” you thought going to the kitchen. “Do you want some tea or something? It’s pretty chilly outside.”

“Sure.” Kihyun said getting a seat at the bar. He looked at you from the bottom up. “Aren’t you like cold you know in this type of clothing?”

“No, why?” you asked but then saw how he started blushing. Only then did you realize that you were wearing nothing but your pj shorts and shirt. “Maybe I will put something on.”

“Agh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, I swear I wasn’t thinking anything…” he started coming up with all kind of excuses getting red in embarrassment.  You just chuckled to that.

“Don’t worry about it.” you put on an oversized jumper, it was all soft and still had Hoseok’s smell. You tried to ignore it for now and instead focused back on Kihyun.

“So what did you want to talk about?” you asked, handing him one of the mugs with tea.

“What happened between you two, back in the house?” he looked at you with a concerned expression.

“I would rather not talk about it.”

“Y/N did he do anything to you?” you decided not to answer this question either and averted your gaze. “Y/N look at me.” he told grabbing your hand. “Did he hurt you?”

By now there were already tears forming in your eyes. Kihyun stood up and embraced you.

“It’s okay, I won’t ask anymore if you don’t want me to.” you looked up at him.

“Why are you really here Kihyun?” you asked him but he just pulled you in closer and put his chin on your head. The two of you just stood there like this, you were so close you could hear his heart beat.

“You know Hoseok is one of my best friends and I respect him more than anyone but I won’t be able to forgive him if really hurt you.” he pulled back and looked you in the eyes. “I know this probably isn’t the best time to say this but I…”

“You what?” he waited for a few moments before speaking again.

“I really do like you and I know how wrong it sounds, what kind of friend am I falling in love with my best friends girlfriend but seeing what happened today I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I just wanted you to know how I feel and that you can trust me with anything and I swear if you ever give me the chance I will protect you with my life.”

You stood there still not fully understanding what happened when Kihyun gave you a quick kiss on the forehead and turned to the door.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. It would be better if you forgot this ever happened.” he told going outside.

As shocked as you were you couldn’t just let him leave like that. You ran outside barefoot and chased after him.

“Kihyun wait.” you shouted. He turned around and you gave him a big hug.

“Thank you.” you said. “For always looking after me. Here is a reward.” you told him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s the meaning of this?” you looked to your left and saw Hoseok standing at the gate. “Here I’m going crazy, trying to come up with a way for you to forgive me and you’re here kissing my best friend.” he spoke approaching you.

“You got this all wrong.” Kihyun interuppted.

“Have I? What the hell are you doing here in the first place? You said you didn’t know where she was.” Hoseok shouted. “Wait.” he paused. “Were you the one who removed the tracker so I couldn’t find her?” he asked, grabbing Kihyun by the collar. “Answer me!”

There was a brief moment of silence before Kihyun answered.

“Yes.” you couldn’t believe him. Such a blunt answer made Hoseok even more angry.

“You motherfucker, how long were you after my girl.” he shouted punching Kihyun in the face as he lost his balance and fell down on the ground.

“Hoseok, please stop!” you got in between them. “Listen to me.” you told him taking his hands in yours. “I think it would be better if we took a break and thought things over. Minhyuk is dead. It’s not your fault. I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to be fighting like that.” he just looked at you and sighed.

“I will give you space. If that’s what you want.” he said pulling you in for a hug. “But don’t you ever forget how much I love you.” he held you tight and then turned around and went to the gate before stopping there.

“I will deal with you later.” he told Kihyun and left.

You ran to Kihyun and helped him stand up.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be. Stay safe, Y/N.” he said giving you a faint smile.

You watched him get into the car and drive off. You looked up at the sky. Grey clouds were gathering.

“I hope the rain will eventually wash this pain away.” you thought going inside.

~ Part 3 ~

A/N2: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄


ready to become a tiny planet explorer? prepare to dress the part!

+1! baseball tee (super soft, perfect for impressing aliens with its touch)
+1! beanie (to keep my thoughts close and warm for later use)
+1! a worn jacket (the smell of home can really help prevent barfing from homesickness)
+1! distressed jeans (because i have to show how i feel in case they don’t speak the same language)
+2! mismatching socks (in case you can’t pick a favorite)

BONUS: be bright! bring some lights to track your trail! it’s dark out there in space, so you gotta stand out! have an adventure! who knows what kind of planets you’ll find?